Sunday, May 19, 2013

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[ posted by HOWIE BOLT, 19.05.13 20:04 ]

Good eh,rip off Britain at it again,is it rip off world too,just back from Minorca holiday,their fuel prices seen not far from ours,a few years ago the Canaries also, fuel prices, albeit cheaper than the UK,they are small Islands without refineries.Quite honestly I don,t know how families afford food aswell.....Said it before Lower prices = more consumer use= cheaper food stuffs = more in the coffers for them in no11...Will they listen...the real world Mr Governments is out here...


[ posted by Garry Clark, 19.05.13 20:11 ]

I hope something is done if these companies are found guilty of inflating prices for profit, but let us not forget the biggest rip off merchants of the lot, our Government!! We must also continue to lobby them to get this extortionate tax on fuel down.


[ posted by Lynne George, 20.05.13 14:03 ]

You can't tell me that the people who supposedly run this country haven't known what was going on for all these years & If they didn't then they should be immediately sacked for negligence. The Government won't go after these people either because they are scared to take them on or they are in bed with them to make themselves more money! Either way it looks like complicity to me.

Not one of them cares about the suffering they are causing or the lives they are ruining - there is going to come a time when the people will have had enough of these self-serving parasites and kick them out. If only we could find ones that aren't just as bad as the previous lot this country would be in a much better state.


[ posted by Kathy Everitt, 20.05.13 17:38 ]

I can't put it any better than Lynne George so I won't even try! How absolutely right she is and how terribly sad that we live in such a corrupt world. Dreadful that each Government has sat back for so long, turning a blind eye - I wonder why?! Dreadful too that the Office of Fair Trading saw no need to look into this thoroughly.

What really annoys me too is how the general public appear to be sitting back, instead of backing FairFuel all the way. The fact that, at the time, there were more signatures to support the lobby against the 'pasty tax' than there were to support FairFuel is amazing! If people are really bothered about being continuously ripped off over fuel then they need to do something about it and register with FF. Obviously, the more signatures on an E-petition, the more notice the Government will have to take! So, what are you waiting for?!


[ posted by Andrew macdonald, 11.06.13 19:23 ]

I bet we will find the banks are involved in this and that will show they are at it again


[ posted by Finchley New, 31.12.13 16:56 ]

When the `Government` advised us to `Go diesel` as it was more economical and cheaper than petrol, a lot of motorists went along with this, so when they had about a third of victims, sorry I meant motorists driving about in diesel powered cars, the price at the pumps shot up and has stayed up, over and above petrol prices.
Am I right in thinking that it costs less to produce diesel than petrol, if so why does it cost us non expense account drivers more?
Hybrid-petrol cars are a good idea, but just wait until lots of us (myself included) are using them. The batteries will be taxed, and the road tax, currently at zero will shoot through the roof.
The Americans have the right idea, put up fuel prices, and your out. Touring California in the late eighties, the state Governor put up fuel by 1 cent a gallon, next thing, he`s out.
Your vote counts, so vote.


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