Wednesday, November 28, 2012
MPs listening to FairFuelUK Backers last week

We’re just days away from the Autumn Statement. 

We are increasingly hopeful that we will see the 3p Fuel Duty hike scrapped when the Chancellor addresses the House of Commons on 5th December. All the signs are encouraging but we still need to do everything we possibly can in these last few days to keep up the political and media pressure. 

To that end, we’re asking if you would help us by taking part in a very quick poll of how high fuel prices are actually affecting you. We met a group of influential MPs only last week (see photo) and they believe that the results of such a poll could be critical in the run up to the Autumn Statement, even at this late stage. 


The poll is hosted by one of our main backers

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[ posted by Leslie Plumb, 28.11.12 16:40 ]

I now pay more per week for fuel than I do for food for my wife and I. I would like the powers-to-be to explain why it is that diesel is cheaper to extract than petrol when refined, and yet it is up to 10 per litre more expensive.
It is because Britain's lorries run on diesel, thus artificially pushing up the cost of living for ALL items delivered. Once upon a time, when diesel was cheaper than petrol...... - Now that will be a good opening for a pantomime!


[ posted by Mr T Barlow, 28.11.12 16:45 ]

The price of fuel is far to high, after working in this country for 50 years and paying taxes, i am now retired and find it very hard to use my car,i see any further fuel duty increase as being greed by the government ,give us money back and let us spend it that will help this country, taxes in general are for to high.


[ posted by John Price, 28.11.12 17:00 ]

My Wife and myself are both registered disabled, We have a 3 litre Subaru Estate Car fitted with a hoist in order to lift my Wife's wheelchair in and out of the car! We live in a small rural village around 12 miles from the nearest supermarket with a petrol station there is no public transport available, it is now nearing £100 to fill the tank and we are now getting close to being restricted to short local journeys because of successive Government's GREED and STUPIDITY.. Do they have no Common Sense? They have regardless of Party screwed the motorist for years, though very little has actually been spent on maintaining the roads! The price of fuel effects everything, it makes transport expensive, putting small businesses out of business, prevents growth, costs jobs, and encourages Fuel Theft.. Why are our Politicians so Stupid, they live in a completely different world cushioned by hefty expenses, gold plated, inflation proof pensions, The Country could easily be manage by half the current number, but can we see them cutting jobs, cutting expenses, turning down the heating in Westminster instead of opening the windows to cool their overheated offices? No way.. John :(


[ posted by AndyB, 28.11.12 17:19 ]

Unfortunately, some questions in the survey are not set up correctly - there are questions that demand multiple answers but only allow one response - seems to be mostly those where you choose responses from a list in a text box rather than tick box type questions. For example "If yes, what trips have you cut out?*:" but only one option allowed from a multiple list;

It seems that it might be possible to choose multiple responses by holding down the Crtl key while you click on the response(s)?


[ posted by Michael Wallace, 28.11.12 17:35 ]

There is no option for living in Northern Ireland which is very annoying!


[ posted by john s, 28.11.12 17:46 ]

The price of fuel is outrageous particularly in Alnwick and Amble in the North East,there appears to be NO competition whatsoever amoung the filling stations and the nearest supermarket ASDA is 12 miles away.I am retired and live on the pathetic state old age pension,a shame that no M.P's will experience that,they sure know how to look after themselves,hence their indifference to the suffering they inflict on the electorate.Why is diesel much dearer than petrol but only in the UK? Is it City spivs manipulating the market as they have the Libor rates, PFI,gas ,electricity and God only knows what else?


[ posted by c Calver, 28.11.12 18:21 ]

well cant add my name to the RAC poll as no option for motor bikes. Obviously we dont count.


[ posted by adrian emanuel, 28.11.12 18:48 ]

why is it that this chancellor who has had a very expensive education fails to see what damage these high fuel prices are doing to the countries economy and the citezans of this countries standard of living , he should be looking at reducing fuel prices not increasing them. i hear today the supermarkets are reducing fuel prices , why can he not do the same and get this countries economy kickstarted ,he is doing so much damage to this great country of ours.


[ posted by Philip Halpin, 28.11.12 23:04 ]

Does anybody really believe that the multi millionaire MPs give a S**T about us PLEBS, the way the world is at the mo the rich can't get richer through work, so they are making the poor poorer, if Camron and his mates had their way, work houses would be the norm, 12 hour days for a couple of pints and a loaf of bread, why else would they be robbing the poor to pay the rich on such a large scale as they are, this fuel duty rish will not effect they in the slightest, we all know they claim their expenses back, yes to an MP fuel is an expense, to me and you its live or die, only an MP could come up with a scheme were you are paid £60000 and then have the right to claim back any of it you spend.


[ posted by Alex Baillie, 29.11.12 09:32 ]

Can anbody tell why diesel costs more than petrol here in the U.K. than any where else in Europe.


[ posted by Melvin B, 29.11.12 10:42 ]

Call it greed call it stupidity call it what you like, the fuel "duty" increase is a lucrative easy target, motorists as whole are easy targets for Chancellors, the imminent draconian increase on fuel duty of a massive 3p will not only push more motorists off the road, but will increase the already pressurised small/medium businesses who rely on fuel to operate, they will have to accommodate the hike in their prices and maybe lay people off, the knock on effect through out the UK cannot be justified in times where workers and their families future here is in doubt, the economic climate in the UK cannot afford this crippling hike!! When you hear comments like "we are in this together" its no wonder the UK is where it is!! I cannot remember a Government who have in a very short time created so many enemies as this lot have!!


[ posted by Graham Whitehead, 02.12.12 09:51 ]

I was quite happy to fill in the questionnaire, but to find on the 2nd to last question that I have to agree to the RAC using my e-mail to notify, or send unwanted adverts, to me.
All such adverts will be ignored, never bought & blacklisted. A cheap shot at so called sponsorship, when they are going to use details for advertising.
In the subject of the high fuel costs, as a self employed contractor, I am finding that the good contracts are further away & getting more expensive to run. As the country continues to loose it's auto manufacturing industry (Ford will soon no longer even make a single vehicle in the uk), it seems we export manufacturing jobs, import goods & price out the cost of trying to earn a decent wage & put away enough for a decent pension.


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