Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Fed up, 29.02.12 15:12 ]

Typical sweep it under the carpet behaviour from a spokesman from the Treasury again, the old peddling of "chancellor has done blah blah, it would be dearer if he hadn't done so blah blah", heard it all before.

They clearly haven't got a clue, even an A-Level economics student could do better than Gideon Osborne and his cronies.


[ posted by Frank Lewis, 01.03.12 15:38 ]

Surely the Government must ralise that the increasing fuel prices have a detrimental effect on trade--everything we buy has at some time been transported by a petrol or diesel vehicle. The end result is higher prices-less consumer purchases ehich worens the economy.


[ posted by We are doomed, 01.03.12 21:27 ]

I see oil prices have jumped $4 today alone, no doubt due to market spivs driving the price up as a result of increasing tensions in Iran to gleefully line their own pockets. How can the government justify the extremely ridiculous level of fuel duty in this country? And the added whammy of VAT of 20% on top? This country is going to grind to a complete standstill unless the treasury realise a very serious problem we've been having is going to escalate to something that the events of 2008 didn't even register on the crisis radar.

And Osborne wants to increase it 3p in August? Is he mad?

Same old Tories never listening!


[ posted by thomas montgomery, 02.03.12 14:49 ]

Take all the TAX off fuel and add it all to alcohol, this would deter young underage drinkers, it would reduce the burden on the NHS and also reduce the pressure put on Police in every town and city every weekend. Other than that we should have a natonal campaign to boycot say Shell garages for two weeks then pick another say BP this would soon prompt Shell and BP to get the goverment to do something.


[ posted by Paul Smith, 04.03.12 23:15 ]

I guess you guys have never heard of jevons paradox or Peak Oil

Hmmm, your all in for the shock of your lives


[ posted by Scott Gibson, 05.03.12 15:21 ]


Yes I do hear a lot about Peak Oil, I hear a lot about it, typically by authors who have an anti-car / eco-facist agenda. Its a paradigm of thought that has become the new climate change, which before was global warming, and before that the greenhouse effect, and before that global cooling etc and so on.

Its only natural that higher oil prices is perfect opportunism for those of a eco-facist persuation to play the peak oil card as the latest fashion phrase because it's perfect scaremongering. Yet, step back and read a bit further into it and it becomes more the case that any peak as such is more to do with politics than anything to do with our ability to match rising demand with supply, and the eco-lobby is doing it's damned hardest to bring on [political] peak oil sooner rather than later. Read Alfin's Energy Blog and you may realise that there's plenty of time left, at least for a meaningful transition to be made to alternative sources. Now you can either support a move to greener alternatives, but you'll need to get over the difficult fact that this will include the car as well as walking, cycling and public transport. Otherwise you'll find your campaign of autophobia pretty fruitless. The government will also realise this at the next election.


[ posted by Michael Shutt, 07.03.12 09:41 ]

The soaring cost of fuel doesent just affect the motorist or transport, it affecting all families by eroding away at their standard of living,the price of fuel now is so high that as a product it does not give value for money, it therefore flawed, not cost effective for purpose, and the british people have become victims because of it.
thankyou for taking time to read


[ posted by David Hatton, 07.03.12 11:12 ]

We should also be asking for the price of derv to be lower than petrol. Derv comes before petrol in the refining proces,and is therefor cheeper to produce. In all the countries I have visited derv is cheeper than petrol. Is this the oil companies or is it the Government?


[ posted by Phil Pritchard, 09.03.12 15:04 ]

Who was the "BRIGHT SPARK" who decided to sell petrol and diesel by the litre?? was this because it "SOUNDS CHEAPER"? and the public will be fooled? well think on THE PUBLIC IS NOT FOOLED,the public has more sense than you give us credit for.Is this what is called "COMMON SENSE".Something this Government is going to learn in a BIG BIG way.
As for the "PEAK OIL" crowd,get off the bandwagon with your GlOBAL WARMING cronies.We see right through you.Every thing you buy or consume has travelled by petrol or diesel powered engines,you cannot get around it SO GET WITH IT.admit you've been conned and get back to living in the REAL world.
That idea about boycotting Shell BP petrol stations alternate weeks looks a good idea,the heads of these companies would soon be onto OSBORNE to drop the fuel tax.
The best idea though has got to be by Mr THOMAS MONTGOMERY,good on ya lah....


[ posted by John woodcock, 10.03.12 03:13 ]

The government takes every special interest group and minority seriously with the exception of motorists. Yet motorists subsidise general taxation income to a considerable and growing extent. This is grossly unfair and the voracious government know it. They are willing to spend extraordinary amounts on ridiculous and unsustainable rail projects which are not required but very little on roads. Clearly they consider independent motorists with increasing contempt as a cash cow to subsidise their ever growing needs for money.
If there were to be formed a new political party with motorists at its centre then I believe it would remove the contempt and make the U.K.a better place to live and work.


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