Monday, June 3, 2013

Today Robert Halfon MP and Quentin Willson, lead spokesman of FairFuelUK unveiled a massive Petrol & Diesel Receipt outside Parliament. It clearly shows the ideal layout that FairFuelUK proposes should be issued on every petrol and diesel receipt, with VAT, Fuel Duty and the total tax paid to the Government highlighted.

Quentin Willson said: "We get tax transparency on utility bills but we don’t get them on fuel receipts - the Government’s embarrassed because of its 60% rake off. To drop the cloak of secrecy around oil and fuel, we need the Government to set an example by being open about how much it takes from every litre of petrol and diesel we put in our tanks."

Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK  

Quentin Willson

Robert Halfon MP

Robert Halfon MP

The Ideal Fuel Receipt - FairFuelUK

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[ posted by Mike Cam, 03.06.13 15:47 ]

Quite right, they ask for transparency in all Government dealings so lets have this.


[ posted by Richard, 03.06.13 16:25 ]

I am still very much of the opinion that the biggest problem is the Governments commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and the best way to do that is to reduce useage, Now one very good way to reduce useage is to hike up the tax. I feel we will be on a losing battle forever with this and nothing will happen with energy prices until Governments come clean about 'climate change' and actually admit its never been the issue that the general population has been lead to believe for so long. It's dangerous territory to be anti green but while the greens dominate energy policy we will continue to pay enormous prices for our fuel


[ posted by Jon bowers, 03.06.13 17:37 ]

Where does the government get off double taxing us?? I thought it was illegal,or at the very least totally unethical ?!?Vat,AND fuel duty ?? Something badly wrong there!!


[ posted by Graham Reeve, 03.06.13 18:39 ]

This receipt speaks very clearly.

Let us have receipts like this to NAME & SHAME who is mugging us all!!!


[ posted by Sean B. O'Neill, 06.06.13 18:22 ]

The Duty portion off the tax does not show the 3 pence refinery gate levy on distilates ( this levy applies to petrol, diesel and home heating oil )
Elimination off the refinery gate levy should be immeadiate.
Reduction by 20 pence on duty per litre for petrol and diesel is needed.
Not increasing the cost a product and calling that a reduction is to say the least showing a base lack of respect for the voter.
Iff the above very minor changes were made the overall reduction should be 20 pence plus 3 pence plus 5 pence in Vat.
Stop dealer and other market manipulation would give a further 6 pence reduction inclusive off vat.
Would this spur the economy. e
Environment can be taken care of by a mpg anual tax on vehicle in combination with emissions~no road tolls.


[ posted by Jim King, 09.06.13 16:03 ]

Fully back this idea, though i would like the double taxation further highlighted.

So red parts would read

FUEL DUTY : £27.88
VAT ON FUEL : £5.24
GOVT TAX TOTAL : £38.39 (59.62%)


[ posted by admin, 09.06.13 17:09 ]

We like this


[ posted by TERENCE JOHNSTONE, 14.07.13 09:07 ]

Your message is near-identical to others sent previously

Please read our stance on this issue to understand why sending identikit "copied and pasted" messages is detrimental to your campaign.

Sorry to be so harsh, but representatives have made it clear that the receipt of such fax "spam" could mean they bin all messages sent via

Which would be A Bad Thing.
Just to let you know that when I sent your prepared meassage to Chri Skidmore the following message was displayed, I therefore followed with another message asking Chris not to ignore my request !!

You might like to let the person who asked you to do this know that they've potentially sabotaged their own campaign too. Point them to our Guidelines for campaigning.

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All the usuals
-The Team


[ posted by admin, 14.07.13 13:10 ]

Thanks for this. Yes we are aware and it seems that the Witetothem site stops repeat messages. However we know 12,000 have got through.


[ posted by Sid Rees, 22.11.14 14:03 ]

Dear both,

Please are you able to confirm or deny a piece of "folklore" to wit that it is actually illegal for receipts to be as detailed as you suggest and/or be publically displayed?

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that when small petrol retailers have very publicly posted such information on their forecourts that they have been "told" by various authorities to remove the poster.

Thank you



[ posted by admin, 23.11.14 12:36 ]

There is something in what you say to which we are investigating


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