Monday, August 12, 2013

In the next few months following our hot summer, a lot of political activity in relation to our petrol and diesel campaign will take place. It is vital we let the politicos know what you think about certain of these issues, by asking you to take part in our quick SUMMER POLL at - Here are the issues we wish you to consider in the new FairFuelUK poll...


1. Are Oil Companies and Fuel Retailers taking advantage of the holiday season by raising the prices of petrol and diesel at the pumps?

2. Were you aware of a potential 3p per litre Fuel Duty tax hike planned later in the year?

3. What do you really think about a new rural Fuel Duty Rebate scheme for mainland UK?


In the last poll amongst FairFuelUK Supporters on similar issues we received over 35,000 responses in just 4 days. The collated poll was presented to the OFT. Let's see if we can beat that figure. The results of all our polls are collated and sent to politicians and the media. They are read and acted upon. So please do take part and get as many of your friends and colleagues to respond too. A national newspaper is already interested in publishing the results of this new FairFuelUK poll...


As ever, thanks for your continued support. It's essential....

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[ posted by Glenn Gillies, 12.08.13 22:24 ]

i think if the Government cut fuel prices down to around £1.10 per litre, the economy would the be stimulated into growth because people would be able to go out every day, to places and not have to worry about the price of fuel..You could then afford to travel by bus because the fares would be a lot cheaper and people would travel further afield meaning the growth would spread throught the UK If Cameron really wants to see growth in the UK's Economy, the price of fuel needs to come down drastically, because consumers are getting less and less fuel everytime the cost per litre goes up..


[ posted by Gordon Ritson, 12.08.13 22:55 ]

What has happened to the Investigation of alleged fuel prices fixing by BP/Shell . It has not stopped prices going up. Penny a week at the moment with out a whimper from the Media or Politicians, Please keep up the good work Quentin, the Driver,s Champion


[ posted by Dick Smith, 12.08.13 23:04 ]

Please tell me why the fuel price in Jersey is so much lower than the mainland, petrol was £1.12p per litre & Diesel was £1.15 per litre, most I paid for petrol was £1.29 per litre for petrol, and only bought that as I had to. All their fuel is tankered in.


[ posted by Martin McGowan, 12.08.13 23:09 ]

The price of fuel is outrageous throughout UK. yes the rural areas need more support but the rest are badly treated too. it used to be that diesel fuel was cheaper than petrol, not any more. the government have used motorists as a cash cow. they claim that reducing fuel duty would lead to more cuts on front line services, yet there is so much waste in the system


[ posted by Geoff Allen, 12.08.13 23:40 ]

1). Not that I've noticed so far
2). No, I was not.
3). A nonsense. Where does one draw the line between "rural" and "non-rural"? Sounds like an attempt to side-track the issue. All reductions should be applied evenly.


[ posted by Andrew Long, 13.08.13 03:17 ]

I feel that a significant reduction in fuel cost would be the single biggest boost to the economy. Transportation costs, food cost, manufacturing costs would all be lower and passing this on to the end user, would mean more people could afford to buy more goods and services thus making the economy work, even tourism would benefit immensley as people across the board would have more money to spend in other areas.


[ posted by steven mathews, 13.08.13 07:28 ]

why is diesel more expensive than petrol in the UK compared to the rest of europe


[ posted by Keith Turner, 13.08.13 08:10 ]

Petrol & it seems many other things suddenly & magically increase in price & the weather takes a dive in the Holiday season. I was not aware of a potential 3p rise in duty but not surprised by anything this government does. Rural fuel duty rebate is probably cheaper than subsidising a decent public transport network in rural areas.


[ posted by Jane Neal, 13.08.13 08:21 ]

The economy needs fuel prices reduced to stimulate spending as well as ease the pain of people struggling. Loss of Duty can be covered by cutting the foreign aid budget. David Cameron and other politicians can afford to look charitable as they are cocooned by their wealth. The majority working classes of Britain are struggling and charity should begin at home. Food banks in 2013 for goodness sake!!!!!!!


[ posted by Stuart Mallion, 13.08.13 10:21 ]

I live on the South coast at Newhaven and every year the petrol companies put their prices up by 3-4pence/litre when the school holidays start.
Which, I think, is another good reason to break up the 6weeks holiday.


[ posted by David Britten, 13.08.13 15:48 ]

I've had enough! I'm leaving the UK for good. Just can't stand this place - it isn't fit for man or beast.


[ posted by jim, 13.08.13 17:47 ]

I have tried to fill in the summer poll but can't. although I ticked that I don't drive to holiday, I still have to tick where in the uk I take driven holdays before I can submit. Catch 22.


[ posted by Rob Hughes, 13.08.13 19:35 ]

Yes they are its about time the people of the UK made a stand as every time the fuel goes up the prices in the shops go up...vat is the problem which is yet another con against the hard working people... Maybe if we stopped giving millions of pounds away to other countries then we could knock at least 10 pence a litre off..


[ posted by Richard Collins, 13.08.13 21:41 ]

1. Are Oil Companies and Fuel Retailers taking advantage of the holiday season by raising the prices of petrol and diesel at the pumps?
Answer: I have no way of knowing but I suspect they are as fuel prices change almost daily.

2. Were you aware of a potential 3p per litre Fuel Duty tax hike planned later in the year?
Answer: Yes, assuming that was the intended rise Fair Fuel UK compaigned against recently.

3. What do you really think about a new rural Fuel Duty Rebate scheme for mainland UK?
Answer: Any Fuel Duty Rebate scheme would be open to abuse so, in my opinion, it is not viable. Just cut Fuel Duty for all and let people spend their own money how they want to. Government would still get the tax through VAT.


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