Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Are you aware of any local campaigns like this one?

St Clare Hospice in Essex are running a "Give a gallon" Campaign so their Specialist Palliative Care Nurses can effectively visit their cancer sufferers. 

The cost of fuel has severely impacted on the Nation's healthcare professionals’ capabilities to drive to their sick patients. FairFuelUK has had hundreds of examples sent in by supporters of how in some cases Nurses have to make a choice as to whether they can afford to see certain of their patients in the community. 

Can this be right? And can it be right that they have to raise funds through the public’s "charitable giving” in order to fill up their cars. The cars that represent a lifeline to patients. What do you think? Let us have your comments below.


You can visit www.stclarehospice.org.uk which is in the Constituency of Robert Halfon MP, our Parliamentary Champion fighting for lower fuel duty. Why not "Give a Gallon” donation while you are there?

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Joseph.Shirley, 23.04.13 17:32 ]

Well done again Fair Fuel - wonderful - but let's go on and stop the Treasury attitude that transport fuel is fair game for an increase whenever it suits them. It is a necessary commodity as necessary as the air we breath and should be controlled at the cheapest price available and certainly VAT should not be added on to Duty - it should be one thing or the other.


[ posted by Anthony Ryan, 23.04.13 17:36 ]

Has The PM started a give a gallon campaign for is and the deputy PM's cars, or is it only down to nursing staff to rise money to visit patients.while the tax payer pays for there's .


[ posted by andrew WARGENT, 23.04.13 18:11 ]

BIG society // SMALL minded , more like // protect the health service, where is the evidence ? ? Andy


[ posted by Kate Wild, 23.04.13 18:27 ]

As someone who lost her Father nearly six years ago to Cancer, who saw how valuable the Nurses were who visited him and who believes that everyone should have the right to be treated at/ and or die at home. It saddens me greatly to hear of the impact the current Fuel Crisis is having on charities such as St Clare's Hospice and their patients who feel the need to ask for help with Fuel costs. It is a sad reflection of the economic times we face and I wonder whether the government could create some kind of tax exemption for certain charitable organisations in relation to Fuel Costs to help them with their valuable work.


[ posted by Mrs Mary T Sidwell, 23.04.13 18:29 ]

prior to retirement, domiciliary visits came into my work as a Physiotherapist in Care of the Elderly. Much of the treatment given enabled the client to remain safely and confidently at home, with all needs supplied as changes arose.
the thought of any domiciliary professionals not being able to do their home visits as and when required is shocking.
the Health Care Providers should look into this serious situation. Morale for the staff involved will be hard to accept...client needs are paramount.


[ posted by Jenny Meares, 23.04.13 18:43 ]

I am a GP Practice Nurse and I have had to GIVE UP MY JOB because the cost of the petrol outweighs what I can earn working part time. The surgery I work at was 39 miles away and that's 80 miles a day. four days a week. without my other general driving. I have also had to GIVE UP MY VOLUNTARY WORK, working for a charity for the elderly and two animal charities. My 89yr old mother lives 60 miles away, I have visited three times since Christmas and I have to ask her for petrol money, I find it incredibly humiliating. It costs over £95 to fill my car A WEEK and I cannot do this any more. I am now consigned to the scrap heap instead of working for the NHS and my elderly people are having to stay indoors instead of having trips out and the animal rescue centres have one less homechecker. I am now very depressed as I feel that I cannot any longer contribute to society or do the things that I enjoy, I wonder why I still bother to be here. I am heartbroken and very angry it is truly a national disgrace.


[ posted by alan mc donald, 23.04.13 18:59 ]

Very sad reflection on the way this country is going,legal aid for mad bombers ,handouts for all ,bar those who need and deserve them,money sent overseas and spent on the wellbeing of criminals, m.p.s. expenses ,thatchers funeral,e.t.c.yet when it comes to supplying these amazing dedicated nurses it appears there is no money.This is something that should be rectified although I cannot see the current bunch of incompetents having the guts or inteligence to alter it,anymore than the lib dems or labour. These nurses should be supplied as much fuel as they need courtesey of the taxpayer,of whom I am still one.


[ posted by Jane, 23.04.13 18:59 ]

How ridiculous. Where is this all going to end? We are better than this.


[ posted by Robert Black, 23.04.13 19:29 ]

Why can't the government help those who work in the care industry? Nurses, Carers, Midwives? I've had to down grade my car three time int he last five years because i can't keep pumping money into the tank. I can't afford to buy one of these very clean and cheap running new cars. Even on HP I don't score enough to get credit.
I'm sure I'm not alone on this issue?


[ posted by Roy Evans, 23.04.13 21:31 ]

Absolutely disgusting!
What next, having to pay for a tank full of fuel for the ambulance before it can take us to hospital??

Why can't the overpaid bankers give up their bonuses to pay the nurses fuel bills?


[ posted by Keini, 23.04.13 22:07 ]

Total rubbish! The NHS should provide the cars and the fuel, etc!!


[ posted by Ashley Leaney, 24.04.13 02:20 ]

Given the amount of voluntary work and fund raising that is done in support of the NHS, surely the NHS could work more closely with voluntary organisations and in a case like this offer to fund some fuel for the nurses? However, ultimately, government should be working to reduce fuel prices by moving to break the OPEC fuel CARTEL and not just cancelling fuel duty increases but reducing fuel duty to kick start the economy and alleviating the state of crisis being faced by these nurses and many ordinary people and small and large businesses alike.


[ posted by Michael Elliott, 25.04.13 14:51 ]

the government have behaved really well in the matter of fuel taxes so lets gave credit where due as the last lot just turned the screw.The next target should be the profit margins of the big supermarket fuel stations as they purchase the cheapest fuel on the spot market ,put no additives to it yet charge the same as the better quality fuel stations whose fuel can gave better engine protection and more miles to the gallon.


[ posted by jackie, 25.04.13 18:44 ]

the price of a barrel of oil yesterday dropped to under $100 per barrel. This is a drop of $14.00 per barrel, but at the most we are only seeing a 3p drop at the pumps. This is daylight robbery and it doesnt seem that we are able to stop it. In America at the moment they are paying $3.50 PER GALLON!
When is the government going to realise that this is crippling our workforce ? They either a) are so detached from real life and never have to fill up a car or b) have shares in the oil companys.


[ posted by Sheana Wilshaw, 15.05.13 09:19 ]

You can't tell me the government don't realise that fuel prices are vastly overinflated. The trouble is they don't want fuel prices to come down as they will lose too much tax revenue. You have to ask yourself who will they attack next. They have already hit the disabled and vulnerable. High fuel costs affect EVERYONE.


[ posted by Paul Brann, 15.05.13 16:07 ]

For this Government to claim that they have saved us, the motorist, so much from their action not to put up tax is bizarre; that's like saying to a man who has lost his legs: "Well had you not stepped on that landmine you would still have your legs now", or "I wear this badge to keep the elephants away" when there are no elephants here anyway - it's exactly the same false logic and that's why we kicked Labour out, and sadly ended up with this lot with vested interests. I am retired and therefore, like so many, have to manage on a very small fixed income; my car is a 23 year old diesel that averages 38mpg pottering around but my average mileage is now less than 3,000 a year whereas before it was 4 times that. Fortunately I no longer have to drive to work as I don't even have a job to go to, but I used to do voluntary work for 2 charities and I can no longer do that - I feel worthless. One thing is certain, though, and that's if there is a global market for anything, be it interest rate on borrowing, concentrated orange juice or crude oil, the middlemen will be there to muscle in and their working 'friends' will hike up the price in what ever way they can. Their evil profit means a terrible loss to our society and the work that I and so very many others willingly did for free in the past is now lost for ever. This is costing the earth, and the false premise that Global Warming is caused by us motorists is simply a horrible lie. Satan rules this world and we know that the end is very near; just look at the real picture - the evidence is right infront of your eyes.


[ posted by Bernard Heatley, 15.05.13 20:22 ]

You will be able to see the oil companies to do the right thing eventually , like the referendum on Europe by our lib/con government!!! Yeh right !!!!!!!!!!!.


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