Tuesday, November 1, 2011
The ePetition calling for cheaper petrol and diesel proposed by the FairFuelUK campaign is to be debated on Tuesday 15th November in the main chamber of the House of Commons. The decision to allocate time to this debate was made by the Back Bench Business Committee of the House of Commons at a meeting on 1st November 2011 subject to formal confirmation by the Government. There had been a high degree of frustration from the supporters of the FairFuelUK campaign that a debate had not been forthcoming even though they had passed the 100,000 ePetition signature threshold on 30th September 2011.  This had lead to over ten thousand members of the public emailing their own MPs in just 48 hours.

Quentin Willson, spokesman for the FairFuelUK campaign said, ‘At last we've got a petrol and diesel pricing debate nailed down. But it took a lot of pushing and shoving from FairFuelUK to make it happen. This debate will show the Treasury that a cut in fuel duty won't actually cost them anything. They're losing billions because people are driving and spending less. Helping families get back on the road and into the shops will create an instant increase in spending power and consumer activity. This will create jobs, stimulate growth and have the added benefit of reducing inflation’.

Robert Halfon MP who has worked closely with the campaign said, ’After 106,000 signatures on the ePetition and 3 meetings of the Back Bench Business Committee the motorists, families and businesses of Britain will finally be able to have this issue debated. In my own constituency of Harlow the cost of petrol and diesel is the number one issue for families and businesses.  It’s the same the length and breadth of the country.  This Government needs to act to cut fuel duty and to force oil companies to pass on any reductions in wholesale costs in a clear and transparent manner’.

The FairFuelUK campaign is backed by the RAC and the two trade bodies that represent over 20,000 UK road hauliers and users of commercial vehicles, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA). It also has the support of over 140 Parliamentarians and 188,000 members of the public.  It was set up in January 2011 by Peter Carroll, the man behind Joanna Lumley’s Gurkha campaign.  It is widely credited in playing a significant part in the Government’s decision to abandon a 5p per litre rise in Fuel Duty in the March Budget and replace it with a 1p cut.

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[ posted by Philip Robinson, 02.11.11 09:44 ]

Well this is good news but I have a feeling it will be a total waste of time.

I favour direct action. Its the only thing that will make them sit up and take action. I'm surprised the Road hauliers have not repeated their action from 2000.

Let them have their debate, then strike hard and fast.


[ posted by Hazel Ramsey, 05.11.11 21:01 ]

My husband and I are motorhomers and love to explore Britain and the continent but unfortunately because of the price of fuel it is becoming increasingly difficult, how can fuel be cheaper in other european countries, eg Spain, France etc, Surely the Government should be encouraging people to get out and stimulate the economy instead of curtaining everyone by the price of fuel.


[ posted by Stephen Prosser, 07.11.11 20:21 ]

How is it that fuel giants are making multi million pound higher profits than previous years, when we are in the middle of a recession. For some reason they think that we are oblivious to there strategies of lowering fuel prices, then rising them again in the future months. Then hoping that we will swollow the fact that they are helping. Come on, do you think we are that naive. The only difference between the common thief and these fuel giants is legalised robbery. And the fact that some people can't see that lowering fuel prices significantly will help growth are blind. I could go on for ages but here is a reminder to the MP's of this country. You are put in these positions to help bring stability and wealth to the people. Please concentrate on that, rather than giving money away to the bone idle and fat cats that feed off this country. Lets make Great Britain, great again.


[ posted by John Broadhurst, 10.11.11 16:13 ]

cut the price of fuel then the price of FOOD
will com down


[ posted by Derek Bull, 16.11.11 17:07 ]

As Vince Cable does not appear to listen could I suggest that for the rest of this Parliament term he is not allowed to claim or be funded in any way for his fuel. In fact all the cabinet ministers should forfiet their expense accounts and tax run cars take a drop in salary to that of a pensioner and see how they struggle with the continual rises in fuel, gas, electric and food.


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