Monday, July 15, 2013

Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK and Robert Halfon MP with 4 other MPs delivered the Campaign's Call for a full open and transparent inquiry into Oil Pricing to the Offices of Fair Trading. The FairFuelUK petition was signed by 32,000 supporters.

The OFT issued a rapid response to FairFuelUK's Petition. Despite the Campaign's call for action the OFT statement says it seems that they will not be investigating the Oil Pricing Process even though millions of the UK Public and businesses want them to do exactly that. The OFT said: We continue to welcome any new information about this market. Where we receive credible evidence of potentially anti-competitive behaviour, we will look to take action, as we have done in other markets - including our investigation into road fuel distribution in the Western Isles and Shetland Islands


Quentin Willson said: 'I can't understand why a UK regulator can't take information and evidence from US Senate and European Commission investigations and conduct their own. If the OFT processes are getting in the way of a full oil price market investigation in this country, then maybe its time to change the processes. Its time for a Parliamentary inquiry into the damage oil price speculation does to the UK economy.'

From Left to Right: Quentin Willson (FairFuelUK), Andrew Bingham MP, Robert Halfon MP, Marcus Jones MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Penny Mordaunt MP about to hand in the FairFuelUK Petition at the OFT today..

The RAC is a long-standing supporter of Fair Fuel UK and our technical director David Bizley (pictured on the left) was part of the delegation that handed in the petition at the OFT this morning.

RAC technical director David Bizley said: "All motorists are asking for is transparency. They are suspicious because they do not understand how the cost of a barrel of crude oil, which is determined by world supply and demand and translates into around £1.34/litre for petrol or £1.38 for diesel at the pump. Itemised receipts at the filling station would help, but motorists still need to better understand the costs of refining and distribution and whether anyone in the supply chain is influencing pricing beyond pure market forces to the disadvantage of motorists’ pockets. The OFT has the ability to do this and their reluctance to carry out a full inquiry remains a source of disappointment. Nobody should fear transparency in pricing.”

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[ posted by Stuart Mallion, 15.07.13 12:23 ]

Being the cynical person that I am, I am willing to bet that it's all down to costs, cut-backs or Government funding! Take your pick.
Or could it be the Oil companies greasing certain palms in certain places? Nothing would surprise me. Roll on the next election.


[ posted by Andrew Scrivener, 15.07.13 13:16 ]

So doe"s this prove that the oil companys own the govenments of the world , and they tell all the leaders of the world this is how it is going to be , i reckon this that is the truth , rip off merchants .


[ posted by Howard Elliott, 15.07.13 17:13 ]

They would do that wouldn't they, the OFT are running scared that any enquiry would find and expose the flaws in their own recent assessment of the state of oil pricing in the UK, oh what a tangled web they weave.


[ posted by Barbara Harvey, 15.07.13 22:14 ]

I don't know why people seem surprised at this response from OFT. Anything connected to the Government being transparent!!! how dare you expect that. All I can say is the sooner the election is here the better, although saying that one party is as bad as the other. Let's give one of the parties that haven't been in office a try, they surely couldn't be any worse than what we have at the moment.


[ posted by Chris Neumann, 16.07.13 22:23 ]

I don't think there has ever been a time when corruption between government and large UK business is
so apparent. I applaud Fairfuel and all it's supporters for their persistence and determination. Additional support would ofcourse be most welcome. Maybe Quentin could enlist the help of Mr Motormouth (Jeremy Clarkson) for a more outspoken approach?


[ posted by David Britten, 16.07.13 23:43 ]

There should be no confusion regarding the OFT's position. It is a establishment organisation set up to fool us into thinking that there are people interested in looking after our interests. But the OFT is a corrupt institution working for the interests of corporations that finance the current government.


[ posted by chas mathieson, 17.07.13 22:21 ]

No surprise their then OFT not wishing to investigate obviously have some thing to hide , have noticed in my local area prices of diesel/petrol fluctuate weekly anything from 2 pence a litre to 5 p a litre at present diesel is £1.42.9 WHY ? its much cheaper to go over the border into England and get diesel there its never much above £1.35.7 has been now for several months.
Change of government wont do any good as 1 party is just as bad as the other , what we realy need is a revolution get ridd of them all become like France .


[ posted by Phil McDonald, 18.07.13 12:07 ]

Whxzy do we have to pay tax on top of tax?
3 elements to fuel cost at pump
A. Basic price of fuel
B. Fuel duty
At present we pay A B C
It should be A C B
That way we would not pay VAT on top of fuel duty, but then think of the tax the govt would miss out on !


[ posted by Chas Mathieson, 18.07.13 20:31 ]

In answer to Phil Mcdonald 3 elements to fuel cost your forgetting 1 before the oil or gas arrives via the north sea pipeline its taxed imeadiatly giving the government millions per day I just wonder what do they do with all that money as dont see much evidence of it , nor come to think of it the tax on tax on tax at the pumps , plus another annoyance road fund licence 2% of it goes on the roads where does the rest go i wonder . The roads here especially the back roads ie B roads are like going back in time before tar mac was invented pot hole alley same with most A roads absolutly disgusting is the usual of course the government blame the councils the councils blame the government for not giving enough money . time we had a revolution


[ posted by peter drinkwater, 22.07.13 16:43 ]

they are a waste off time this oft they are on the goverments side because they no the are going to get two lots of taxes off us. if we lived in the states they would be demostrating by now its just one big con with all goverments and i am sorry there is no way out, but too blokade the refinerys and then they will fetch the riot police in with batons drawn.


[ posted by Roy Drayton, 13.08.13 14:21 ]

SUMMER POLL problem with question 5 and 6, Iam not Driving in the UK on Holiday so cant tick a box, I am not Driving on my foreign holiday so I cant enter anything so the system will not allow me to submit my response.Q5/6 needs a box NOT DRIVING,


[ posted by Rick Moore, 13.08.13 14:59 ]

How & why have the OFT turned down the OIL PRICING INQUIRY. I thought that the Office of Fair Trade is an indpendent org run for and on behalf of the public, i might be wrong. Why has'nt the government done something about this and how can we (the public) do something ??????


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