Monday, September 30, 2013

Following today's announcement at the Conservative Party Conference by George Osborne that he intends to freeze the level of Fuel Duty in the Life of this Parliament subject to the Government being able to afford it....


Quentin WIllson, FairFuelUK's Lead Campaigner said: 'Freezing all those needless duty rises inherited from Labour will help lower the cost of living and makes sound fiscal sense. Petrol and diesel prices are still too high and threaten any fledgling shoots of economic recovery. Will the Chancellor find the money? Of course he will. He knows he'll be upstaging Labour's promise to reduce household energy costs and also be putting cash and consumers back on the high street. This is a no brainer!'

Howard Cox, Co-Founder of FairFuelUK said: "Good news today, but its key we do not lose sight of the facts. The Government still takes over 60% in tax when we fill up at the pumps, we have the highest fuel duty levels in the EU and the cost of fuel directly impacts adversely on the cost of living, investment, jobs and running businesses. FairFuelUK will continue to campaign fora cut in fuel duty, not just these welcome cancellations in planned tax hikes. FairFuelUK since its inception has helped save over £20 billion in potential tax increases for hard pressed motorists, the haulage industry and small businesses. This will rise to over £30 billion in savings by 2015 if the Chancellor is true to his word."

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[ posted by Neil Jones, 30.09.13 18:58 ]

Still not enough, the cost of fuel needs to come down - simple.


[ posted by Frances Coombs, 14.10.13 15:28 ]

I have attempted to submit both the public and the business survey forms; however neither of them will accept the figures I enter into the boxes for average monthly spend on fuel.

As a person with a family I spend around £500 a month on petrol
As the treasurer of a sports club I pay an average of £300 per month for various types of fuel including LPG.


[ posted by admin, 14.10.13 18:17 ]

Over 10,000 have successfully completed the Poll. The issue was with Firefox browser. We tested the form in Firefox on PC and Apple Macs and it worked here. We have changed the form to accept numbers in Firefox now. Thanks for trying and for your support please try again at .
Kind Regards


[ posted by Iain M Smith, 15.10.13 16:00 ]

Still not enough from the Government. 30pence per litre minimum off the Fuel Duty. Please keep e-mailing your local MP. They need your votes to survive so please keep at them.


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