Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The RAC backed national FairFuelUK campaign has continually called for a cut in fuel duty to stimulate the UK economy and is now repeating this call on the UK Government to follow France in cutting petrol & diesel prices and drive our nation into growth.


The French government has today announced extensive measures to lower the price of fuel which has reached a record 1.46 euros. (£1.15). President, Francois Hollande, will work with fuel suppliers to bring an immediate reduction of 6 cents per litre to protect French consumers, farmers and producers from financial hardship. The French government recognises the damage to growth and spending power of high diesel and petrol prices and has vowed to take immediate action and also resolved to bring in permanent measure to control national fuel prices.


Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, 'We're being embarrassed by the French! The UK has been in recession for ages, yet getting our government to recognise the damage to our economy of rising fuel prices has been as easy as translating Proust. But as soon as the French see their economy crashing, they act with speed to control the economic damage of expensive fuel. Our fuel costs are even higher than France's yet we still do nothing to lower duty.


Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK said: 'In the CEBR Report we commissioned earlier this year, our findings suggest that a 2.5 pence reduction in fuel duty would result in the creation of thousands of jobs. Such a reduction, we estimate, would not result in any fiscal loss to the Government AND GDP would receive a boost of 0.32 per cent within a year. The Government cannot keep ignoring this overwhelming evidence and the wishes of hundreds of thousands of FairFuelUK supporters. The French seem to have got it....!'


FairFuelUK is supported by over 300,000 members of the public, the RAC with its 7 million members, the 20,000 haulage businesses in the RHA, FTA, the British Bank Aldermore and Palletline.


CEBR Report

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[ posted by mick murphy, 29.08.12 10:37 ]

This Government will not cut anything while the speculators are putting the price of petrol up by 1p every day or other day that is coining it for the Government in extra tax,so why should they cut the price the speculators are providing them with the extra tax .It is the speculators that something needs to be done about either that or another "boycott of the pumps" waste of time waiting for any form of action being taken by the Government,they cannot see the obvious,that the price of "evrything is governed by the cost of fuel",therefor the economy will struggle until somebody realises this and does something about it,it is basic economics,but obviously the private schools and universities don't teach "basics" for idiots,it will take some form of revolution to get any reaction from these numb skulls in the government


[ posted by Jim King, 29.08.12 23:17 ]

Fuel is a real problem, but its not just fuel, it's everything. See because they wont stop overtaxing and overspending then the pound is really in the soft and smelly, it really is. There are 2 options, the first is draconican cuts in spending, much higher interest rates, and lower tax. the second is more inflation (otherwise called "quantitive easing" thats government code for inflation) this would inflate away the national debt, but make your quid almost worthless. Either way, if you think we are in recession now, then I'm afraid you ain't seen nothing yet. still could be worse, the Euro is already a titanic that's already hit the iceburg, and the US dollar, well thats in a worse state than the Euro. As always the biggest problem is government intervention to try and stop recession. They can not, they can delay it a while, but everytime they do they only make the impeding recession much worse, the only sensible thing is we need to ride it out. Increase interest rates and cut taxes and DRASTIC cuts to government spending.


[ posted by alan bailey, 30.08.12 08:20 ]

we should not need to follow the french and cut fuel duty. we have been telling this government for years that fuel duty is too high and holding the economy back, everyone with half a brain cell can see the connection its a pity that the majority of mps can not or will not, it tell me that a lot of mps have shares in fuel related product and are feathering their own nest before the good of the country, its about time we the people stood up and kicked them all out and started again with decent honest people to represent us instead of the shower that are there at the moment,


[ posted by www,, 30.08.12 12:20 ]

Well here we are agian all moaning about the govenment and they have only been in 2 years or so time for a real change.? but who UKIP maybe ? the cost of fuel hits me hard i am forever having to incresase my priceing to my customers to cover THE CONSTANT FUEL PRICE INCREASES AT LEAST 8 TIMES in the past 2 years and has gone up BY A THIRD, ROAD TAX UP, MOT UP, VAT UP, LATE RETURN PENATIES 100% increase CONGESTION CHARGE UP toll charges up COST OF FOOD UP it just goes on and on when will it stop !!!!!!!!!! the government say inflation is low WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID in real terms its running at about 20% THEY DON'T CARE when they finsih there term of office off they go to the EU as mp's on fat pensions and pay off while the uk continues to crumble............Time for real change...... EUkip.....MAYBE..?


[ posted by Elton John, 30.08.12 14:29 ]

Another passenger wants to get on cycling Tandem


[ posted by Nick, 01.09.12 13:18 ]

Did the CEBR report take into account the additional traffic a price reduction would cause? This would be worse for Britain's congested roads, leading to further delays, road damage and pollution.
Fuel is still very cheap and we forget what a luxury it is to be able to own a car. Oil is also a finite resource that took hundreds of millions of years to mature, so why do we think it our right to burn it off in a couple of centuries. We still have no substitute in transport and without it we would start to starve very quickly. So wouldn't it be better to double the price and stop the wastage?


[ posted by IRENE TOOMBS, 04.09.12 18:42 ]

my worries have just increased threefold, our local mp has been given the job of transport minister.
He has not shown any sighns of support to fairfuel uk despite my almost begging him to be on the side of the motorist and help us to get the price of fuel down.Where i live we are up to £1.42 a ltr for derv again.


[ posted by clive, 21.09.12 09:13 ]

Nick, do you realise what it is like to live outside of a large town or city a car is not a luxury it is a vital tool,we have a bus "service" that stops at 8:30 pm weekdays and no buses at all sundays and bank holidays so take your head out of the sand a realise we pay £1:45.9 for diesel not CHEAP


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