Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The petition lodged by fuel campaign group FairFuelUK on the Government’s new ePetition website calling for cuts in fuel duty is to be debated in Parliament. The ePetition passed the 100,000 signature count on September 30th and the decision that it would be debated was made at a meeting of the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons earlier today, 11thOctober 2011.


Speaking shortly after the meeting, Peter Carroll said, ‘We are delighted that the issue of crippling high fuel prices will soon be debated in the Chamber of the House of Commons. We understand the precise date and other procedural considerations are yet to be determined. The combined support of many individual members of the public and of businesses all across Britain will mean that this issue is put before Parliament. We thank Robert Halfon MP for his sterling work in leading the All Party Working Group on FairFuelUK and every single person who signed the petition. With the economy stagnating, cutting fuel duty represents an effective and fair way of boosting growth, creating jobs and reducing inflation. Petrol and diesel prices are crucifying families and businesses. This issue needs to be debated and action taken’.

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[ posted by Chris J, 11.10.11 18:57 ]

Any idea when this debate will take place? Hopefully it won't take the months/years it normally takes politicians to do things


[ posted by FairFuelUK, 11.10.11 19:03 ]

We await when the date for the debate will take place. we will keep you informed


[ posted by Ben S, 11.10.11 20:13 ]

Although this is positive news after all the good work FFUK have done in getting the 100,000 signatures, I fear that we won't get the desired resolution of a cut in fuel duty.
Remember, all that has been achieved is a commitment for a debate.
This is not a commitment to cut fuel duty.
I certainly won't be holding my breath for a cut....
Keep up the good work though!


[ posted by daz wilson, 11.10.11 23:16 ]

its about time this fuel problem was looked at in parliament...
every car driver and vehicle operator in the whole country have suffered at the mercy of our greedy government ...
its about time our fuel prices were more like the states and other countrys where they arent having there pants taken down with rediculous amounts of tax.
our own government have put businesses out of action and people have had to leave jobs they enjoyed because they couldnt afford the fuel costs to continue travelling to and from work ..then the government moan about so many out of work ....HELLO ..YOU HAVE JUST ADDED TO THAT !!!!.
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE its about time you looked after the very people who put you in government in the first place and gave you the rediculously high paid jobs to decide our future anly to make the biggest balls up ever !!


[ posted by john mayberry, 12.10.11 12:17 ]

sorry to be the grim reaper here but you could have a million signatures and it wont make any difference to these tory millionaires as it doesn't affect them, they will not cut the fuel tax.the only way to get fuel duty down is for the whole country to unite,block roads,block refineries block filling stations and it wouldn,t take a week for this govt to cave in.Remember what the french do. SORRY ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.debating will solve nothing in this crisis believe me and if we continue to sit on our arses we deserve everything we get.THE TALKINGS OVER.


[ posted by terry stokes, 12.10.11 14:05 ]

Totally agree with john mayberry


[ posted by Phil Moore, 12.10.11 20:27 ]

Congratulations Fair Fuel for running a slick and proffesional campaign. I think it is healthy to have debate and democratically rightm to do so.
However there are very good reasons to support fuel tax at its current levels and many voters are pro a tax on transport fuels. People prefer to have less direct taxation (paye) and fuel tax and VAT are taxes people have a choice to pay. If you dont want to pay fuel tax, catch the bus!
The EU, Greenpeace, WHO, G20, UN and a host of other very popular and respected organisations are all for fuel tax, it is very unlikely that 100'000 signatures on a petition will result in any change of policy.


[ posted by james woodbridge, 15.11.11 06:49 ]

we the people of the uk are being priced off the
road and out of work.


[ posted by Peter Blackmore, 15.11.11 08:18 ]

Why can the government not see beyond it's nose. by raising fuel prices all other commodities that rely on transport, by road, will have to raise their prices. They have managed to get my yearly income from full time employment £23,000, to part time £13,500, how am I meant to manage my life. Should I give up my job to go on benifiets!!!!


[ posted by Robert Farmer, 15.11.11 10:53 ]

We must keep the pressure up on the Government or the country we grind to a halt, then they will just blame the opposition for the mess. A mess they are now creating again for them selves.


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