Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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[ posted by John Endicott, 16.11.11 11:55 ]

Perhaps Vince cable and the other 'abstainers' and those who couldn't be bothered to turn up, could give up a large anmount of their salary and expences. That would almost clear the national debt


[ posted by Ben, 16.11.11 12:44 ]

"We can't afford to cut fuel tax" - Vince Cable
"We can't afford to PAY fuel tax" - the UK public

Typical of the self-serving, materialistic bastards who "run" (read "exploit") this country.

We've tried the political, negotiating approach and surprise! It hasn't worked. Direct action is the next logical step.


[ posted by Steve Collins, 16.11.11 13:15 ]

The arguement that not putting the increase on in Jan will loose the treasury £15M or whatever it will be is a nonsense as that calculation is based on the same number of people buying the same amount of fuel ! - The reality will be that less people will buy fuel & expected revenue will be a LOT less or even not appear if people cut right back, then where does that leave the balance books ? Anyone with half a brain knows that if any goods are cheaper people will buy more.
Does anyone know what colour the sky is in the chancellors world? , It certainly isnt the same as this one !!!!!!


[ posted by Gillian Roylance, 16.11.11 14:00 ]

I quote Vince Cable "There isn't enough money in the treasury coffers to pay for freebies". S'cuse me? Petrol - free? No Vince Cable, the only people who get free petrol are MP's who claim it all back on their expenses. I suggest you and your mates try paying for it yourself and save the tax payer a shed load more money.


[ posted by Jonathan, 16.11.11 14:07 ]

Vince Cable "there isn't enough money in the Treasury coffers to pay for freebies" what a gross misconception. Firstly, you are misleading people by suggesting the treasury will be handing out money if it reduces fuel tax. That is not true, it will reduce tax revenue per litre or per unit of fuel but this will clearly be balanced out by an increase in tax revenue from growth it directly promotes in the economy. People will be able to go out, buy stuff, do things which cost money, contribute to the economy by providing work which in turn generates liquidity and you guessed.. more tax !!.


[ posted by David, 16.11.11 23:10 ]

Ahh but they ramped the price up by approx 36p per Litre. Then said we will be cutting the price by one penny !!! What mugs we are.
From a concerned Lincolnshire motorist.


[ posted by morag milne, 21.11.11 13:36 ]

A term in office dosn't last for ever and this partnership should look ahead!


[ posted by John Shepherd, 29.11.11 15:22 ]

We cannot afford not to cut fuel tax. Is this government hell bent on bringing the transport industry, never mind the private motorist and Taxi Drivers to the point of bankruptcy?.
Never mind not carrying on with the proposed
increases,they needs to be a reduction in the already crippling taxes. We are being bled so dry that there is doubt that even a transfusion would prevent vital organ failure.


[ posted by Sidney De'Cort, 02.02.12 16:31 ]

We at handsosffsolutions have all cut our petrol and deisel costs by 20% or more. In my Mondeo Deisel thats a saving of 25p a litre after Ive deducted 3p for my FuelBoost PD-5 solution.

Better still theres no smoke and emissions are almost eliminated.

This is the best fuel saving procuct there has ever been.


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