Thursday, April 26, 2012

Peter Carroll of FairFuelUkYou will have heard on the news that the UK has now plunged back into recession. This is devastating news for families and businesses all across the country.

So many of our politicians still do not understand that the record price of petrol & diesel is a major factor in putting us back in recession. Worse still, the Government remains committed to its plan to add a further 3p a litre in fuel tax this summer. To go ahead with that increase in these circumstances is economic madness.

Since the Budget, we have been working with a number of MPs who do share our view that the 3p rise must be scrapped and that fuel duty should be CUT, not increased. With their help, we are launching a major campaign in Parliament in the next few weeks to have the Budget changed and the rise scrapped.

Over the coming weeks we will be letting you know how things are going.

There will be certain 'key dates' when we will need your help by emailing or writing to your MP. We will be putting up a list on the www.fairfueluk.comwebsite so that people can see which MPs are backing us and which are not.

Next week,we will be letting you know about what you can do locally to help the campaign and asking you to tell us more about how the fuel price crisis is hitting you - we need this information to force MPs to stop talking just about pastie taxes, conservatory taxes, personal taxes, charity taxes etc.

We know that these are all important issues, but the 82 pence per litre of fuel taxes is 'head and shoulders' above all of these for most people. Then, from the 8th May we will be starting the fight in Parliament.

Two last quick requests:

  • Because the national media have picked it up, over 500,000 people have backed a petition about the 'pastie tax'.
  • It's so important that our fuel duty campaign generates the same amount of passion and support. Through the fabulous efforts of supporters like you, we have driven our number of backers up to nearly 250,000. In view of the fact that we are about to launch a major fight in Parliament we need lots of extra supporters. So, PLEASE cut and paste the email below into your email system and send it on to everyone you know - we're sure that they will be delighted to have the opportunity to support FairFuelUK.

Scrapping that 3p rise in August is vital.
Without your support, we can't defeat it.

Kind regards,

Peter Carroll & The FairFuelUK Team

******sample email to send to your contacts, friends and family******

I am backing FairFuelUK in their fight to stop the Government hammering us with another 16p a gallon of fuel taxes. If you are as furious as I am about the price of petrol & diesel please lend FairFuelUK your support by signing up at . It's free to sign up and takes just a few seconds. When you have signed, please pass this call on to your contacts. They already have 250,000 supporters but need thousands more if they are to defeat this rise.

Thanks and kind regards,

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Ray Daniels, 26.04.12 11:09 ]

This government doesn't care one iota about the price of fuel because they don't have to pay for it, they just put it on their expenses. If they can't see that the price of fuel has a massive influence on us being in recession again (have we ever come out of the last one ?)then we really are in trouble. Same old Tories, they will plough on regardless, whatever the cost ( to the good people of this country), they just don't care. After the devastation they left behind in the 80's with our mining industry, are we to be surprised ???


[ posted by Paul Cairns, 26.04.12 13:16 ]

I spoke with my Local MP about this a couple of years ago when I had a facebook page following of 500000 people, he told me at the point that a fuel tax tracker had been set in line with Europe to track increasingly above inflation, so as to force the car manufacturers to build greener cars! Tthat sounds to me more like "We are forcing this tax on you so that you will buy the greener cars that the manufacturers are already building, we need the Tax now to create the infrastruce we need to make this happen and you are going to foot the bill, and this will be forced upon you bercause you cannot be trusted to make the right decisions." It seems to me that we have handed power over to Europe on these matters and our MP's lack the Balls to stand up for what we need as a nation, so we suffer. We must stand together. Peter and your team, you have done an outstanding job so far and you have my full support.



[ posted by Keith Hodge, 26.04.12 14:29 ]

In France there is NO ROAD TAX and Diesel at a Tesco equivalent Supermarket is about 12% cheaper, plus they have no North Sea Oil. Makes you wonder?


[ posted by A. Scrivener, 26.04.12 17:26 ]

I hate this goverment they say they listen to the people ,rubbish ,they know what there doing ,they think there so right . why is it that there are experts who agree with the public that if fuel was to come down it would get the economy moving ,more jobs etc and the goverment would be getting more money coming in . remember less is more.


[ posted by Philip Povey, 26.04.12 18:13 ]

The government see the motorist as an easy target for increasing government income by raising fuel revenue. I drive as part of my job, without my car i can not do my job, i presently recieve 20p per mile fuel allowance , this figure is actually decided by the same government thst decides the tax on fuel but they DO NOT raise the pence per mile allowance. So effectively i am not only paying the highest fuel revenue in Europe but am also paying for the pleasure of using my own car for work. Totally and completely ridiculous.


[ posted by Rich Smith, 26.04.12 20:13 ]

I used to go to town spending my cash 3 or 4 times a week NOT ANY MORE, in a couple of days i would usually be off to Staffordshire motorcycle show spending cash buying boots gloves helmets oil etc, NOT THIS YEAR too much for the gas to get down there, just not worth it ! Summer would usually find me on the road up to Scotland in my camper van buying fuel, food, drinks etc spending money in the UK, again NOT THIS YEAR ! too much for the fuel, just not worth it !, we are going backpacking overseas instead, much cheaper. Since the fuel prices have gone up my vehicle has just sat on the drive except for £5 a week i put in the tank to get to my mothers for the weekend, apart from that i don't go anywhere anymore and i don't spend owt, just not worth it, we would usually have had a couple of weekends away in the van by now spending our cash in the seaside towns but again it just isn't worth the expense any more. So there you have it, its not rocket science is it ? The increase in fuel prices are definitely a big contributing factor to the recession in this country as there must be thousands more out there just like me who can't afford to get out and spend anymore, stuff it, do they think we're all daft ? Oh i forgot most of the population in the UK are, aren't we..... a lot of us are still buying the fuel at these ridiculous prices LOL


[ posted by Andrew Batty, 27.04.12 11:34 ]

My wife works for herself in the community as a carer, but the fuel is costing her more than what she gets paid, for how long she will continue if the price keeps going upis anyones guess but if it were left upto this government it does not make economic sense for her to give up work because they would not recieve some income. We are hearing so much about the olympics visiting nations are going to spread around the country training, would they lower the duty if the transport companies stated that they couldn't afford the fuel to transport to LONDON?


[ posted by stuart bennett, 10.05.12 19:34 ]

There killing us with the tax on petrol


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