Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Following months of lobbying of MPs from all Parties to scrap the August 3p Fuel Duty rise (the same one we managed to get deferred from January 2012), George Osborne announced today that it would be deferred again to January 2013. A great battle to win, but be assured the long term campaign is not over. We fully recognise that there is so much more to do to win the fight for stable and considerably lower pump prices. The war goes on!

However, we wish to take a moment’s breather and seize this opportunity of thanking you for your incredible support that definitely has helped us to convince the Treasury that this was the right thing to do today.

One of FairFuelUK’s key backers the RHA said "The duty increase would have added £1,200 a year to the cost of running a truck”. Such an increase impacts on shop prices and inflation. We are all affected by fuel duty changes, even on those that don’t drive.

As a consequence, we’d thought it would be worthy to explain why our team continues to fight this issue so passionately, by showing a few of the typical comments received from over 300,000 supporters who motivate us to campaign further.

  • "I heard the news on car radio as I left the hospital. Boy! Did I smile. Thank you for all the work your team has done. It’s much appreciated. I’m disabled, 69, on state pension only. BUT! ’We must clobber the government ref January 2013. A heart-felt thank you. You’re all stars! Without petitions via Fair Fuel I doubt we’d have won - for now.
  • "We mortgaged our home in 2008 to buy a convenience store. We employ from our community and we support our community with charity events etc. This project has cost me a nervous breakdown and my husband a stroke. We are only in our forties. Through our business, we can see just how much the fuel costs have affected the public and their spending. Every ingredient for every consumable for instance has to travel by road so by the time we buy it in our shops; we are basically just paying tax. Our business is currently unprofitable. If this continues, we could lose the staff, the business and our home. We then become another burden.”
  • "I’ll keep it simple. It depresses me (in a real medical sense that is). I have found myself having to turn down work because I couldn’t afford fuel up front. Most of my business costs are fuel. I spend on materials of course, and occasional tools, but with tools it a make do or mend situation at the moment. Fuels the killer, I’d be better off on income support!!!
  • "I am disabled who is in pain constantly. I cannot even get to the corner shop 100yards away without my car. I can only afford to eat once a day and if I run out of fuel then I have to wait till I get paid again before I can get more shopping. I can only afford to visit my family once every 2 - 3 months. I get DLA but can’t risk getting a car on DLA as I was left with no car for 3 months last time I had to renew my claim. Every time fuel goes up the less I have to spend on anything else. In august I may as well be in prison as I won’t be able to use my car.
  • "Well done, its seems we do make a difference"

The last comment is a case in point, you most certainly do make a difference. MPs did help in Parliament to make today happen. They helped because of the pressure on them from you and other FairFuelUK supporters. However, in order to maintain the campaign’s momentum over the next 12 months, it is now vital we increase the number of supporters from 300,000 to approaching 1 million. This really is important to achieve.

Here is how you can help the FairFuelUK Campaign go forward in two ways...

  1. Please sign up at least 1 supporter to the campaign by recruiting a friend, colleague or family member at http://www.fairfueluk.com
  2. FairFuelUK operates on a relative shoestring budget and so relies in part on supporter contributions and the sale of stickers and merchandise. Please help with the funding of the campaign by purchasing a window sticker, a t-shirt, a mug or you can simply give a small contribution at http://www.fairfueluk.com/campaign_support.html

It's been an incredible day and your support was more than vital in getting the result.

Thank you again and very kind regards, keep in touch...

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by John Houston, 27.06.12 16:10 ]

Am I right in believing that Duty is applied to the cost of fuel before adding VAT ? If so how about a campaign to end this Tax on a Tax robbery?
Surely the VAT should only be on the value of the fuel purchased


[ posted by admin, 27.06.12 16:19 ]

We could not agree more. Its in our long term aim to campaign on this aspect. Thousands have asked us to do exactly that. We are seeking the legal position in EU law about tax on tax. Howard Cox FFUK


[ posted by Malcolm Yeo, 28.06.12 20:49 ]

Funny how all the newspapers seem to be claiming that it was their campaign that caused this and load of others as well. Not a single mention of FAIRFUEL UK. Never mind. Well done guys I think it is well known who really was responsible LOL.


[ posted by neil walters, 30.06.12 07:14 ]

Hi FairFuel i'm lost on this one people are saying that petrol companies are not making much on fuel but how can they afford to reduce the price of fuel. I know the government are taking a big cut of it but where i live the price of fuel for diesel goes up and down all the time so who is really controlling the price at the pump's. P.S i hope you dont mind to help support your site i have put a link to your website on my website KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


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