Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quentin Willson with FFUK calls OFT to Act

FairFuelUK Calls on Office of Fair Trading to Act

On the eve of the much awaited decision by the Office of Fair Trading as to whether to launch a full scale inquiry into the UK petrol/diesel market Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, 'This market has been hiding itself in the long grass for far too long and consumers have a right to transparency, honesty and fair pricing. We want to know how wholesale prices are calculated, why wholesale prices move, why it takes so long for falls in crude oil to appear at the pumps, why diesel is so more expensive than unleaded and why some fuel retailers can charge up to 8 pence more per litre than others often in the same area. Its mischievous that this market has stayed so resistant to scrutiny for so long.'

Peter Carroll, FairFuelUK's founder says,'Tomorrow's report by the OFT should call for a landmark full investigation into why the UK road fuel market is so dysfunctional with its regional variations, slow price falls, apparent market monopolies and pump prices that are measured in nine-tenths of a penny. There is a suspicion that some people are making a lot of money speculating in the petrol & diesel that are essential for every family and business in the country. This needs to be fully examined and these suspicions addressed’.

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[ posted by David Britten, 29.01.13 12:32 ]

For who's benefit was this office created, the people of Britain or big business? If the former, then get on with the job and with energy. If the latter, then just go away and leave the job to people who are more interested in us than appeasing the government's buddies.


[ posted by Alex Hubbuck, 29.01.13 12:51 ]

Its a closed market, I need petrol to get to work, i cant go and buy an alternative that's cheaper because they all fix the price.


[ posted by Lynne George, 29.01.13 13:32 ]

Its flourished because they influence the MP's, they don't want it looked into! They have enough money to employ full time lobbyists etc. People have known it for years but now if something is not done to address the situation and take it back from the speculator's getting so rich off the backs of the poor as usual - people have had enough of being ripped off...!
"MILLIONS of pounds of British taxpayers’ cash is to help expand an oil plant part-owned by the UK’s richest man. The firm linked to billionaire steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has been offered aid budget cash. A World Bank fund plans to offer a £295million loan


[ posted by Andrew Scrivener, 29.01.13 13:58 ]

It is nice to have you people on the consumers side , as you say they should be transparent with the cost of fuel , it is not just the greedy goverment ,its the big boys in the fuel industry who are crafty greedy so and so"s as well . keep up the good work ,i am right behind you all the way ,thankyou.


[ posted by alexander van oortmerssen, 29.01.13 15:29 ]

The big problem I have with this crazy taxation is that it is not even spent on road or motor related issues. If they spent this tax where it should be spent we would have some of the finest roads and transport systems in the world. It's blatent profiteering off the motorist!


[ posted by Dennis Morrison, 29.01.13 22:37 ]

Ok oil companys are making a bit on the price of petrol and diesel, question is WHY is diesel more expensine, most countries are less for diesel. NOW THE FACTS it is the UK GOVERMENT that is RIPPING us off, they add tax to fuel then add a further 20% VAT on top of that, considering VAT is a TAX how is it possible to put a TAX on a TAX ?
Wonder if this can be brought up in the European court of human rights as there is no way this should be allowed. Maybe then we might be able to claim all the VAT we have paid on fuel returned to us GET A LIFE UK GOVERMENT and let us live the life we deserve, Going back on holiday to America in April where it is possible to fill a Range Rover from empty to full for under £50 WHY can the US Goverment do it, and the plebs we have in the UK goverment NOT DO IT.
At present my fuel bills for one works vehicle are around £600 per month, not sure yet when I will be giving up being self employed and taking a job with a company or just go on the dole as the fuel costs are crippiling me.


[ posted by ian gilleard, 30.01.13 10:17 ]

i think people forget that its gone from around 98.9 to 1.30 on petrol and diesel in 3- 4 years this needs bringing up in parliment or oft


[ posted by steve finnerty, 30.01.13 19:56 ]

what can you say,very disapointed with the result but cant say it came as any great surprise."lets get the country back to work and make a better place for the people of Britain to live in"shout the MP's at every election then stand by and let the greedy oil companys steal more and more money out of our pockets then join in by grabbing a bit more in the way of tax........unbiased report ...... yeah go on we'll believe you.
Its a shame there is'nt more people with a bit of influence that stand up to these money grabbing parasites so thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work where all behind you.


[ posted by Geoff Peck, 30.01.13 21:37 ]

Maybe if this country stopped paying so much out to be a member of an organisation which apparently the majority want out of and which refuses to publish audited accounts, stopped sending so mush child benefit to support non domicile children and stopped wanting to be the World Police. Then maybe just maybe they could afford to be fair with everyone.

If I ran my household budget like the Chancellor runs the country's budget I would be in serious trouble. He is still spending money we haven't got and bleeds the working man dry.

And politicians, have they no idea how insulting it is to repeatedly say " we are all in this together"


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