Friday, July 6, 2012

Peter Carroll of FairFuelUK said, 'We welcome any and all attempts to get the price of petrol & diesel down for motorists and for business. Our focus remains on that fact that the Government take the lion's share of the price of petrol & diesel at over 80p of combined fuel duty and VAT. However, many of our supporters feel that when Oil goes down, pump prices are slow to follow - but when Oil rises, the feeling is that pump prices go up very quickly. There is also a high degree of anger at the role of speculators who buy and sell oil like gambling chips. For these reasons, FairFuelUK would welcome an investigation into the supply of petrol & diesel so that the public and business can see the facts for themselves.'

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[ posted by paula coddington, 06.07.12 10:56 ]

We have noticed that when the fuel prices have been reduced that we get less fuel instead of more ,,,,is this another way they are trying to scam use thinking we won`t notice,,,,,the petrol stations are like the superstore MORRISON we have found we get less there than ASDA


[ posted by Mark Cooke, 06.07.12 17:24 ]

During the fuel crisis around 2 years ago, oil reached $147 a barrel, and pump prices were around £1.26 a litre in my area. Over the last few months, the price of a barrel of oil has been as low as $75, yet the pup price locally has beenas high as £1.41 per litre, only in the last 2 weeks has it dropped to the £1.29 mark. Whilst I firmly agree that the government need to reduce the fuel duty, the oil companies are definetley making obscene profits at our expense. You only need to look at Royal Dutch Shell and BP's quarterly reports to see this, and I for one do not believe that this is due to the amount of Mars Bars they shift over the counter


[ posted by Derek Smith, 08.07.12 20:31 ]

I looked at the price of Brent Crude oil over the last year and the dollar rate wich apparently affects the price of oil when oil goes up. What I did notice was that the price of petrol went up when the price of Brent Crude went up but didnt go down when it was 25% lower. Over the last year Brent Crude was typically around the 125 $ barrel price. And the $ fluctuated between 1.5 and 1.66.
When Brent Crude went down to around $92 per barrel and the $ was around 1.56 did we get a big reduction , of course we didnt so I believe the petrol companies could reduce the price to below £1.20 a litre. I also think that the goverment will try to fix prices above this level and force the oil companies to reduce there prices thereby benefitting from another indirect tax. I gave our MP Douglas Carswell the stats on this and I believe nothing will be done to force the Oil Companies to lower there prices until closer to when the Government want to increase fuel duty.


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