Wednesday, November 27, 2013
We have being telling the Government for the last 3 years that the price of petrol and diesel at the pumps is the highest anywhere in the world in terms of taxation. Here is more proof published in today's Daily Express from webuyanycar. We are continuing to campaign on your behalf for a cut in fuel duty in the lead up to the Autumn Statement and next years Budget.  We are also leading the debate on the Fairer way to tax the UK road user. Please sign up to support FairFuelUK to add even more weight to the campaign. 
Daily Express November 27 2013
Daily Express 27 Nov 2013 - Editorial Comment

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[ posted by David Britten, 27.11.13 10:17 ]

I recently decided to move to Spain, and have been able to afford to buy a house for cash and my daily costs have been reduced by 2/3. I recommend that the most effective form of protest against the insanely high cost of living in UK is to leave and let our psychopathic, tax avoiding millionaire government work out how they will govern a country of immigrants.


[ posted by Ryan, 27.11.13 11:27 ]

What are the government trying to do? Price everybody off of the road so that nobody can afford to go to work?


[ posted by Bob, 27.11.13 12:00 ]

Your right David

We get no benefit of comparisons to the rest of the EU only the beaurocratic nonsense laws associated costs that benefit scroungers and immigrants rather than lower taxes and fuel prices that other countries enjoy across europe.


[ posted by Chris, 27.11.13 12:04 ]

Why can't we get transparency and an explanation to this extortion? Answer? Simple - there is zero justification.


[ posted by John Shepherd, 27.11.13 13:15 ]

When is this Brain Dead,greedy government going to realise that the extended family of the Goose that began laying Golden Eggs has had enough of being Egged Dry???
The rising costs of motoring ALL of THEM and not least of all Fuel,Insurance and servicing costs are becoming a Pressure Cooker for a REVOLT.
Are we secretly funding the ever rising costs of pandering to The Dictatorship of Europe.


[ posted by Nev robinson, 27.11.13 18:50 ]

As someone on a pension and living in rural east yorkshire running a car takes well over 25% of our pension and is a disgrace.
Time we came out of europe as this would save us billions and then just maybe the government and councils would ease up on milking the motorist .


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