Friday, February 17, 2012
We are demanding an urgent cut in fuel taxes in response to news that diesel has reached a record high. You can do the same by coming to lobby your MP. National spokesman for the campaign Quentin Willson said, 'All through last year we told the Government that this would happen.  They abandoned rises in fuel tax but this diesel price surge has shown that was not enough. The Government needs to cut fuel duty decisively now'

The National FairFuel Day on March 7th is your unique opportunity to personally fight for lower fuel duty. On this day we will have the chance to convince the Government to get the UK economy motoring and for the Treasury at last, to hopefully see sense. We have to tell MPs directly how high fuel prices are crippling our lives, our businesses and our economy. Please take some time to attend and make your personal case to your own MP. This really is your chance to make a difference.

The more motorists, white van drivers, hauliers, truckers, taxi drivers and all those that need their wheels to exist yet alone work, that come and mass lobby Parliament on March 7th, the more likely MPs will put pressure on the Treasury to act.

The Govt have to recognise that a significant cut in fuel duty will help the economy and not affect its tax revenues. The consequences are clear: a significant cut in fuel duty will stimulate the economy. It’s plain common sense!

SO! The only way to make this happen is by putting pressure face to face on MPs, who in turn will then make representations to the Treasury. We need as many people as possible to be outside Parliament on March 7th after PMQs. 

Register you are coming through this website. Click here

A massive showing of ‘sticker support’ will also help boost the campaign message nationally.  So please show your support for cutting fuel duty and buy some now at.. 

We only have 32 days to the Budget. You can make a massive difference to what happens in George Osborne's Budget….Its time to talk plainly to your MP

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Matthew Cropley, 17.02.12 17:57 ]

I have a part-time job out in the country and I volunteer at a youth club and I spend £150 of my £700 wage on petrol. Something has to be done to help people who need to use cars because bus's aren't available and unreliable


[ posted by david pearce, 19.02.12 12:59 ]

the high price of fuel is stoping us invest in new trucks because you carnt budget in the long term for the prices in we are keeping the old trucks longer.all this as a knock on .we dont get new so the they dont build any and people losse jobs costing the gov more money


[ posted by mike ford, 21.02.12 17:26 ]

i dont think for one second that the political parasites ruining our country will take any notice of the urgent need to cut fuel taxes, because it doesn't bother them! {as thatcher told them previously,- put it down on expences dear boy!!!] put it down on expences!


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