Monday, October 3, 2011
I took the FairFuelUK challenge directly to a Government Minister at this week's Conservative Conference. I stated that a cut in fuel duty is the most obvious, direct and effective means of boosting the economy and creating jobs whilst not threatening the Government's necessary deficit reduction plan. The exchange took place at a fringe meeting between me and Theresa Villiers, Minister for Transport at the Conservative Party Conference.
I put this plain and simple message to the Minister

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by David Banes, 03.10.11 16:44 ]

Well done Quentin and team, excellent result getting 100k sigs AND getting Morrisons on board.


[ posted by mick murphy, 03.10.11 17:37 ]

£1.29 per litre is still too much,needs to be a lot lower


[ posted by David Britten, 03.10.11 19:07 ]

I knew for sure on the very day that petrol was sold by the litre instead of the gallon, that this essential liquid would become the primary milch cow for government greedy for revenue. The penny per gallon increases we were used to were applied to litres and the revenue was instantly multiplied by 4.5, and politicians thought/hoped we wouldn't notice.

Well we did and still do, and they need to be made to know that we do and to understand with no room for uncertainty what their continued refusal to acknowledge this will mean to their political futures.


[ posted by Adie Gibbs, 03.10.11 20:05 ]

The supermarkets only do it on offer in store. i.e spent £50, get 6p off a litre of fuel. What if you dont use that supermarket, then u have to pay more....... wrong,wrong,wrong.......


[ posted by stewart lunn, 03.10.11 21:22 ]

We do a lot of talking but no action, if anybody wants to get this fuel down is so simple, do not buy from Shell,Esso, Total or BP buy at the Supermarkets just watch the price come down then.
Us English are creatures of habit, we will never change me included, they will just keep taking more and more tax till we are all paupers.


[ posted by alanwray, 03.10.11 22:45 ]

Morison's nelson today £1.29p a litre you should see the Que god knows what would happen if it came down 10p a litre


[ posted by Lescombes, 04.10.11 08:08 ]

Brent is trading at $99.3 as I write this, down $15 a barrel in 14 where is my 10p litre drop at the pumps.....thank goodness for Veg oil at £1 litre


[ posted by Steve Gardner, 05.10.11 08:50 ]

Perhaps the oil speculators should be seriously investigated, as they appear to be deliberately sabotaging the economy for their own profits. Banking Crisis 2 maybe?


[ posted by stuart ryan, 18.10.11 14:53 ]

i recently emailed the government about this very issue regarding commercial vehicles and retaqining job through cutting fuel prices - i got the standard reply and nothing more.


[ posted by Malcolm, 18.10.11 22:54 ]

It's not the oil companies that are ripping us off, it's the government. If it wasn't for the fuel duty and vat on top of that, the price at the pump would be under 50p per litre!


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