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FairFuelUK's reaction to Prime Minister’s Comments on Fuel Duty - Daily Telegraph Front page April 23rd 2013

David Cameron’s promise to ‘keep going’ suspending further fuel duty rises marks a historic victory for the FairFuelUK campaign.
(See Daily Telegraph Article: Right).  

After successfully pressurising the Government to block 13 pence worth of duty rises since March 2011, FairFuelUK welcomes this contribution to the debate by the Prime Minister who now seems to agree that even despite these duty rise cancellations ‘the price at the pump is still very high’.

FairFuelUK’s mobilisation of mass public opinion, intense lobbying of MPs, numerous meetings with Ministers and Treasury officials plus their ground-breaking economic research has changed the Government’s attitude to fuel duty in the UK and brought a clearer understanding of the economic and social damage of rising transport costs.

Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK campaigner, said: ‘Such a clear statement from the Prime Minister on the seriousness of Fuel Duty to the UK economy shows that our campaign has reached inside Number 10. The prospect of no further fuel duty rises until 2015 would be a very solid victory for public protest. It looks like our campaign is working and we will be pressing for conformation of the Government’s position’.

FairFuelUK is also in discussion with the Government to increase the incentives for buyers of fuel efficient and electric cars and also welcomes the Prime Minister’s plans to stimulate demand with lower prices. Oil price rises aren’t going to go away so promoting ‘ultra-frugal’ and electric cars is vital to our economic future and the creation of jobs.

Peter Carroll, FairFuelUK’s founder, says: ‘The Government has done much to control rising fuel prices, but there’s still much more to be done. Cancelling Labour’s string of fuel duty ‘time bombs’ has been great progress

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[ posted by Geoff Monks, 23.04.13 12:06 ]

What happened to dual fuel cars! LPG was touted as the cleanest fuel around, so I converted my car at my expense, then was told there is no cut in road tax, or subsidy to pay for the conversion. WHY??


[ posted by Simon Hopkins, 23.04.13 16:36 ]

Yeah because electric cars are really environmentally friendly arn't they. Yes they don't cause pollution when driving them, but the cost on the environment making the actual batteries is more than me running my 15 year old ford escort.

I for one will not be going down the electric car route, or even hybrid route as bangernomics works out cheaper for me working part time.


[ posted by MRS RAE VERNA BETSWORTH, 23.04.13 16:44 ]

I think Fairfuel have done a brilliant job and i'll support as long as I'm able. What I would like to see is some form of display on the front of cars together with the Tax Disc , MoT Disc AND not only but also Ins Disc................................. That would make my life complete . ROFL. (Yes I lead a sad simple life). David Cameron mmmmmm let me see, do I believe him ???????????? not sure at the moment, only time will tell .........


[ posted by Bert Sinclair, 23.04.13 17:14 ]

what a brilliant idea by mrs Betsworth, why not have MOT and INS. discs just like the Road Tax Disc and sort out the dodgers once and for all.


[ posted by anne-marie downing, 23.04.13 17:20 ]

I think that fairfuel and the public have done an outstanding job in bringing and getting the fuel down and keeping it down,this story about what david cameron has said or going to do,then i dont beleive a word david cameron says.he will say anything to get votes to stay in parliment.what i cant understand about this coalation.if david cameron and nick clegg are in this goverment,why is it that you only see or hear david cameron and nothing if what they have done together.this situation is going to be another tony blair and gordon brown,the only people to get hurt or mistreated from this is the public.the goverment have forgotten they work for us.


[ posted by GEORGE MOON, 23.04.13 17:26 ]

There was a report on the radio recently from the AA that fuel consumption has decreased by 13 BILLION litres a year since 2008. Successive governments have finally 'killed the goose that laid the golden egg' with excessive taxation and no doubt are now regretting it. Keep up the pressure and the good work!


[ posted by DennisA, 23.04.13 17:30 ]

Congratulations on the result but how disappointing that you are offering support for more subsidies for electric cars. This effectively means that we are paying for the fuel tax standstill with these subsidies which come out of all our pockets, as do the subsidies for renewable energy, which, like electric cars, are a waste of time and money.

Pyrrhic victory.


[ posted by Dave Allen, 23.04.13 17:38 ]

I too won't be buying an electric hybrid car. They really aren't friendly to the environment at all if you think about it. You have to plug it into an electrical socket to charge it up when the batteries runs flat, is that not a bit of a joke just now. As our energy bills have soared through the roof and will continue to climb unless Fair Fuel UK plans to set up Fair Energy UK Price Drop Campaign. As someone needs to do something about all these rising costs lately.

And what about diesel prices, why they continue to rise? Especially when diesel are the dregs at the bottom of the oil barrel after petrol is refined. So why is diesel more expensive to buy?

As for David Cameron's remarks about not putting the price of Petrol up anymore.
Why on earth would I believe him. He said that the NHS would Not suffer and there would NOT be any cuts what so ever. That was a bare faced lie. He has made more cuts to the public sector than Thatcher. And yet WE are paying for Thatchers funeral, why should the tax payer fork out the £10 million. He's having a laugh period...........


[ posted by Jim King, 23.04.13 17:39 ]

No further raises is certainly a good start. Well done FFUK, a very good start indeed.

Still the fact remains though that whilst no raises are a small tiny step in the right direction, what is required is a Significant Cut in fuel duty.


[ posted by Barry Avery, 23.04.13 17:49 ]

Great news about Mr Cameron holding back on fuel revenue rises for the next couple of years, lets hope he keeps to his word.
Wouldn't it also be a great idea, if the present government, could make a massive change in the way, we at present have to pay our car tax, why don't they completely abolished having to put a tax disc on your window screen, and instead, get the revenue lost, by putting a couple of pence on the price of fuel, this would mean, NO MORE CAR TAX DOGERS, The People who use the roads most and wear them out, would be paying more than normal Joe public, this seams like a much fairer way, and at the same time, it would save the country millions of pounds a year in the police having to enforce the tax disc, and perhaps give them more time to catch the real criminals.


[ posted by Andy Evans, 23.04.13 17:50 ]

Dont believe a word Cameron says , he will say it one day then change his mind , he cannot be trusted to tell the truth ever im sorry to say !!!


[ posted by Martin Short, 23.04.13 17:55 ]

It strikes me that we are missing something here. Instead of concentrating on fuel duty itself why not campaign to get VAT reduced to the same level as it is on other forms of fuel and energy ie 5% ? That would mean an instant reduction in the price of a litre of unleaded (£1.33 near me as I write) of 17.5p !! That really would make a difference !!


[ posted by Brian Stapley, 23.04.13 18:10 ]

The word “unlikely “ is very misleading, just watch the back door!!.


[ posted by Kate Wild, 23.04.13 18:18 ]

This is great news. I hope it proves to be true as the UK needs all the help with economy that it can especially within the creation of jobs and reducing the cost of living. The idea to promote electric cars is great for the city but not for rural locations and is very dependent upon electricity companies not putting their prices up. I would love the government to re-introduce the car scrappage scheme to help drivers purchase more fuel efficient environmentally friendly cars and replace old bangers on the road. I would happily follow any of the requirements in order to get a more fuel efficient car that offers Greener Driving. I fear that any schemes will be aimed at those who can afford to change anyway rather than those who can't but need a car to be able to work because they live in a rural location and have limited access to rural transport.


[ posted by Dave Alan, 23.04.13 18:45 ]

David Cameron would do well to remember pensioners, being one myself find it obscene he is now going to do another U-turn and break yet another promise, but there again it will be his friends who produce the new hybrid vehicle,no doubt?
Being a pensioner and living in a rural environment, a car is essential, we only use it now to go shopping, as the price of petrol is exorbitant. Typical of this, coalition government everything is knee-jerk reaction,have they never heard of a business plan,as running the country is a far bigger task than running a conglomerate, I'm afraid the way George Osborne is going is running this country and its infrastructure into the ground, he behaves more like a kamikaze pilot and is totally in denial of what really is going on in the world around him, for which I have to apologise on his behalf he's got no business experience. "I rest my case."


[ posted by Neil Keeble, 23.04.13 18:48 ]

I congratulate Fairfuel for a job well done, but the price at the pumps are still at a record high. We need to lobby the government to reduce the price at the pumps to a manageable level and tell the oil tzars that if the want to continue to sell their wears in the UK then they need not think we are "Treasure Island" and price accordingly.

As a disabled driver I have found it more and more difficult to get around, my trips now mainly consist of commuting to work and shopping for food, as for social activity that has all but gone.

I would love an electric or Hybrid car, if I could afford one in the first place, but living in a flat I have nowhere to charge it. It is all very well coming up with these good ideas but we haven't got the infrastructure to make it workable (my case in point.)

I'm not sure if people are aware, that when you pass a police car, assuming there are any about. The cameras onboard read license plates of the passing cars and alerts the police when it encounters a vehicle without either Tax/Insurance/MOT etc. In reality we don't need any documentation as all the information is stored on a central database.


[ posted by Robert Gardner, 23.04.13 19:01 ]

This is great news if the Tory & Lib-Dems keep to it but as we all know the current governing party are very prone to doing an about turn, which we have all seen occur, since they came to power. If Mr Cameron wants tostay in power he will need to put his money where his mouth is and show more compassion and respect for the people of this country by reducing the tax on petrol and put the tax on the petrolium companies who are making fantastic profits of the backs of the motorist who bear the brunt.
It should also be illegal for the oil companies to maintain high prices when the cost of crude oil drops, retail outlets should also be made to reduce the cost of petrol at the pumps when the cost of crude oil drops.
Any reduction in the cost of desiel & petrol will give an opening to increase the financial recovery provided we do not allow the Tory/Lib-Dem to return to a hostile governing position and a dictatorial attitude.


[ posted by Christne Corrigan, 23.04.13 19:29 ]

Well done everyone.


[ posted by Nigel Read, 23.04.13 19:39 ]

Well done fairfuel. Great stuff. Now we need to pin down Labour on their plans. Both parties have form on this regressive stealth tax and senior politicians of all parties need to finally absorb what an issue this has become.


[ posted by peter drinkwater, 23.04.13 19:42 ]

its ok cameron saying this what about the oil companies they can just say put another 2pence a litre on


[ posted by Mick Fleming, 23.04.13 20:04 ]

Well done to all,it shows what can be done,so a big thanks from allof us to the hardworking team


[ posted by Mike, 23.04.13 20:24 ]

1) Well done the FF Campaign team! But the same principle applies also to the high level of VAT though. Recent essential home renovations cost me just over £1,000 in VAT - money I can ill afford to lose! Of course revenue has to be raised for essential public services, but the last couple of decades (especially under Labour) have seen public services and state aid bloated beyond anything I have known in over 60 years of adult life! The political correctness and unaffordable compensation culture are largely to blame! This is ruining the economy, dragging down people's will to spend and improve their homes, etc.

2) The other problem is that while the FF Campaign has been working hard to reduce taxation on fuel and to get our pump receipts fully annotated - others have been gleefully soaking up the slack. I refer to the oil producers and the commodity brokers and the financial whiz kids betting on share and commodity price movements. Nothing is being done about the other highwaymen making huge personal profits at our expense! They have the ability to push up pump prices wherever and whenever they want more profits.

3) The care of the future will not be a hybrid as David Cameron sees it, it will be a compressed air fuelled car! Already, Citroen, a German engineer and an Australian are working up compressed air engines that only require a small initial pull of electricity (to get the primer pump moving). Thereafter, they run on just air, no fuel added! If the electric start-up power system is included on board - and an alternator replenishes it's battery, you get close to perpetual motion on wheels at the lowest running costs ever! The Aussie example looks interesting, not a conventional engine converted - but a return to the Wankle rotary engine principle. the small initial build seems to have excellent pulling power and the builder reckons he can scale that all the way up! The big question is, are we in the UK backing similar research?? Why is this country not spending more on research and development? (A = Because all our cash is being poured into extreme 'elf N Safety, political correctness to the Nth degree, compensation for a growing army of American style litigants and their lawyers, obsession with rights (treading on Ants will soon be banned!) and so on.)


[ posted by Mick Bird, 23.04.13 21:06 ]

I don't earn enough to buy a converted car or an electric one, I can barely afford the one I've got, but I need it to get too and from work and to ferry my disabled daughter around with her very heavy powered wheelchair, so the fuel cut's/freezes are beneficial to me, but the road tax is as much a crippler as the high cost of fuel. But on the whole, very well done Fair Fuel UK.


[ posted by david taylor, 23.04.13 22:23 ]

Hi i drive a taxi and the price of fuel cripple me people like me who need fuel to earn a living should be alowed to claim more fuel tax back.


[ posted by Duncan Moorhouse, 24.04.13 08:56 ]

I always get a smile when they bang on about the cheap electric cars of the future. Have they not seen the the constant price rises in the electricity market? And isn't there a very real possibility of power shortages in the near future thanks to government and EU policies on switch in to unreliable green energy supplies? It will be so nice getting up in the morning to find the house dark and the car batteries dead. Petrol is here to stay for quite a while and it must be kept to the lowest price we can afford as a nation, because it is one of the limited aids the government are allowed to give to boost our own economy.


[ posted by Alan, 24.04.13 09:02 ]

[ posted by Geoff Monks, April 23, 2013 12:06 ]

What happened to dual fuel cars! LPG was touted as the cleanest fuel around, so I converted my car at my expense, then was told there is no cut in road tax, or subsidy to pay for the conversion. WHY??

I found this reply a bit weird, I converted to duai fuel and recieved lower r/tax to just over a fiver, so why havn`t you?


[ posted by J.K.Bullivant, 24.04.13 09:46 ]

This is just another one of mealy-mouthed Cameron's pledges which like all politicans 'verbals' are meaningless. The basic problem is the way and amount that tax on fuel is applied. As long as we have VAT in this country then that should be the ONLY tax applied. NOT the plethora of taxes that successive governments have used over the years to extract extra money from the public. I get extremely angry wheh I hear politicans say that they have saved the public money because the have not applied the tax increases proposed by previous administrations... They have NOT saved the public any money because what has never been can never be! A saving is only fact when a reduction or withdrawal of a tax takes place on the applied event, not on a future speculative! Cameron, and any other Premier, should spend some time and effort in controlling the activities of the 'Fuel Market Speculators', and why are fuel prices derived from the crude oil being calculated against the US Dollar? I do not accept that it's because historically oil has always been so calculated. The UK is currently an oil producing country and as such there is no reason why oil can be bought and sold in Sterling.


[ posted by Iain M. Smith, 25.04.13 15:36 ]

Well, it's very small step in the right direction but as has been previously stated, Mr. Cameron is a politician who, in my opinion, is already concerned about winning the next election so votes are big on his agenda. Whilst no rise in fuel duty helps a little, it must be remembered that the prime concern is to REDUCE the DUTY and VAT on each and every Litre of fuel purchased at the pumps. Under 90 pence a Litre including all duty and taxes at the pumps for both Petrol and Diesel is my goal. It is achievable and it is necessary in order to advance the economy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Everyone, please continue to write, on a very regular basis, to your MP and remind him on each and every occasion that he needs your vote to retain his extremely well remunerated job.I will be writing to mine at least once a month; just to keep him focussed. It only takes a few minutes and they are all easily accessible by e-mail. However it needs lots of us to do this to persuade them that we are very, very serious.


[ posted by Rob Edwards, 30.04.13 22:02 ]

Encouraging news from the Millionaire Cameron, but to get the support of the whole country we need to hammer home the message that car owner or not, every one of us is affected by fuel duty. We wouldn't accept a similar duty on food, which would treble the cost to every home in the land. Imagine paying 7.50 for a loaf of bread? Many people especially the poorer people in our society don't see that fuel duty affects the cost of everything they buy. They need to. It's unhelpful for the government to suggest that ordinary people swap their cars for something more fuel effiient, the majority of people using old cars don't have the money to change to newer vehicles and in fact why should they, in the main they are helping the worlds resources by keeping their old cars on the road.
Less tax, more money to spend = growth.


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