Thursday, September 13, 2012
FairFuelUK has welcomed the outcome of today's debate in the House of Commons called to address allegations that the Oil markets are being ‘rigged' and that some wholesalers and retailers are failing to pass on falls in the cost of crude Oil. MPs from all sides of the House made compelling contributions to the discussion.
Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, ‘The debate has fulfilled a vital role, It has allowed Robert Halfon MP, champion of FairFuelUK in Parliament, to lay out in public shocking ‘whistle blower' allegations that the Oil market is being systematically ‘rigged' by speculators. Along with other MPs, he was able to set out other issues which cause UK consumers and UK business a mixture of fury and exasperation. We welcome the pledge by John Hayes MP, The Minister responding to the debate, to take action. The Government need to drive through the call for full inquiries by the FSA and the OFT to bottom this issue once and for all'.
FairFuelUK remains committed to continuing its fight on the other aspect of petrol & diesel pricing

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[ posted by Janet Tofte, 13.09.12 17:05 ]

We all welcome the debate which, quite frankly, is long overdue.

With rising costs in all aspects of life we certainly can't afford it on fuel as well, it is crippling the working class and the economy.

How many companies that reply on fuel have gone out of business??? can someone answer that please and can we also know how many might have survived without the ridiculous taxes and hikes that we are suffering???

The state of the roads are absolutely terrible and it's the motorist that gets shafted at every opportunity, this must end NOW.

Many many thanks to FairFuelUk, at least they stick up for the motorist


[ posted by Sheryl Hepworth, 13.09.12 17:10 ]

About time all this oil farce was sorted out! We have NO CHOICE but to use cars to get anywhere up in the Highlands. No buses at times to link with any other main road buses or trains and no buses at all on a Sunday or after 7 at night. No trains on a Sunday even though most jobs involve working 5 from 7 days as my Son-in-Law does which means me getting up at 5am (Im a a pensioner) on a Sat and Sun to get him to work 18 miles away for 6.30am and in case anyone is wondering NO THERE ARE NO JOBS IN HIS SECURITY CAREER (FOR WHICH HE IS WELL QUALIFIED) AT ANY POINT NEARER OUR HOMES!!! Fuel costs us over £400 a month taking him work and the children to school and thats not counting any other intermittent trips to our main town over 40mls away for clothes, shoes, household major items or just for a night at the pictures!!!!


[ posted by dan, 13.09.12 17:25 ]

I really hope the government take notice of what you and the entire country is saying at the moment. the price of oil itself is not that expensive but the fact they add a fuel duty tax onto that and then VAT on top of that is absolutely disgraceful. Thanks for listening to the public and pushing so hard for this.


[ posted by Ian MacLean, 13.09.12 18:24 ]

I followed, as best I could, the debate in parliament this afternoon.
I was disgusted by the lack of numbers of MPs present in the chamber.
Those that were there spoke up greatly not only for their own constituents but for all voters in the country.
I hope that those same voters have taken note of the absence of their MP and they will remember how they (the MP) did NOT stand up to be counted as one who wants the best for their constituents, instead they (the MP) have "sat on the fence" scared to stand up to the Tory/Lib-dem coalition, probabley in the hope that they might get some sort of *pat on the back* from Cameron/Clegg and the other millionaires that are screwing us all as they "fill their pockets" with ill gotton gains.

Thanks to Robert Halfon and the FAIRFUEL team for their continued coarse of action that will evenually get this country "back on its feet" and help us over come excesive, not just vehicle fuel costs but also household fuel poverty causing costs.

Ian MacLean


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