Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Here is today's Daily Mail ref scrapping 3p Fuel Duty Rise support from No 10!

Here is what I think: "Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, says that the 3p per litre duty rise in August should go ahead and that we can't afford the loss of £1.5 billion to the public finances that the rise would generate. Yet 50 MPs are planning to vote against the increase and aides to David Cameron are making every effort to scrap the hike and freeze duty at its current level. They know that another rise in duty will be enormously damaging to the government at a time when Westminster needs all the goodwill it can get.


But another voice has joined the debate and that's theCEO of Asda. Andy Clarke agrees with FairFuel that the August rise will damage the economy and put extra costs on the UK supply chain. And when a bloke so close to the heart of British business says that high fuel costs reduce economic activity, we should all take notice. But this split in the Coalition, this constant wrangling and arguing, is because the Treasury won't answer the dirigible-sized question: how much will this impending rise of 15p a gallon actually cost the UK economy? Nobody wants to answer that one. I've asked them so many times, presented economic research, talked about the loss of jobs, reduction in profitability, extra welfare costs and the increased burden on families and businesses, but they just won't engage. They don't want to do the calculation.


But every economist knows that fuel is such an integral part of virtually every financial transaction, and those transactions are made more expensive every time the pump price goes up. What's difficult to understand about this? You raise fuel duty, you damage the economy. So I'm asking the Treasury to quantify the economic and social cost to this country of their planned 3p rise. Tell us that it won't cause economic contraction, increase costs for businesses and put people out of work. Tell us that the cash it brings in to the Treasury won't be dwarfed by the extra social and economic heartache that this insane rise will cause. I'm waiting......"

Quentin Willson

PS you can still email the wavering MP in your constituency if they are not on our list of supporters. Click Here

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[ posted by David Britten, 20.06.12 10:51 ]

It is a triumph of optimism over experience to expect anything rational, sensible or useful from the Treasury. Its history is that of miscalculation and fundamental failure on an epic scale, and I see no possibility that common sense would ever impinge on the arrogant self-assurance of its officials. It is no coincidence that our economy is in such a mess when our buffoon of a chancellor responds to the advice of Treasury, so-called, experts. Frankly, I would allow this bunch of dimwits to look after a child's piggy bank.


[ posted by AM, 20.06.12 18:17 ]

Dave knows his party's reputation is in the doldrums after a series of unpopular decisions and gaffes, but when will "Soundbite Cameron" ever deliver on his promise. Note his apparent "remark" in the Daily Express about Britain's membership in the EU (more on this shortly).

A freeze in fuel duty may be a welcome thing compared to a 3p rise, but it is still not enough. A significant cut in duty is what is needed. For so long the mechanism on fuel duty has been used as a cash cow by the Treasury to plug a hole in finances that are being mis-managed. The previous Labour government were the biggest culprits in this, spending money on foreign aid and useless programmes, whilst ramping up fuel duty (Alistair Darling, especially)...... but the coalition has done nothing to suggest the "war on the motorist" will ever end.

There are two easy ways to fill that £1.5bn black hole.

1) Drastically reduce or even abolish foreign aid, particularly to countries whose economies are growing so rapidly such as India and China....... that would more than fill the Treasury coffers

2) And going back to what I mentioned previously - GET OUT OF THE E.U., never mind Cameron bleating "idle" threats, just do the honourable thing and get us out. No more kowtowing to Brussels diktats and senseless bureaucratic directives will save several millions of pounds per day.

Simples, as a certain meerkat would say.


[ posted by Jim King, 20.06.12 19:48 ]

Mr David Britten added "Frankly, I would allow this bunch of dimwits to look after a child's piggy bank."

But I must ask David, would you, I mean would you really. I personally would not. I would hate to think that i allowed such a mob to ruin the savings of a child. I just dont like the thought of a child saving up for new football boots, only to end up with a "Euro 2012 sticker" which cost £30, including all "accounting charges".


[ posted by Mark templem, 21.06.12 21:02 ]

Has anyone looked at the latest crude oil futures and spot prices? Down today alone between 3.5 and 4% with Brent now under $90 per barrel. This is lower than at any time over the past 12 months, with the previous low being at Slightly under $100 in Oct '11

Where are the significant forecourt price drops, and why are the BBC etc not even reporting what is effectively a significant event, and 'outing' the oil companies and petrol retailers for being as slow as usual in bringing prices down.

And of course the danger of drops in pump prices will give believed legitimacy to the treasury to raise the tax by the 3p they are hoping for....

So come on guys at fairfueluk ... Kick off about this latest crash in crude prices ... Keep the momentum going. Quentin ... You need to get your mug on BBC Breakfast and Sky News and spread the word about this....


[ posted by irene toombs, 25.06.12 16:50 ]

Despite three attempts to get our local mp to listen he will not offer his support. fuel in our area is 7pence a litre more than in the nearby cities and towns.
He should listen to his voters as they put him in government and and he is there to help his local people. Not doing so is short sighted as he will lose a lot of votes at the next election by not listening to us.


[ posted by nik berry, 25.06.12 19:07 ]

This is the comments recieved from my MP Mr Steven Crabb..........Speaks for itself

Dear Nik,

Thank you for your email about the cost of fuel. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me and I completely understand your concerns. In Pembrokeshire, the cost of fuel has a huge impact on the day to day lives of so many people. Since becoming an MP, I have spoken on numerous occasions in the House of Commons and elsewhere to draw attention to the particularly damaging effect that high fuel prices have on rural areas like our County.
The difficulty we face is that the public finances at this time - as I'm sure you are aware - are incredibly tight. The Chancellor has already cut fuel duty by 1p in the litre and introduced a new tax on oil companies to pay for a fuel stabiliser. This means that while oil prices are high, fuel duty will increase by inflation alone which has helped to limit the some of the impact of these high prices. Because of these measures, fuel prices are 10 pence per litre lower than they were forecast to be under the last Government’s plans.
However, I am very aware that this action has not ended the squeeze. The high price of oil internationally continues to hit us domestically and sadly the Government has very little room for manoeuvre. We are spending over £120 million every day simply on the interest payments for our debt, so the priority has to be to pay this down. However, I will continue to raise this matter at every opportunity with my colleagues in the Government to make sure that they are aware of the particular problems we face in Pembrokeshire. I often discuss these matters with Ministers in the Treasury and I have communicated to them my concern at the effect that high fuel prices are having on rural communities like ours.
I am very mindful of the problems that families are facing from these huge fuel bills, but it is critical that we stick to the plans that have been set out to pay down our debt. As we can see from other European nations, deviating from these plans can have disastrous consequences for families and jobs across the whole country.

Thank you again for writing to me and I hope that this response has been helpful. Please do get in touch if it would be helpful to discuss this further in person.

Kind regards,



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