Friday, March 23, 2012
Today it was announced by Experian Catalist that the average price of a litre of unleaded petrol hit 140.20 pence.  No surprises to most of us, but the Chancellor could have done something to prevent this happening.  And this is still not including the planned 3p increase to be added in August. 


Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said,"I told the Chancellor this would happen. Oil prices are going up and up and up. Mr Osborne could have acted to cushion the UK economy but he ignoredour warnings and the desperate please of the tens of millions of people who can’t cope with the highest cost of petrol and diesel ever seen in this country”


Howard Cox, FairFuelUK's communications spokesman said,"Since the Budget, the FairFuelUK website has been bombarded by tens of thousands of supporters who are telling us they will be completely crippled by the current high cost of petrol and diesel, many small businesses are forecasting insolvency, supporters’ families will not be able to afford to get to work and have any money left just to exist. How could the Chancellor ignore FairFuelUK’s pre-Budget research of using a cut in fuel duty to stimulate the economy? It beggars belief!”

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Details of Experian Catalist article click here

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[ posted by Erin Wilson, 23.03.12 17:57 ]

Well done mr Osborne I can now no longer afford to get to college to complete my access into nursing!!! Nor can I afford to get myself to hospital for my remaining post cancer treatment, and bang goes getting the children to their appointments to make sure they can see well enough to actually achieve an education! You've pretty much wiped out my family but what would you care you're only out to make sure the rich are secure!!!!!!!!


[ posted by Simon, 23.03.12 18:34 ]

Perhaps we should play the government at its own game. It talks about fuel efficiency and speed, so why not organise a national "drive slow" day, whereby we all drive on every road at no more than 20mph - with suitable "FAIRFUELUK - SLOW DRIVE DAY" stickers, and also buy petrol/diesel in maximum of £5 increments. That would clog things up and get the message home.

A fuel blockade should also be planned.


[ posted by Phil Jones, 23.03.12 18:41 ]

So Mr Osborne says he can't afford to give us the 3p increase he has planned for august, yet the price of a litre of petrol has increased by 8p since the beginning of the year giving the treasury a cool 5.4 pence a litre in additional revenue. So how does this work... Is the chancellor saying he is calculating his budget forecast assuming some of the steepest price increases in recent history on fuel, or are we yet again being treated as if we are not intelligent enough to realise that we are being fleeced by the government whilst they blame the high price of oil, which of course in actual fact has only gone up by 2.6p since January.


[ posted by Jay, 23.03.12 19:02 ]

I like the idea of a drive slow day, if everyone joined in it would be awesome.

I've had it, I don't have any more to give, my coffers are empty and I have just about enough to get to work and pay the bills to keep a roof over my families head and feed the kids. This may sound dramatic but it's true, if fuel goes up any more the only options left will be to walk the 20 mile round trip to work or give it up completely.

I'm happy to pay my way but to see the rich favoured and the majority ignored doesnt sit well.


[ posted by Phil, 23.03.12 19:08 ]

Well, what should we expect from a pompous fool like George Osborne! This man has absolutely no idea of how life goes for the majority of the nation! He was born into a privileged lifestyle, and as such has never had to struggle. We also must assume that his advisors are as stupid as he is, because if anybody in the Exchequer had any sense they would have advised him to think again about his extremely poor decisions! He will cripple this country unless either he eventually sees sense, or the nation stands up and takes quick and effective action! I think a revolution is long overdue , we need to make a stand NOW!


[ posted by Gavin Hannah, 23.03.12 19:44 ]

It is simply outrageous the current price of fuel. I had high hopes for this government (voted lib dems) they seemed to say all the right things and had a plan for the financial problems.

Their refusal to acknowledge the simple fact that high fuel price = dead economy is clear evidence that they have a team of monkeys in the cabinet.

It would seem that this government is going to be as notorious as the thatcher one.

Torries = A party for the rich, by the rich!

I would urge everyone who visits to encourage everyone they know and meet to sign up to the petition.

It's time the peoples voice had the weight behind it that it deserves!


[ posted by Brian, 23.03.12 19:46 ]

The paper trail is a dead end. No one in Government is listining. Tory Toff's and there cronies lavishing up on freebies we provide through tax Has to Stop. So now it must be time to show some action against these traitors ?. Or is Fair Fuel against this sort of Action like the FTA & RHA


[ posted by Gavin Hannah, 23.03.12 19:55 ]

@Brian - Action must have sledgehammer affect. I am against violent demos, instead, if we could get the whole country to simply take a feet up approach, down tools, and watch as the economic wheel came crashing down around Mr Cameron and friends, then we might get something done about it.

Does anyone know how you can get an emergency general election??


[ posted by Gavin Hannah, 23.03.12 19:56 ]

@Brian - Action must have sledgehammer affect. I am against violent demos, instead, if we could get the whole country to simply take a feet up approach, down tools, and watch as the economic wheel came crashing down around Mr Cameron and friends, then we might get something done about it.

Does anyone know how you can get an emergency general election??


[ posted by Tina Woodend, 23.03.12 20:21 ]

Well done, hope you are proud of yourself Mr Osbourne and this poor excuse for a government. Yet again making the rich richer and poor poorer. I am the carer for my 90 year old grandmother who relies on me to get her shopping, take her to hospital appointments etc etc and living 5 miles from her I need a car but you are making it impossible for me to keep and run it. In August when hike the prices up again I know I will have to get rid of it. What am I supposed to do then if my Grandmother needs me urgently? How does she get to and from hospital/Doctors appointments? What does she do for groceries? I am a single parent who works part time and as such get a very poor wage. Even including my working tax credits I cannot make ends meet and am spiralling further into debt because of the ridiculous cost of everything, I can barely afford to get food shopping in and usually only get enough for packed lunches for my son to take to school!!! The country cannot continue like this. Soon nobody will be able to afford to eat, run a car or pay bills/mortgages. What will you do then? Is it our fate to end up living on the streets in slums eating what we can scavenge? If you carry on putting everything up out of ordinary folks reach I think it will be. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!! SAVE THE COUNTRY AND IT'S PEOPLE


[ posted by !, 23.03.12 20:32 ]

I think there are two ways in which an emergency general election could get called.

1) Lib Dems decide to break up the coalition, this would result in the Tories facing a decision to either stick with a minority government, or call an early election.
2) A motion of no confidence gets tabled in parliament - this was of course raised after the Winter of Discontent in 1979 when the then-ruling Labour party lost by a single vote, forcing them to call a general election (which they lost).


[ posted by Brian Edgar, 23.03.12 20:59 ]

You are right NO Violence needs to take place. A complete park up of trucks for 48Hrs / 36Hrs min would about do the trick


[ posted by Gavin Hannah, 23.03.12 21:17 ]

@Brian, indeed once shops started to run dry on essentials then it might just give the public the impetus it needs to shake off the apathy that a great many still have.


[ posted by g wrigg, 23.03.12 22:11 ]

iam afraid to say it is not the government dictating these policy,s... they want everyone one bikes from way before the tebbit days


[ posted by Ben, 24.03.12 11:43 ]

Direct action - NOW. I call on the all the hauliers who support FFUK to shut down for a day - no deliveries - and blockade the fuel depots instead, all the while, making it very public that this is going to happen for some time before the actual date of the blockade, and explaining why so that the public's anger is directed correctly.

If there's no response, a two day strike/blockade the following month. Then three the next. See how long it lasts.

The general public are unorganised and need stirring up. The hauliers associations are organised and have the greatest power to hit these despots where it hurts (in the pocket). This is their tie - if they want to save their industry, they must lead the charge!


[ posted by Daniel Stephens, 24.03.12 18:48 ]

I am a single parent looking after 2 children who rely heavily on the car to get them to and from school. Located 7 miles into the country side, there is no public services where we are, I have to use the car. So a really big thanks to the chancellor for making it impossible to buy fuel so that the children can get to school. I have already cut so many things right back, that they are missing out already and now it seems like an education will be the next thing, a good way to save money as the education bill will be less now !

Well done Mr Chancellor, that will cost you my vote in the next election.



[ posted by Terry, 25.03.12 19:43 ]

I am a single man who works locally and I have found getting around extremely difficult. With the cost of petrol, insurance and car tax soaring as it was last then I gave up my everyday car last year . Since then i have been riding a 50cc moped which is all i can legally ride on my license. I live in the countryside and public transport is virtually non-exisitent and whilst i am saving money on my motoring i am restricted in where i can go on a vehicle that does not exceed 30mph. There is no way i would afford to go back soley to a car and with an upgrade to a motorbike a rediculously expensive and long-drawn out process i am a quite stuck. Due to being made redundant twice in the past two years i am only surrently working p/t and due to my limitations on transportation i am finding it hard to find alternative employment. This latest petrol rise has only furthered the distance for me to return to a car and start travelling as i used to. The government should try spending some time in the real world for everyday people. I did alot ofresearch in trying to find a cheap car but unless you have a spare £20000 to spend on one of these new eco-friendly autos you're screwed as insurance and tax are going to be sky high and that with the discusting fuel price level makes it virtually impossible for people like me to remain on the road. Maybe the Chancellor should,step away from frigging carbon footprint concerns, cut spending in more frivalous areas and make a decent percentage cut on the duty on fuel so this country can get to where they are going!!!


[ posted by James Hewitt, 25.03.12 21:34 ]

Vote UKIP!


[ posted by Ben, 26.03.12 09:08 ]

Fuel tanker truckers are voting for a strike and blockade - if this gets a "yes", action could start as soon as April 3rd. We need to get out there and show we support them - and that until both the truckers demands for improved conditions and the public's demand for lower fuel prices are met, the blockades will continue!


[ posted by Alan Jones, 26.03.12 16:22 ]

£1.40 your out of date.... try Gloucestershire between £1.43 & £1.47 for petrol


[ posted by Will, 26.03.12 23:08 ]

It has to be said that the pitiful and inadequate numbers speak in volumes here.

At (best) £1.40 per litre and only 200k sign ups on this site and sub 00's with regards the comments on these articles......utterly shameful. Just what does it take to mobilise people in this country, were the many years of Brown / Blair the ones that finally broke the camels back, perhaps, but all in all apathy and ignorance is playing straight into the hands of the government.

Deferring a mere 3p is nothing more than a token gesture that will help nobody, I know it, you know it, Quentin probably knows it and the truckers / farmers know it. Even the BBC are misreporting (no surprise) only yesterday that the price is due to oil prices!!! Err, hello.

Yes oil is higher than it was, yes you expect to pay a little more, but this is something else. The Saudis back in 2000 (which was surprisingly broadcast)told the then Laurel and Hardy duo that prices were high due to extortionate taxes, NOT the $140 per barrel as it was then.

What has changed, nothing. Policy remains effectively the same and some. The reality is overly zealous taxation for a commodity that 90% of the population cannot do without.

The page right here on FFUK does the math - so you don't have too.

300% taxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No other item in our life's attracts this sort of barbaric rate of penalisation, diddly squat. 300% is monstrous, ridiculous and immoral on so many levels. It is possibly also illegal considering that VAT is added to what effectively is tax in the first place, the old double taxation whammy seen nowhere else on this earth (Google it`)!

As a comparison, our friends in the USA, who incidentally are up in arms and ARE using their backbones for change, pay on average 14% taxation on fuel, 14%! Thats a whopping 286% less than us, the Brits, an oil producing nation.

100% taxation would be considered a luxury in today's terms and economic state, an economic state that was not induced by consumers, rather by greedy corporations in cahoots with banks. Period.

The tax has to be brought down to realistic levels, no more pointless petitions for 3p savings here or 1p's there, it needs to be reduced by 200% and immediately. Will it happen using the current methods, absolutely NOT, will it by any other means, you bet it will but before any of that............reconnect the fibrous matters, think of the Britain of old (before the wind was kicked out of us) and to the ba(t)ckmobile we should all go............only with majority support, a confident strategy that remains unbroken whatever, yes WHATEVER they attempt if action is taken, will the people win through, lest us not forget they work for us and can be broken up at any time if we so wish!

Its time for change, its time for fair taxation's time.......NOW!!


[ posted by Kevin, 27.03.12 17:51 ]

Here's an anti-apathy plan to really get the masses mobilised in our increasingly shallow society:

1) Make the disgusting fuel prices a storyline on both Coronation Street and Eastenders
2) Get Simon Cowell and his bunch of talentless, fawning lackeys to talk about it in sincere tones in between changing handbags and filling the TV screens with mindless tosh
3) Get Ant and Dec to do the same
4) Get Premiership footballers to collectively strike for a weekend or two
5) Stop benefits for 3rd generation out of work folks who have no intention of getting a job... and offer to reinstate them if they march/blockade roads as part of a peaceful protest
6) Ask Katie Price and the ghost of Jade Goodie to release a charity song to support all the soon to be out of work truckers, van drivers, cabbies and any other poor soul who needs a vehicle to actually work!
7) Agree to tax the living wotsits out of bankers and oil companies who all receive bonuses even when their companies make a loss or get sued to high heaven - in exchange for a few votes come election time.

Alternatively, you can join me in moving to France as soon as I can sell the house!


[ posted by Stephen, 27.03.12 20:40 ]

I totally support FFUK ....and all the truck drivers around the Uk,why on earth is the price of fuel keep on rising !....I mean it is absoultely stupid....George Osbourne (Chancellor of the Exchequer) needs to drop the fuel duty tax down to at least to 99.9p a litre at least.

All the people who drive e.g Car/Van Drivers,Motorcyclists,and Truck Drivers are paying a ridiculous amount on fuel !!......everybody is suffering with the price of filling up a car e.g small cars e.g ford fiesta 1.2 ...£40-£45.00 a fill-up and big cars e.g Mondeo costs nearly £100.00 a time to fill up and worse of all ....Truck drivers who actually use a hell of a lot of diesel who need to deliver packages/food/fuel to businesses are suffering as well.....This UK Government needs to cut fuel duty NOW ! at least 99.9p a litre and keep it there !!.....otherwise if it keeps on rising (fuel duty !) No one will be able to drive anywhere,shop for groceries etc because everything goes by Road !!...cos every single thing we buy goes up and up and up because everything we buy comes by road we need to ACT NOW !....BRING DOWN FUEL DUTY NOW !!


[ posted by Fred, 27.03.12 22:12 ]

Fuel duty is a disproportionate tax that needs to be sorted out if this country is ever going to go back into the black. For too long the environmentalist agenda has been played out whilst the government creams off the excessive tax. It is unjust, unfair and ruining everyone's lives right now. Inflation will never get below the 2% target, unless fuel prices, by virtue of a significant fuel duty cut, gets reduced to a more respectable level. The double taxation of VAT on top also needs to be scrapped, it is a tax just to justify giving money to the bureaucratic nonsense that is the EU, and little wonder everywhere in Europe is in a mess.

The only political parties that know how much fuel duty is affecting us are the SNP and UKIP. Labour keep going on about it post-Budget but lets face it who would trust them again, especially when their previous chancellor was so against the motorist that he put fuel duty up at every possible opportunity?

As we know, the fuel tanker drivers have voted for strike action, but there is talk that the fuel protests will also commence, as both parties will support each others' protests. The government are already feeling the heat of the country potentially being brought to a standstill, and could potentially break the coalition and/or force a motion of no confidence. FairFuel need to get out of first gear, the campaign is seemingly stagnant now unless something really good is being planned. I'm not holding my breath though, because previous attempts have seemingly fallen on deaf ears by the Treasury, but Osborne really has bitten off more than he can chew with his cosying up to the millionaire friends.


[ posted by andrew Tiplady, 29.03.12 12:26 ]

I have been doing the same job for the last ten years earning £22,000 PA
With only minimum 3% or 2% annual rises. Back in 2002 diesel cost me about £25-30 per week. Last Thursday a tank cost me £92. ( what % is that??). This week it will be much more IF I CAN FIND A PETROL STATION WITH ANY DIESEL. I live in leeds and visited three garages that were empty before i gave up.
I spend more on DIESEL than I spend on food, drink, gas, electric clothing
At present I'm working and earning less money than it costs me to live. I am getting deeper in debt by £1.67 per day
I'm desperate looking for any way out of my mortgage before the banks catch on and stop my credit cards
But who can sell there house in this climate
I'm basically looking down the barrel of a (metaphorical) gun.

I real don't think people in the government have the slightest idea of what there doing to the working people of this country

There grinding me into the dust
I have no life can't sleep with worry
My only consolation is this cannot go on much longer.


[ posted by andy, 29.03.12 14:02 ]

Yesterday I filled up with diesel at 149.9/litre......that is £6.80/gallon in real money, £6.80! I believe that most UK motorists still think in gallons, the switch to selling in litres was a good way of the price rising without people really understanding the true price rise. A 1p rise is really 4.5p to the average motorist, but they don't realise. In the 70's and 80's there were only ever 1 & 2 pence/gallon rises, and they would cause a storm. Tell everyone just how much it really is. Before we get to the much misguided August duty hike fuel will be costing £7/gallon, if there is to be a tanker drivers strike who knows how much profiteering will go on. I am soon going to have to find another job (goodness knows how) that is nearer to home as the cost of fuel is soon to be unsustainable, a strange way to encourage growth in the economy. I am in this situation running a 50mpg van and my partner has a 65 mpg car, I like using a bicycle, but 12 miles to work, 8 hours doing a very physical job and 12 miles home is not a practical option every day on a bike.


[ posted by simon, 29.03.12 16:30 ]

fuel prices ..i travel 24 miles each way to work six days a week, it is getting so bad i am even thinking of packing my job in as i seem to be working to pay for my morgage and petrol,i think it is high time to show this joke of a government that we will not take this anymore.... we need to bring this country together . the only way they listened last time was to blockade the fuel depots. LETS ACT NOW....


[ posted by Chris, 29.03.12 19:14 ]

On top of the so called budget, the spin doctors have now created a panic over the supply of fuel due to a 'forecasted' strike.


Our local garages have upped the price 4 times in the past 24 Hrs due to panic buying, bought about by some shady spin doctor (probably with loads of shares in BP etc....).

And I've heard it reported that the Government (aka crooks in Whitehall) have raked in over £30 million in duty over the past 24 hrs!!

I can guarantee that they wouldn't get away with this sort of behaviour in France! The whole country would be on strike!


[ posted by Michael Houston, 31.03.12 21:51 ]

How much more laughable can this country get? When we should have been rising up against the extraordinarily high fuel duty, the cut in tax rate for the richest, the tax on pasties and alcohol, yet again the government uses a clever wee trick to actually rake in even MORE money. By hyping up an already vague threat of strike, they managed to panic us into bulk buying fuel, thus raking in tens of millions in extra revenue and creating shortages at some locations. This government, along with previous ones and successive ones, has used one of the oldest weapons of control there is: FEAR. They say Boo!, we jump; they say "jump", we say, "How high?" It's pathetic. Long gone is the fighting generation and we now seem to be left with the grown up New Labour shower of muppets: obedient, dull, lifeless and spineless. The Tories know this and are able to take full advantage. Say hello to the £7 gallon, then prepare yourself for the £10 gallon, because that's where we're heading. While the majority sit at home watching crap TV, drinking crap lager, eating crap food, reading crap newspapers, concerned with nothing but where their next mouthful of processed crap is coming from, the government plan ever more elaborate, and not so elaborate ways to rip us off. The jury is in and the verdict, unfortunately, is that in the UK, the people ARE afraid of their government.


[ posted by Val Renton, 31.03.12 23:32 ]

Because of the mess the goverment has made about the fuel crisis, why has some garages putting up their prices now? I noticed one garage is now charging 144.9. The goverment should now put a stop to it!!!!! especially if they are still going to put 3p on in August.!!!!!!!


[ posted by mark king, 01.04.12 11:22 ]

its simple maths the government are not doing the sums . even tesco knows thats why they run offers on fuel. people spend more money on fuel and paying the taxes from fuel. then they have less money to spend on other things. employers as well more costs means less workers more unemployed more cost to the government


[ posted by Finally something is getting done, 01.04.12 11:27 ]

The comments bit won't let me post URL's, but go on the Daily Express site now, or buy a copy of today's Sunday Express. The headline WE'LL BRING BRITAIN TO A HALT.

The fuel protests are going to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!


[ posted by Freddy Crabbe, 03.04.12 09:50 ]

I believe the word WAIVED has been incorrectly used in this article. Things are WAVED through not WAIVED which means the opposite.


[ posted by Rob C, 03.04.12 12:38 ]

Well fuel has reached 145.9 per litre at Texaco outlets in Plymouth this morning. What a joke!


[ posted by Chris, 04.04.12 10:47 ]

I think that the car sticker should some how also mention the need to get the companies to cut prices. They are using the current situation to con the motorist saying that they are not making profit. They have made vast profits, at all levels of their industry, for years. So they should be forced to cut their part of the rise in price as well as the Gov. reducing one of the two takes they apply to fuel. The use the duty to hype up the VAT take as well!


[ posted by Mr Paul Phillips, 04.04.12 18:29 ]

This is causing problems in my private life as i am retired and looked forward to touring the country as often as i want to see mine country(UK) that is now becoming very difficult now on just my pention, so my dreams have been shattered. Also I drive a large minibus for a help the aged charity in Oswestry Shropshire and each week the fuel bill is climbing beyond belief, the charity is SUFFERING, we cover a large area of remote villages and most of our passengers don't see anyone apart from our team. Please please please help to get this message across to the shameless bodies in charge of the country. It isd costing well over a hundre and twenty pounds just to fill one bus each week, and we have six working five days aweek. the whole country is angry about this, but few will say a word about it. When I voted for the Conservatives ( as i have always done) I was under the impression the the fuel prices woul be stabalised ? this could be the very last time I vote for the Tories...Very angry about all of this and so are millions of other Con voters...


[ posted by Paul Massey, 05.04.12 10:26 ]

The pumps run dry and, surprise surprise, fuel rises by two pence in seven days. If EVERYONE got off their knees and SHOUTED at their MP things might change. If the CEO's of STOBART,TESCO,ASDA
SAINSBURY, MORRISON and a few more did the same, things WOULD change. If this government cannot manage it's budget without CONSTANT tax hikes, move over, and let someone who can.!!


[ posted by Brian Emmerson, 26.04.12 19:18 ]

What would the French do I wonder??????


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