Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Treasury invited the FairFuelUK Team led by Quentin Willson to meet with Minister Danny Alexander on Monday 29th October. This key event was covered by the media nationally and was most welcomed by FairFuelUK and its backers.  It is unprecedented that a campaigning tax reform group gets to meet a Treasury Minister and their high quality team of Tax experts to discuss an issue that effects everyone in the UK. The Treasury was most welcoming and very engaging in discussing FairFuelUK's latest research that was carried out by the highly respected National Institute of Economic and Social Research and financed by the RHA, one of FairFuelUK’s key major supporters.  

The report clearly proves that the planned rise in fuel duty of 3p per litre that is scheduled to come into force in January 2013 will impact as follows: It will destroy 35,000 jobs and cut UK growth by 0.1%. If instead of raising fuel duty the government were to introduce a 3p cut in this tax

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[ posted by Marie downing, 30.10.12 12:31 ]

Why has petrol gone down by 2p and nothing off diesel,it takes more work with petrol than it does with diesel and no one has done anything about the people who have diesel cars.im hoping that you lit can do something about it...price drop diesel please


[ posted by Billy Greenaway, 30.10.12 13:00 ]

I'm a self employed sales agent, it costs me c£3k a year in diesel duty, that is a tax on my job, taxing me to work! How is that right or fair?


[ posted by Richard Hewson, 28.11.12 17:04 ]

Some businesses even tell us they're paying up to 50% of their entire sales costs on diesel. Parliament is disadvantaging our haulage industry as well as the Oil Industry and market manipulators, by making our everyday items more expensive, and the tourist industry as well through the increased travel cost, but also hotels and restaurants due to overall increases of overheads due to fuel costs, and in some cases heating costs in more remote area not serviced by gas.
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