Monday, October 10, 2011

There is a crucial meeting in the House of Commons tomorrow, 11th October 2011, Committee Room 8 at 1pm. 

This meeting will decide if we are to be granted a full Parliamentary debate on the issue of high petrol and diesel prices and the level of fuel duty now that we have reached the required 100,000 signatures. We will not be able to take part in the meeting. However, we will be able to sit in the public gallery and observe. 

Anyone who feels that they would like to attend is welcome. A ‘good showing’ in the public gallery will help give a representation of the intense level of worry and suffering that the current price and duty levels are inflicting on the country. It would be helpful to us if anyone planning to attend could make their intentions known to us with a quick email to 

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by chris, 13.10.11 01:21 ]

A ‘good showing’ in the public gallery will help give a representation of the intense level of worry. lol if i could justify the cash to spend on a load of petrol i would...


[ posted by Shweta, 13.10.11 10:16 ]

So do we know the outcome?


[ posted by Ian Bilsland, 14.10.11 12:11 ]

This doesn't look good. If it was good news (full Parliamentary debate granted) then we would have heard about it by now? FFUK - can we please have some feedback?


[ posted by Da Da, 18.10.11 21:13 ]

Will someone tell us the outcome of this meeting please !
Seems to me that this campaign has gone the way of all the campaigns on the e-petition site, its been ignored or conveniently brushed aside by the very government that set up the site. Once again we see that actualy the government doesnt really care what we think!!!


[ posted by nick, 24.10.11 10:55 ]

typical goverment then brush it to one side.would like some feedback so we all know what happend.i think we should start protesting on the roads


[ posted by Bob, 24.10.11 19:13 ]

I think that FFUK have been told that there is no way they are getting this parliamentary debate. There has been no news about this since 11th October. If I am correct and this is the case, you should let everyone know the outcome. Please can we have some feedback?


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