Saturday, April 7, 2012
Earlier this week VISA reported that spending on its cards at filling stations was up 27% on a year ago! Months ago we warned the Treasury that record fuel prices were reducing consumer spending. 

We told them families were having to divert too much of their income on fuelling their cars and this was damaging growth in the wider economy. This week MasterCard's SpendingPulse Survey shows that consumer activity is running at well below the rate of inflation and that a 0.8 increase in discretionary spending is the lowest the credit card company has recorded. High street spending is down significantly and the survey says: 'Rising fuel prices have done the damage in March, only adding to the slow down that began in February. If we're to see any boost in spending over the coming months, fuel price stability will be crucial'.

But we're not going to get any stability any time soon. The Chancellor's shocking budget announcement that duty will rise in August along with ever climbing crude prices mean that consumers will inevitably rein back their spending even further. Fuel in the UK is now at its most expensive in the history of the motor car and this week diesel broke the symbolic £1.50 barrier. Filling up a large car is now a £120 hit and the average family car fill-up is close to £90. This is clearly unsustainable and many people are now spending more on fuel than they do on rent.

The Government's fifth rate advice during the recent tanker driver dispute caused panic buying and showed us what we at FairFuel already knew - they don't understand our road economy at all

Idiotic remarks about jerry cans showed a child-like naivety which is deeply worrying. Worse still they allowed the situation to go atomic and demonstrated with frightening stupidity that to bring the economy to its knees all you need is to disrupt the fuel supply chain for seven short days. For any of the crazies and whackos (not those genuinely affected members of the public or businesses trying to make a living), but those who want disruptive conflict for the sake of conflict, watching this was the perfect template for direct action. Leadership, what leadership? You couldn't make it up.

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[ posted by Mr Dawson, 07.04.12 12:19 ]

You sound as fed up as the rest of us now.
Absolute stupidity telling people to stock up, I know how to store a supply of fuel, have a secure metal lock up at the bottom of the garden away from anything if can set alight, and I have for months kept a small supply simply because with the business I run, I have to drive to do the job, cant get there, cant do the job, leaves me more then several hundred pounds out of pocket.

Now to the price of petrol,, I can remember the last time I went in to town and bought anything non essential.

That was Christmas and even then I spent to a VERY tight budget.

Best thing now is to oust the slimy sods out of power, they don't deserve it.

I would even go so far as to say everyone should vote for independent, as we know the partys all have back door deals with multi national firms to fund campaigns and their own pockets.

Oh and to publicly oust 2 MPs that don't respond.

Jon Trickett (Labour MP from Yorkshire) whom a friend got no replies from at all being their local MP
Sandra Osborne (Labour MP from Ayrshire) whom I got no repieys from when I emailed (again and again)


[ posted by Jo Summers, 07.04.12 12:22 ]

Many thousands of us must have signed your petition to the Govt - what else can we do? There surely must be some way of bringing these people to their senses - but what can it be? The entire situation becomes ever more frightening and those of us on restricted incomes (OAPs for example, with elderly parent(s) still living), or with adult children who live in different areas from oneself, really DO need to be mobile! Apart from which, having lobbed out the dosh for a car, road tax, motor insurance &c &c, it's a bit galling to find that having paid all that out it's damned difficult to afford to fill the car up!

Different for these Westminster bullies whose fuel is paid for by the taxpayers, isn't it?


[ posted by shaun, 07.04.12 12:26 ]

It makes my blood boil what this government is doing."In it together" I think not.
This government is great at dividing different groups so we argue about who get what and what benefit. But until the British people start sticking together and not be the (I'm alright jack brigade) attitude.
Nothing will change the petrol panic summed it up.the next inflation figures will look great for this Government because of the amount of fuel bought in those few manic days..
You have my full support Quentin but I fear this Government don't care about the real British workers.


[ posted by markwill, 07.04.12 12:40 ]

Theres only one way to beat a stupid tory, thats on the nose, get rid of cameron and osborne as they will destroy the tory party for decades then labour will end up in another hung government with those pathetic liberal knobs


[ posted by mick murphy, 07.04.12 13:50 ]

Child like naivety and you expect to be able to reason with them by "talking" ,you don't talk you have to "act" they are totally out of control with "determination to ruin this country,it is though there is a lot of truth in the conspiracy tapes about the "Illuminate"etc,as though these acts by this Government is hell bent on killing off "democracy" to be replaced with state control wake up and start acting before it is too late


[ posted by Stewart Denny, 07.04.12 13:56 ]

Everything we but requires to be transported and delivered and is now costing record levels . These diddies must know this too . The most pathetic thing about this is the liberals who are that desparate to be in " power " that they just agree to anything that Cameron and his loonies say and do . If they were real politicians they should withdraw their support and demand a general election now , but they wont and lets be honest Milliband is a diddy too !


[ posted by Lee Davies, 07.04.12 15:23 ]

As a lorry driver it has been a nightmear trying to do my job for the last couple of years due to the constant rising price of fuel. So many transport company's have gone out of buissness or they are selling of a truck to cope with it and the driver is then laid off . This government does not give a toss about the little people trying to get on and make ends meet, all they care about is themselves . I think the transport industry needs to get together and stop all deliverys untill the gov drop the duty and tax for all users , bring the country to a standstill and then see who's got the power


[ posted by Johnny, 07.04.12 17:38 ]

Some analysts are predicting the price of oil to rocket even further, but I've noticed these people have tended to work for the toxic banks that have had a hand in the rampant speculation that has made the commodity so artificially high. However there is talk that the price of oil will actually fall in the coming months, and it seems as if more and more analysts are coming out and predicting this as long as the events in Iran don't dramatically take a turn for the worse.

Last week, Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi has said the price of oil is too high and needs to come down because it is bad for the global economy. That's right, one of the most influential people in the oil industry, from the world's largest oil producing nation, has said high oil prices are BAD FOR THE ECONOMY - are you reading this very carefully George Osborne? The Saudi's appear to be getting nervous about a potential oil price crash if action is not taken now to control the reduction in the price of oil to a level that is still profitable for themselves, but also sustainable enough for the global economy. Talk is they're mooting a figure of around $85 per barrel for Brent Crude by the end of the year, but the whole scenario could be trying to catch a falling knife. The price could plummet like it did towards the end of 2008 after it almost touched $150.

But this is where it can get rather dangerous in our fight to cut fuel duty...

Wholesale prices would drop as the price of oil comes down, so for example instead of 52p for wholesale unleaded, it'd be about 30p instead. However this government will then feel that a rise in fuel duty would be justifiable as it would be offset by the declining cost of wholesale fuel. A drop to $85 per barrel would result in a good reduction for the rest of Europe, but we'd probably only get a paltry reduction because of flawed government policy. Labour did the dirty trick I mentioned back in 2009 when Darling put fuel duty up twice while oil was under $50, one of which was to offset the decision to cut VAT to 15% (and this 2p rise wasn't reversed, remember!)


[ posted by Kade, 07.04.12 19:00 ]

A car is a necessity, not a luxury. To be taxed close to 66% on fuel is an absolute joke!! For the majority of us who have lives (work, visiting family/friends, gym, shopping,socialising etc etc) a car is crucial in modern day, without it the country's economy would take a huge tumble.. Yet we are being taxed as if a car is a luxury! What we need to do is arrange a national strike day for everyone who uses there car daily... the impact this will have on the economy will be huge and maybe only then this useless government will see that cars are crucial for everyone in this modern era and to the economy.


[ posted by dave barnes, 08.04.12 11:45 ]



[ posted by Dougie, 10.04.12 09:48 ]

I have a little part time job, it's nothing special - just delivering bundles of papers to garages for a couple of hours in the mornings. It costs me almost HALF of my earnings in fuel! This government are a disgrace! They are only concerned with lining their own pockets, and bleeding the country dry! We MUST do something and bring the country to a standstill, make these out of touch idiots see that they are killing the U.K.


[ posted by jim, 12.04.12 08:45 ]

for as long as we absoultly need fuel, the govt see it as an ideal way to make money. As there is no alternative to it. They simply see that we MUST buy it, regardless of the tax imposed. Of course this is crippling the economy but the govt is too short sighted to care about this. It does not matter which colour govt are in office, underneath the rosettes they are all pretty much the same beast. I really don't know what the answer is, how to make them listen, all I know for sure is that political pressure/petitions/lobbying/reports stating that lowering duty would add to the economy/campaigns have all,quite spectacularly, failed.


[ posted by George, 18.04.12 23:09 ]

Having just driven from the UK to the Netherlands through France and Belgium; I can only draw the inevitable conclusion that one of the strategies of this government to reduce the deficit is by hammering the motorist. There seems to be a co-ordinated policy by European governments to increase the duty on fuel in order to raise as much revenue as possible .. the price of petrol in the three countries was on a par of approximately Euro 1.78 to Euro 1.89 in some places. The millions who smoked 20 cigarettes and drank two pints a day on average is now a thing of the past. Now it's the motorists' turn to bear the brunt of revenue raising. We still have some way to go to match the prices in Europe but by the beginning of August we will be one step closer and if followed by another rise in duty later in the year we may well see a price of £1.50 by December 2012 for regular unleaded. By the end of Dec 2013 .. all bets on £2.00/litre.


[ posted by Richard, 26.04.12 12:22 ]

We need a sustained public crusade against the fuel prices and if that means shutting down the delivery of all fuel, to garages and fuel depots in the whole country, to the public services and including rail and buses, and especially the airports, before the Government will listen, so be it. This is a war against the people and our fuel taxes are wasted on the £207 billion plus the £33 billion = (£240 billion See the 2012 Budget page 8) wasted on welfare and social security, excessive housing rent support payments upto £21,000 per year; excessive child income benefits for those earning even upto £42,000 per year,( most families live on a lot less than that without scrounging more benefits), handouts to illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and others who wont work, and the general spend on the country. The roads never benefit from this, and the answer is to unite against any government that does not listen to the people. But, finding get one politician with balls to lead this crusade will be a problem; they are all feckless and stupid, hence the need for sustained action against these vicious fuel duty escalator taxes, VAT and further taxes on fuel. The world price of oil does not demand these internakl UK taxes.


[ posted by terry kernan, 26.04.12 15:40 ]

i think that the simplest and best way to send a clear and long lasting message is to reduce our reliance on the fuel that is taxed so heavily. doesn't make for comfortable living, but then revolutionaries rarely do.


[ posted by keith, 28.04.12 15:58 ]

This stupid country has gone stark staring mad and there is no end in sight to this idiocy.Firstly,why are we putting up with this unelected"goverment"and it's crap.We should be doing what other countries are doing and boot these rich boys out.Don't the people of this sad country realize that you cannot have these rich toads lining their pockets,and those of their banker/finance mates,whilst pretending that they are putting all the wrongs right when in fact they are robbing us stupid.Secondly,we have got to change the archaic voting system that resides in this country so that we can stop another bunch of gangsters putting themselves into goverment such as Cameron/Clegg/Osborne.I am afraid the only way we will rid the country of these toads is by force,because if we don't there won't be a country left.Is it not worth going without your car for a week or so to get rid of these parasites.


[ posted by George, 15.05.12 11:33 ]

Reported in today's news (15 May 2012) the Coalition government has looked at the feasibility of taxing drivers per mile driven to compensate for the loss of fuel duty as cars become more fuel efficient and the switch over to electric cars becomes more prevalent by 2029. Toll roads are also under consideration. So whatever the outcome, motorists have been targeted and ear-marked for the longer term as the most likely demographic for continued and sustained revenue raising through a combination of fuel duty, toll roads, mileage charging and congestion charging in cities; on top of road tax, speeding fines and parking fines. When government revenue falls, the political instinct is not to cut back, but to tax more heavily. Tax them until the pips squeak .. one former chancellor was reported to have commented! When Labour proposed mileage charging, two million people registered their opposition. Now it's back on the table courtesy of the Coalition. Sadly democracy has become government by the elite, of the elite and for the elite !


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