Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Reacting to news that the fuel tanker dispute deal has been recommended for rejection, Peter Carroll founder of FairFuelUK said, ‘This is potentially devastating news for every family and business in the UK. It also threatens the well being of the whole economy which is extremely fragile in terms of growth and employment. There are many businesses that simply will not be able to withstand disruption to fuel supplies. The scenes of ‘panic buying’ in the run up to Easter give a hint of just how bad this could be. The on going dispute also masks the real and long term crisis regarding petrol and diesel prices which is that fact that they are becoming unaffordable for families and businesses. We urge all parties to the dispute to renew their efforts to seek a swift and fair settlement’.

National spokesman for FairFuelUK Quentin Willson said, ‘The last thing we all want is for the country to be brought to its knees again with more fuel panic buying. An agreement between the employers, Unite and the tanker drivers is now one of the most pressing issues of 2012. No more paying politics please and remember that decent hard working people will bear the hardship of any dispute’

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[ posted by Dennis Andrew Gough, 19.04.12 11:21 ]

I agree that the dispute will do more harm than good but after saying that any action that puts pressure on the goverment must be more helpfull in the end.


[ posted by Steve Clarke, 26.04.12 11:06 ]

It may be necessary for the tanker drivers to go ahead with the strike if it cannot be resolved.It will certainly bring the country to a halt, and will probably bring down this terrible Tory government, even if they capitulated and brought the taxation down. With the fuel costs down to an acceptable figure, ie. about £1.15 per litre, many jobs would be recovered and expansion will slowly creep up to a level a lot higher than t is now. Only a Labour government can do this now, as the Lib-Dems will never re-appear and the Tories, after showing their true colours, will be on the outside once more for at least two or three, maybe more terms. At least long enough to change their horrible POSH-BOY images.


[ posted by Mr G.R.Batten, 26.04.12 11:41 ]

The proposed increase are INSANE! They will loose more revenue that they will gain.I have allready
delicensed one vehicle and may have to do the other as well. The government will loose the Road Tax the vat on the insurance the vat on the MOT and allthe duty and Vat on the fule i would have bought
and ther will be thousands more people and companys doing the same.Economic lunacy!!!!
The Conservative MP who said Osborne and the Prime Minister were arrogant and out of touch with the people was 100% right.They are in cloud cuckoo land they are doing everything to destroy the economy not save it. I have been a conservative supporter all my life and my parents and grandparents as well but no more!! I shall NOt be voting for any political party in future left center or right!
Ray Batten


[ posted by Mike Guffick, 28.04.12 13:00 ]

It is not up to any Union led strikers to "bring down" any Government especially when it 's members total about 2000, it is up to the electorate at The General election time to do it. If more people voted at elections may be we would have a strong Government in power to actually be able to carry it's policies out.


[ posted by Malcolm Blurton, 03.05.12 17:31 ]

Three years ago I was paying 97p a litre (diesel) now paying £1.43 a litre (petrol) increase of over 47% - STAGGERING AMOUNT, frightening!
Question: How long will it be and what more price increase will it take for the Government to realise there is a severe crisis - are they prepared to evermore increase fuel/VAT prices?

Question: Why is diesel now a lot more expensive than petrol? Just a few years ago it was cheaper? In France, diesel is cheaper than petrol and has been for the last 10 years. Is it because having lured people into buying more-to-the-gallon diesel cars, they have seen diesel as a means of raising EXTRA revenue!?

Comment: Fuel prices in France has increased over the last year or so and is on a par (allowing for exchange rates) with the UK - fuel in France used to be cheaper than UK??? Is this part of a European directive to increase fuel prices?

Comment: We have long passed the idea that to reduce the cost of fuel we all need to drive more carefully... ultimately, the only way to save on the cost of fuel is to leave the car in the garage!!

Comment: It cannot ever be a green issue to raise fuel prices - we have no real alternative to having to use vehicles to get around, especially if you reside in a rural area with a bus service twice a week and only once on those days to get to nearest town!!! (I live in Ombersley, nearest town - 4 miles away - is Droitwich (Worcestershire).

Comment: The Government cannot blame OPEC, the countries producing the oil nor can they blame the fuel companies for the ridiculously high fuel prices. Such companies and the Middle East countries simply point to the high taxation levied by our own Government as the reason for the excessively-priced fuel.


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