Sunday, September 16, 2012

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Phil Flanders, 17.09.12 07:23 ]

Great campaign..keep up the good work!


[ posted by Mrs Cheryl Miller, 17.09.12 11:52 ]

I want cheaper fuel in line with other countries.


[ posted by Muralidharan, 18.09.12 11:46 ]

An independent body like this is what we need in India. Govt. owned oil cos cry about loss govt allows them to hike the price. More people wn cars &2 wheelers. Govt refuses to bring down excise &custom & other duties & taxes so that the burden on common man would be minimal, which the govt won;t do. We aren't sure if they're really making a loss!


[ posted by Jim King, 21.09.12 13:03 ]

Just a quick question - If the MP's and Ministers are so supportive of the excellent campaign work by FairfuelUK Then why is fuel duty still so high, crippling the economy, preventing growth and deficit reduction?

Its a good question isn't it.


[ posted by Chris, 25.09.12 09:51 ]

We see the direct impact of fuel price hikes when we are paying increasing shipping costs, and when we have to charge our clients more for onsite visits, both these things impact our bottom line and affect our profitability.

The amount of duty/TAX on fuel in this country is not just high, it's actually a scandalous joke, but it's been accepted over time.

As much of an enquiry on the industry itself is concerned, I'd like to see exactly where the governments 'cream from the top' has actually been spent, and what the figures total.

I suspect there's going to be a lot of profiteering uncovered should a full investigation complete.


[ posted by Roger Mckee, 25.09.12 09:57 ]

The disproportionate tax on diesel should be withdrawn.
The UK petrol and diesel prices are artificially equal.
In France reknown for high fuel costs, the cost of diesel was considerably lower than the UK @ 1.32 Euros, max 1.5 Euros (Sept 2012).
Fuel costs affect everything and are a particular hardship on rural communities.


[ posted by Paul Dyde, 25.09.12 11:03 ]

We do not need a lengthy drawn out and very expensive investigation into the oil prices that are affecting the pump prices!
It is simple the government (either political party) know exactly what has been going on for years but choose to ignore it I favour of higher tax revenues... Time for change, time for MP's to stand up for their constituents the very people who believed in them in the first place and make enough noise for the change in this fuel debate....!

Enough debate now, time for change, act now! Calling ALL MP's where is your socail conscience and duty to the people?


[ posted by LisaA, 25.09.12 11:57 ]

I want to agree with Jim King's comments (above) and add that if the Government does take FairFuel UK's actions seriously why hasn't it acted before now to improve all the discrepancies and unfairness in taxing and pricing. Are they just stalling?


[ posted by mark prosser, 25.09.12 15:04 ]

Let us remember 3 1/2 yrs ago we were pay in 87p a litre .we are nearly at the stage where it will be doubled. There is no real evidence of any shortages of oil it pushes up food prices.As well as create in unemployment the oil prices are fixed on the stock markets.I Believe the governments should get together and take control of the oil market. Then we would get prosperity for all not just the few who manipulate the system.And let us remember it is our tax moneys that fill the pockets of the few.M Prosser south wales


[ posted by Paul Irwin, 25.09.12 15:08 ]

Why is it with 20 million motorists in this country we can only get 317, 599 people putting their names to your campaign, i know that not everyone has a computer but it looks like heads in the sand to me, maybe you should try the papers and see if that makes a difference, know way am i belittleling your campaign but everyone who owns a car is effected by high fuel prices and it just seems a small amount of people (compared to the amount of motorists) are ready to be counted, well done to your campaign and i hope you suceed in all try, but i agree with other comments made about succsesive governments screwing us for all they can because the motorist is the easy target.


[ posted by Judy Harrower, 25.09.12 15:43 ]

Wouldn't it be oh so pleasant to see the majority of the Members' of Parliament having to come and join us and "live in the real World", and exist in the same poor/struggling way that so many have been reduced to. Where they would have to go out and purchase their own vehicles, put their hands in their own pockets (instead of in the pockets of the people of Great Britain) when they had the need to fill a petrol/diesel tank. Perhaps, just perhaps, they would then realise on this one issue (of which there are many) just what "simple living" is costing.

Of the fleet of Range Rovers/RR Sports, Jaguars and other large British motor vehicles, why doesn't someone do a survey within the House where MP's are asked what they believe it costs the people of Great Britain each and every time one of these vehicles, which they use, has it's tank filled up from empty. Who knows it may even be a "wake up call", for some.


[ posted by Terry Bishop, 26.09.12 08:19 ]

Living in rural Wales,. I have noticed that, not only are the fuel costs making a large impact to household budgets. The cost of paraffin, has gone through the roof! I still use this as backup heating and lighting. This situation really needs sorting out! People NEED to realise this is NOT just about motorists.Keep up the good work guys. for us the so called PLEB'S of society.


[ posted by Michael Houston, 28.09.12 12:30 ]

Perhaps Mr. Halfon could raise the issue of double taxation on fuel? It's certainly immoral but is it also illegal? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it is very much illegal, according to a European directive. Surely it would also be helpful if some boffin out there could crunch some numbers and show just how much money the Treasury receives from fuel and how this amount changes when the price goes up or down? This kind of transparency would allow us all to see the actual impact of varying prices at the pumps. I suspect that it is not as severe as the government generally makes out as, when it's higher, people buy less. Keep up the good work, the high price of fuel is one of several factors that is most certainly hindering growth in this country.


[ posted by david cunningham, 28.09.12 13:31 ]

How many companies are supporting this campaign? Where is the AA in all of this?

It requires high taxation to keep a socilist peoples republic afloat, in reality nothing will change unless the system
is replaced, big socilist spending Labour Party will be back in power at the next election and possibly a coalition government with the other comrades the LD. Spend,Spend, money they dont have.


David Cunningham.


[ posted by derek, 01.11.12 19:01 ]

we are back to the same old argument whaterver goverment we have they will just keep putting up petrol i bet many of them do not really know how much a litre costs with all their expenses they can make it pay the only way these crooks know is action as yuor writer says millions of motorist just 300000 backing they just laugh at you no one wants to be militant but these need a lesson one day ram london or big town near you leave the car or van and go home by train that will teach these usless leaches are you listerning cameron and the paint and wallpaper man.keep up thje good work lets vote them all out and put some ordinary sesible people in come on quentin stand for prime minister get rid of this tyke


[ posted by Malcolm Keast, 28.11.12 17:28 ]

To whom it may concern,can't these people in government understand that by putting prices of fuel up they are
taking money away from people?Why don't they take the duty off of fuel? that would give people more money to spend
and that would help the government get more tax returns but the way they're doing it all prices in shops go up and people can't afford it and the government gets less back-lets not forget the gas and electric, i think we're on the verge of people not being able to afford to go to work! and i'm being serious, would it be possible to do a rough survey to work
out how much we all pay this rip off government in all taxes each year-all taxes inclusive? must be mind boggling!
Kind regards-Malcolm


[ posted by peter stubbs, 28.11.12 19:29 ]

we all need more money to spend which keeps things moving if they taxed everyone a min. of 15% overseas companys that operate in this country and some civil servants everone that can reajust there earnings so they pay little or no tax cut wind farm subsidary as they have for solar panels cut overseas aid by 25%and other things that could save money. stop thinking about doing this and get something done, the people in goverment can talk about this but only talk. they will not listen to what most people want.


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