Tuesday, February 26, 2013

With just 3 weeks to the Budget, and growth still ‘flat’ we need to do all we can to persuade the Chancellor to act on Fuel Duty. The Chancellor can change the content of the Budget right up to the last few days before he stands at the dispatch box to present it to the nation.

The FairFuelUK team will be in Westminster next Monday, March 4th to talk to as many MPs as possible. We will be asking them to lobby for a Fuel Duty cut on your behalf. It would be hugely helpful if you could email your MP to ask them to attend our event. It’s vital that we get the chance to see as many MPs as possible.

Clicking the link at the end of this email will produce a simple form that allows you to enter your postcode. It then highlights the name of your local MP. You can then edit the suggested content of the email and click a button to send it directly to your MP.

We need to convince our MPs that a cut in fuel duty will be largely self financing due to the growth it would stimulate

Here is the link to email your local MP: (Please follow the instructions on this link carefully)


Thanks for your fabulous support yet again.  Kind regards - The FairFuelUK Team

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[ posted by Nathan McLean, 26.02.13 12:44 ]

I really wish this government would listen to the people it is supposed to represent. I would urge the government to reduce fuel duty because u have seen a 7p a litre rise in a little over 3 weeks. My wife and I are both car users, but due to our shift patterns and childcare, we rely on 2 cars, but with rising prices if everything, most noticeably fuel, we are simply struggling, with little or no money left for leisure activities with our young children. Less money = less days out = less spending by us = less income by small local companies = jobs lost = higher benefits bill. A reduction will stimulate the economy!


[ posted by David Derrick, 26.02.13 13:17 ]

Fuel tax levels are far to high and are hindering the recovery

Good fiscal management is not about increasing taxes on the poor. Its about managing resources properly controlling wasteful spending and then cutting taxes. All taxes are aimed at the poor


[ posted by Ross Bradley, 26.02.13 14:57 ]

I've seen a huge difference in fuel prices over the last 4 years.! I live in the south wales valleys which is deprived with not a lot of jobs and because of this I travel back and for to England on a 104 mile trip to work.When I first started I owned a civic type r which obviously isn't the most economical car but it cost me 14pound each shift.Now I have had to sell my beloved Honda and buy a fiesta 1.4 diesel and its costing me 15pound per shift and if prices keep going up its only a matter of time before it will become to expensive for me to travel to work.


[ posted by Denise, 26.02.13 16:21 ]

I sadly see very little point in making any sort of request to my local MP, especially regarding anything which opposes the GREEN AGENDA, to remove cars from our roads on the South Coast, (Brighton) or make you pay through the nose for the pleasure of using one !! Unrealistic though it is they are screwing the road system, it was bad enough before, to the point the 20mph soon to be rolled out across the town, some main roads included, are probably down to 10mph at the moment. A once ten minute drive is now taking more like 20, My car during the quietest time of day showed an average of 11mph. How can that be condusive to reducing pollution, it's creating more and costing more. Try telling the GREEN PARTY that they are causing a bigger problem and you are ignored. It is the feeling that it is all in the name of slowing the traffic to ensure they can justify a congestion charge. NO matter which way, the motorist is the biggest target. I have emailed the MP of another party but who knows, they seem lilly livered and unable to put an arguement together against the road changes, my faith in them going against the fuel tax rise is at zero. Sad times but live in hope.


[ posted by lawrence howarth, 26.02.13 16:42 ]

i know freinds in the haulage buisness that are being put out of work because the industry is struggling to make a proffit.it also hits prices in the shops .i have a mate who needs his van for work he has just had to lay off one of his employees because of the rising costs.our mp,s dont know what its like to live on low incomes and how it affects the ordinary person.its not just the rising fuel prices but what about motor insurance they seem to calabarating together to increase prices.


[ posted by Michael Knevett, 26.02.13 19:29 ]

Come on guys... Petrol and Diesel...! We all know the duty on what is basically the life blood of the UK economy is obscene. It has to be reduced…!!!

There are 1,500 LPG refuelling stations in the UK and hundreds of thousands of LPG users. LPG is a clean fuel 250 times less polluting than diesel and it is basically a waste by product of the petrol and diesel fuel manufacturing process. So what about the LPG users?

The duty on LPG is even more inflated per kilo joule than petrol or diesel.
This government is supposed to have a GREEN agenda..!!! Yet they are killing this green product, LPG with excessive duty. How about including Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in your campaign?


[ posted by Clive rider, 26.02.13 19:41 ]

why do farmers get Tax relief and the Road haulage company's the back bone of this Country don't.


[ posted by richard ash-price., 27.02.13 10:13 ]

Every one understands that the government has to raise money through taxes to run the country, But the tax on fuel is over the top in percentages to the ratio of basic fuel costs, close to 70% of tax is stupid and crippling to all users or our roads, commercial or private, land and sea and air, please help the economy get going again and find the money from other sources, A SMALL DROP IN TAX on fuel will help everyone.


[ posted by Rob Oram, 27.02.13 18:55 ]

We need to get the fuel prices down .


[ posted by graham wayling, 27.02.13 19:05 ]

why is diesel more expensive than petrol, yet in europe the prices are the other way round. is it because more people drive diesels, thus more tax revenue..


[ posted by Dawn, 28.02.13 22:53 ]

The fuel duty is crippling our country. It reduces tourism as people only do essential journeys. I haven't been to the coast for 3 years and only live 23 miles away. Tragic. It impacts on everything we buy and most of the things we do. It seems like you have to have a vast personal wealth to enjoy life in the UK, because the average man can barely afford to live. Something has to be done to reduce this ridiculous price to help boost spending and the economy.


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