Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by sarah wiltshire, 16.11.11 15:39 ]

How is it fair that the big fuel companies are making a fortune and normal people can't even afford to fill up the tank. The government or queen should stick up for our dyig country and make a stand for whats right. The country is falling apart and the rich are getting richer and you don't seem to care.. Easy solution drop fuel prices... Job done!!


[ posted by Alex, 16.11.11 15:57 ]

A very simplistic view, Sarah, but I agree something needs to be done, and soon. For too long, UK Government has seen motorists as a cash cow and it needs to be addressed. Many hauliers have gone out of business due to the increased fuel prices. Fuel costs escalating does not just affect motorists, as costs are passed on to consumers for everyday items such as bread, milk etc as it costs companies more to transport them. I read an interesting article yesterday about the breakdown of petrol/diesel costs, which you can find at
This shows that fuel duty and VAT accounts for approx 60% of the cost per litre!
I understand that the Government has to do something about the massive debt the country has (thanks to Bleurgh and Brown's massive Labour balls-up) but fuel is a necessity for most of the country and as has been eluded to in this article, many of us are being priced out of the market. It costs me about £80 per week just to get to and from work........I'd almost be better off on benefits.......and that is why this country is in such a mess!


[ posted by Maggie Parker, 29.11.11 16:57 ]

Something needs to be done I need my car to get to work, We have a bus but that's only twice a day what good is that when you have to be at work by 7am.We need help. I should have retired this year but I am afraid to with the rising cost of fuel and taxes. Fuel cost put every thing else up where will it end we will not be able to put bread on the table soon, and I'm not joking
Instead of sorting other countries debts please, please charity begins at home.


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