Thursday, September 13, 2012
Following FairFuelUK's success in influencing an OFT investigation into UK fuel pricing mechanisms, Howard Cox from FairFuelUK hands over 27,000 Campaign supporters' signatures to Robert Halfon MP (collected in a matter of a few weeks) who are calling for a full scale inquiry into how petrol and diesel prices are manipulated by commercial speculators. And also why prices vary across the UK at any one time. And why oil price changes don't accurately match pump price adjustments. We could go on and on!
Robert Halfon MP leads a debate in the House of Commons on the "Effects of the Oil Market on the Price of Petrol and Diesel" on September 13th. The weight of FairFuelUK Campaign support will add to Robert's efforts in Parliament. He was delighted with FairFuelUK's backing

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[ posted by HAYDEN PERRY, 13.09.12 12:15 ]

a promise of no fuel hikes and a lowering of the price of crude should have an impact on the cost and standard of living to the consumer, not a profit for the already fat cats! Oil business can and will navigate the future of a large percentage of worldwide enterprises, if these prices are not lowered we will all be in for a recession faster than fat cats can create a bonus!


[ posted by john south, 13.09.12 12:17 ]

Its about time that this profiteering at the expense of the general public was exposed, good luck with your onward battle.


[ posted by kris barlow, 13.09.12 12:23 ]

All i say is ABOUT TIME TOO, THIS HAS BEEN A BIG SUBJECT FOR SUM TIME fuel has gone up again 10p in the last month, but the price of oil has fell a hell of a lot, who ever decides the price has the hand in the till, what we pay for one litre you can almost get a gallon in the usa, and fuel in the Eu is only just over 1.15e that works out nearly a £1.00 so if we are surposed to be in europe WHY are we paying these silly prices.


[ posted by Christopher Maxwell, 13.09.12 16:19 ]

The price of fuel is totally ridiculous! It has more than doubled in around 10 years and for no apparent reason except greed...


[ posted by russ taylor, 13.09.12 19:29 ]

they might be debating in the house of commons but will the govenment actualy do something about it this time or has it all been a waste of time.


[ posted by V Dunkley, 08.10.12 15:37 ]

Fuel prices are too high and it is mostly due to our high taxes and needs to come down quite a bit. People need cars to drive to and from work!


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