Tuesday, August 21, 2012
The Tax Payers Alliance and the Petrol Retailers Association have decided to add weight to FairFuelUK's recent successes in freezing Fuel Duty and like the leading and most successful Fuel Prices Campaign FFUK, they have also created an on-line way to write to MPs about the excessive level of fuel tax. 

Their site to quote the Tax Payer's Alliance "will add to great work done by FairFuelUK who have worked tirelessly for a fair deal at the pumps". The campaign has been backed by the The Sun newspaper which has long called for the Government to ease the burden on motorists and also supported FairFuelUK.  

This new campaign is welcomed by FairFuelUK and focuses on freezing fuel tax, whereas FairFuelUK goes further and is calling for the Government to recognise that a CUT in Fuel Duty could be used to stimulate the economy and not just as a Treasury cash cow. In addition FairFuelUK is also calling for more transparency of pricing at the pumps with a need for inquiries into the pricing process and the role of oil speculation.

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[ posted by mick murphy, 21.08.12 10:31 ]

What is going on where I live the local Sainsbury's petrol has risen from £ 1.28 on 10/7/2012 to £1.34 on 20/8/2012 and still rising at 1p per liter every other day or so,that's an increase of 6p per litre in just over a month,also at another garage not so far away the price is at £1.39 per litre,and this is for unleaded petrol not diesel.I don't think this is blamed by the price of a barrel but more of speculators,this is what should be sorted out they are crippling the economy of this country by thier actions in making obscene profits at everyone's expense and at the same time pouring money into the Governments coffers via tax,no wonder the Government won't do anything about them ,they are profiteering from the as well.


[ posted by Azzy Mozzer, 21.08.12 17:42 ]

I agree with the last paragraph of this blog posting wholeheartedly, a freeze is a welcome thing but it doesn't go far enough with the oil price being manipulated to high heaven. What we need is a CUT, a huge cut in fuel duty to get the economy back on its feet. Again the speculators have reacted to a bit of news about the European Central Bank, oh let's stick oil up a dollar, then Mr. Unscrupulous Forecourt Owner sees that and decides to stick a penny on, despite putting the price up on Friday on another whim.

I dislike the Sun newspaper like the next man, but I accept that a lot of people do read it and the amount of exposure on the issue in their paper will get more people onside and get this campaign snowballing to the point where the government are getting hammered by Joe Public, even those who don't drive a car but know how much of an effect high fuel prices have on everything else, such as the cost of food.

*also, by the way, if you're wondering where I've disappeared to on the Facebook page, I had my account temporarily banned for no reason. I don't know if it was due to the erstwhile troll (you know who he is), or some other page I posted on because I said that the news this week about Alistair Darling trying to tell Osborne to do something about the economy was hypocritical because he ramped up fuel duty like it was going out of fashion which has in turn played a big part in screwing the economy now. Fair to say I won't be back on Facebook if they go by knee-jerk reactions from people with a difference of opinion*


[ posted by Jim King, 21.08.12 18:26 ]

I did make an easy excel spreadsheet to share, but I can't on the blog. Please let me forward to you again so that people can see right through it.

basically you put in the amount of money you spent, and the Price per litre.

the sheet then shows How much you spent on fuel, How much on fuel duty, How much VAT was on the Fuel, and How much VAT was on the duty. Please allow me to send it so people can download this valuable tool


[ posted by Peter West-Hitchins, 21.08.12 19:22 ]

A 'big up' to the Tax Payers Alliance! To all members of the driving public, currently being held to ransom by the Government...and by speculators and, I might add, by supermarkets generally, this is good news. It makes sound commercial sense to cut the fuel duty levy in order to stimulate spending by the public - and business. I live near Hull, in the sticks, and am appalled by the likes of Tesco & Asda...and the rest of the large retailers, at the way they put prices up at the pumps, on a whim it appears. If we 'turn left' out of the village & go to York instead for petrol, we see a difference of 9 pence per litre for unleaded; £1.399 @ the nearest BP garage and £1.309 at Sainsbury's in York. What is going on?


[ posted by William Baker, 21.08.12 20:17 ]

When i left to go on holiday on th 30th of June my local garage was charging £1.269 a litre when i came back on the 14th of july it had gone up to £1.279 a litre today on the 21st of August 1t has just gone up to £1.359 a litre, it seems that as soon as the cost of fuel drops someone will put it up again because that is what has been paid before so that is what we can charge again and the public will stand for it,well i think it about time the public hit back by putting pressure on their elected representatives to do something about it and please do not let yourself be fobbed off with a standard reply answer which from past experience is no answer threaten them to not only take your vote elsewhere but to actively campaign against them the threat of losing their extremely well paid and rewarded job may well work wonders, i for one over the last few years by giving up smoking have given up paying excessive amounts of duty for these idiots to waste and when i retire next year i will not need a car so at my present rate of fuel consumption which is in the region of £60 a week i will also be denying them an even greater amount of duty.


[ posted by QPR_notthatQPR, 27.08.12 17:43 ]

I disagree.

What we need is for the natural increase to happen and the money raised to be invested to give people options other that driving. I have read government surveys (the most recent is the 2011 travel survey) and it shows that most of us only drive 6 miles. Only 20% of all traffic encompasses commercial, business and "long distance" travel (eg over 12 miles each way).

I have looked at commercial transport too and in all honesty haulage and co need to ditch the HGV and invest in rail. Rail will improve delivery times many times over, there will be less emphasis on speed restrictions, high winds.

We as individual drivers need to start showing more consideration for how we travel. My workplace has set up a car-pool club, this cuts back car use by about 50%. We have also invested in cycling and that too has reduced car use by a further 20%.

I'll be honest with you though, I simply do not trust the TPA.


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