Friday, October 7, 2011
Drivers stung by high fuel prices have cut petrol use by 15 per cent since the credit crunch hit, new figures show. The AA tells Channel 4 News it is a welcome environmental boost - but at a price.

Between January and June this year, government figures show that 1.7bn fewer litres of petrol and diesel were sold at UK petrol stations than in the first half of 2008 - before the credit crunch.

Petrol prices in the first six months of the year averaged 133.13p a litre, up 16.45p on the same period last year and 24.13p higher than in 2008. In May this year, an AA survey showed that 76 per cent of its members were cutting back on car use, other spending, or both

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[ posted by David Britten, 07.10.11 13:45 ]

I keep hearing members of the government claiming that they have cut the price of fuel. This is an outrageous lie. All Osbourne did was not to increase the price further, but the VAT increase remained and this is a huge factor in the cost of fuel, because it is a tax on a tax on a duty and on the producer price. Every penny increase in the producer price is multiplied by 6 at the pump. The fact that the revenue has lost so much as a result of consumer cut backs reveals the sheer stupidity of being so dependent on discretionary spending as a prime source of revenue. Income tax is fairer, more predictable and more stable a source but, because it means that the rich also pay, it is the least preferred.


[ posted by Lord Snooty, 09.10.11 19:10 ]

Its a sad state of affairs that there are some 35m drivers out there, yet on this, one of our biggest financial burdens, petrol & diesel, we have a miserly 1 comment on this forum / blog.

No wonder the government keeps turning the screw, the British apathy is at an all time high and they know it. Shameful.

As for the use of less fuel, good! I hope they continue to lose billions and awaken up to the fact that the taxation levy is both unfair and unsustainable.........the blinkered views of successive governments is unbelievable, it really is time we got rid of all the big 3 and got someone in who cared for the important things in life, such as surviving and trying to honestly earn a living without crucifixion.


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