Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by sarah pollard, 06.03.13 10:11 ]

UK needs desperately a stimulus. Common Sense dictates Petrol is the answer . Urgently needs lowering Before any more Self Employed goes under & you loose their Tax Return & they are eating away at benefits. Small businesses & Self Employed Want to Work.
Lower Petrol costs to lesson impact of recession & we may just may pull it around ! Lower Before we hit £2 a litre Soon !
In Qatar petrol costs are 0.14p a litre , this Speaks Volumes !

Please Common Sense , before any more self employed & small companies Fold.
Government Listen please


[ posted by michael watling, 06.03.13 10:11 ]

I am self employed and it is getting to the stage that i can,t affoird to drive to work,at the moment it costs me £25 just to get to work each day and most of that is tax,the chancellor stated that this goverment has saved the motorist at least 10 pence a litre by not increasing duty,but what people always forget is that when the price of fuel goe,s up so does the duty on that fuel, i.e.if fuelcost say £1.00 a litre the vat alone would be 20p,but if it was 1.30 it would be 26p


[ posted by Arthur Eagle, 06.03.13 10:17 ]

It doesn't need someone with a maths degree to understand the benefit a cut in fuel tax could have on our economy. With the price of fuel at almost record levels, people are cutting back on all sorts of things due to the effect high fuel prices have on our personnel budgets. This has a very negative effect on what we are able to spend our money on, ie leisure food clothing etc which in turn effects all type of business up and down the country. Our economy is in dire need of a boost and the government should reduce this unfair fuel tax in order to start growth in this coming budget.


[ posted by Philip Townsend, 06.03.13 10:21 ]

To get in to N.10 you stated 'Reducing Fuel Duty Tax when prices increased'. We haven't forgotten..


[ posted by Ray Preston, 06.03.13 18:25 ]

Got the standard bla bla bla reply from my mp (Damien Green) about all the wonderfull things the gov has already done for us and in real terms bla bla bla how much money they are saving us.
Well Mr Green sending me a reply dated TWO days after the Monday meeting doesn't cut it - I will not be fobbed off anymore with churned out answers - make the most of it as I might only be one person but you have NOT got my vote and im guessing I wont be the only one.


[ posted by Rob Edwards, 08.03.13 17:10 ]

Dear Sir,
I'm sure this will be seen as very simplistic but successive governments have done little over the years to stimulate growth. People need more of their well earned money to spend, not extra credit and more debt. Less tax is the only answer, in particular the one tax that effects all individuals and industry alike. We have the cheapest fuel in europe until our Government adds the tax. Scrap the fuel duty altogether and watch how the cheapest fuel prices in Europe create growth. 95% of everything we buy through a till is delivered by road. Lower delivery costs would mean lower prices for every commodity, lower costs for Manufacturers and Suppliers resulting in lower prices through the till for everyone, not just car owners!! Foreign trucks would fill up their huge tanks over here instead of in Europe, there would be a huge boost to tourism. The government would of course see an increase in revenue from VAT across the board. How do Supermarkets stimulate growth in sales? by reducing prices, the government should do the same.
R. Edwards. Cheshire


[ posted by Jean Draycott, 10.03.13 09:41 ]

I am my husband's full time Carer with the need to keep our small car on the road. He has Parkinson's Disease and Dementia so has many hospital and clinic appointments and we could not afford taxis to get him there . If we had ambulances I would not be able to go with him but he needs me to be there to hear what the medical staff need me to do for his ongoing care. Buses are out of the question now so I need to be able to keep my car without having to pay extortionate prices for fuel out of our pensions. Will somebody please listen and use common sense as everyone knows petrol tax affects everybody with rises in everything in our everyday lives. The politicians can do this if they were not so greedy and egotistical but they do not have to worry about transport!!!!


[ posted by Susan Reed, 13.03.13 11:02 ]

I have never signed up to anything like this before but its something I feel very strongly about. I used to look forward to a drive out with my children when ever possible but the rise in fuel prices has put a stop to that. I now only use my car to get to work and the occasional trip to the supermarket as funds are pretty tight. I sent an email to my local MP James Gray but the reply was what I assume is the standard rhetoric with the final paragraph letting me know that he would not be signing the EDM 1097 at this time! Do I consider I wasted my time? no, as the more this issue is mentioned the better chance that something can be done.I have sent all links dealing with this to everyone I know in the hope that they will sign up and forward on. People power springs to mind. Keep up the good work Fair Fuel UK.


[ posted by Simon Heath, 16.03.13 09:06 ]

Reply from DAVID NUTTALL MP (Bury north) and i quote "As a matter of course i do not sign EDM's.They cost several hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to produce and print which is money i believe could be better spent elswhere.Further these EDM's do not result in an early debate on the matter in question;indeed they very rarely lead to any debate at all". Is he right or is this just a reply to make me go away? It was signed by NAGIB AFILAL, probably because DAVID NUTTALL could not see with his head that far up CAMERONS's ****!


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