Monday, May 28, 2012

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter,

Today we publish the list (see below) of 28 MPs who have so far said that they will support our move to scrap the 3p per litre rise in Fuel Duty (which equates to 16p a gallon when you include the VAT) due to hit us in just 9 weeks time on 1st August.


The MPs supporting are:

Name Surname Constituency Party
Gregory Campbell MP Londonderry East DUP
Nigel Dodds OBE MP Belfast North DUP
Jeffrey Donaldson MP Lagan Valley DUP
Mark Durkan MP Foyle SDLP
Jonathan Edwards MP Carmarthen East & Dinefwr Plaid Cymru
George Galloway MP Bradford West Respect
Roger Godsiff MP Birmingham, Hall Green Labour
Mike Hancock CBE MP Portsmouth South Liberal Democrat
Dai Havard MP Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney Labour
Gordon Henderson MP Sittingbourne & Sheppey Conservative
Sylvia Hermon MP North Down Independent
Stewart Hosie MP Dundee East SNP
Elfyn Llwyd MP Dwyfor Meirionnydd Plaid Cymru
Naomi Long MP Belfast East Alliance Party
Angus MacNeil MP Western Isles SNP
William McCrea MP South Antrim DUP
Alasdair McDonnell MP Belfast South SDLP
John McDonnell MP Hayes & Harlington Labour
Ian Paisley Jnr MP North Antrim DUP
Andrew Percy MP Brigg & Goole Conservative
Margaret Ritchie MP South Down SDLP
Angus Robertson MP Moray SNP
Jim Shannon MP Strangford DUP
David Simpson MP Upper Bann DUP
Michael Weir MP Angus SNP
Eilidh Whiteford MP Banff & Buchan SNP
Sammy Wilson MP East Antrim DUP
Peter Wishart MP Perth & North Perthshire SNP

The supportive MPs are from every Party in Westminster except the Green Party. Crucially, there are even MPs from the Parties that make up the Government, Conservative and Liberal Democrat.

We thank the 28 MPs who have declared support

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[ posted by jackie Lee, 28.05.12 11:25 ]

I emailed my MP Andrew Tyrie for chichester west sussex. I received a reply today. he said that the chancellor has withdrawn the 3p rise due in august.
jackie Lee


[ posted by Kevin Graham, 28.05.12 11:51 ]

We need to pull together and scrap this. With whats going on within the United Kingdom its just another nail in the coffin. Convince the government to wake up and STOP this rise!!!!!!


[ posted by Mark Templeman, 28.05.12 13:38 ]

here is the email I received from my MP, John Penrose, who is allegedly the Tourism Minister, so should understand that high petrol and diesel prices are not only hitting the working families, but also must be hitting tourism too.... It's blatantly obvious that these MP's have not one real concern about the impact this is having on the ordinary person, as let's face it, in their cozy Parlimentary 'bubble' they don't have to worry about mundane stuff like paying for fuel do they? ....

Thank you for contacting me again about the cost of petrol, and I appreciate you taking the trouble to let me know your concerns. I think we both agree the price of oil is painfully high but, beyond that, I'm worried that most of the alternative approaches which the Government could take would increase the strain on our economy rather than reducing it.

As an example, cutting either VAT or duty on fuel would require either higher borrowing (with the very serious possibility of ending up like Greece), or further cuts to public services like health or education, or increases in other taxes to balance the books. Any of these options would hammer consumer demand and hinder our country’s economic recovery


[ posted by Mark Kilday, 28.05.12 18:00 ]

Recently received a reply from my MP Gregg McClymont,outlining his views.
Few quotes-
""..hugely concerned at the Chancellor's announcement in the March 2012 budget that fuel duty will rise by 3pence per litre from August"
"I would have liked to see ptrol prices reduced and I supported calls for the Government to temporarily reduce VAT.....I also supported an Opposition motion..proposed precisely this reduction"
"I appreciate the importance of helping to reduce fuel costs and I know that FAIRFUEL UK have produced research on the potential economic impact of a cut in fuel duty,but I think that at this difficult economic time a VAT cutshould have been the Government's priority as the fairest way to stimulate growth and to help low and middle income households"


[ posted by chris gould, 28.05.12 19:18 ]

Similar sort of reply from my MP Andrew Bingham (High Peak). Sympathizes but that is all.


[ posted by Doug, 29.05.12 01:07 ]

Mr Lee Scott is my MP for the Ilford North area. I have Emailed him a couple of times about the fuel tax increase etc BUT so far I've had no reply. I assume that we pay for his petrol out of our taxes so he's probably not bothered as he doesn't have to pay the bill out of his pocket. We could save millions of pounds each year if we sacked all the MP's etc. What do they actually do?? Nothing as far as I'm concerned. Lets start a petition to have all MP's removed ;-)


[ posted by Andrew Pease, 29.05.12 09:22 ]

A quick way to reduce fuel costs is to stop the supermarkets charging up to 5p a litre more in rural areas - I beleive it is plain profiterring for example compare Tesco cirencester with Tesco Cheltenham and you will see what I mean - 5p off per litre and charge you up to 5p more how is that a deal !!


[ posted by ray green, 29.05.12 09:50 ]

STOP destroying British buisness with ludicrous fuel taxes.cheaper fuel equales cheaper cost of living and thriving buisness, equales more taxes so you will get the money in the end.


[ posted by Nicholas Gillard, 29.05.12 20:42 ]

Thank you for your email about the Fuel Duty Rise in August.

As you will be aware the fuel duty was frozen by the last Labour government budget and by the first coalition government budget, however in this year’s Budget the Chancellor committed to implementing a 3p rise in fuel duty for August 2012. Last year The Chancellor scrapped a 1p rise in fuel duty, but less than two weeks later the RAC pointed out that the price of oil had already risen so much that this had been cancelled out. The true cause of the rising cost of motoring has more to do with rising oil prices than it does with fuel duty.

Motorists will continue to feel the pinch from soaring pump prices unless the Government takes urgent action to reduce our dependency on expensive oil imports. With oil prices expected to rise further still, cutting fuel duty is not the answer - we need a clean, efficient transport system we can all afford. I believe the government must speed up the introduction of electric vehicles and super fuel-efficient cars - and invest in affordable alternatives such as better buses and trains.

I am pleased to see an increase in fuel efficient cars which benefit environmentally but also financially as there has been a decrease in the demand for fuel. In our constituency we have seen the closure of ten petrol stations in the past decade and we now have only four left, this is reflective of the increase of fuel efficiency in the vehicles on our roads which is something I welcome.

I will take the liberty of adding your email address to the mailing list to receive my monthly report, which covers most of my activities in and out of Parliament.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Corbyn MP


[ posted by Terence Harland, 30.05.12 09:07 ]

Where does Robret Goodwill my MP STAND He sit's on the fence and toe's the party line


[ posted by Henry Pirie, 14.06.12 17:04 ]

Received a letter today from our Lib.Dem M.P., Malcolm Bruce obviously not in favour of this campaign and trying to justify his stance by saying the goverment has reduced the price of fuel by 1p per ltr.! He also states that they have cut the fuel duty to the Isles of Scilly and to the Western Isles, though how that helps his constituents in mainly rural Aberdeenshire I fail to see. He also states that owing to a previous engagement he was unable to attend Robert Halfon's debate so obviously it was not very important to him. Will be taking his letter round the vintage scene to drum up some support for the campaign


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