Monday, December 2, 2013
In this week’s Autumn Statement we call on Mr Osborne to Cut Fuel Duty.  
He must recognise by now, through our campaigning, that the high prices at the pumps are massively slowing economic growth and hitting businesses hard. We warmly welcomed the Chancellor’s freeze on Fuel Duty in the lifetime of this Parliament, but this in itself is still not sufficient enough to really help the 38 million motorists, the struggling SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and the professional haulage businesses so vital to the UK’s commercial prosperity.  The 60% toxic taxes on such a vital resource has to be reduced considerably. And they have to be reduced now! The evidence is overwhelming.

In an October Poll carried out by FairFuelUK across 25,000 members of the public and 2,000 SMEs…
  • 90% in jobs said they have to use their car to go to work and 44% also use their vehicle at work itself. 60% use their car every single day.
  • 87% of respondents said their current cost of living is worse compared to last year because of high prices at the pump.
  • 1 in 4 are now spending less on food in order to pay for petrol and diesel.
  • 84% of SMEs said their profits are down with 1 in 10 businesses having to sack staff, both because of the high fuel prices at the pumps. 
  • 60% of the public said that a significant cut in fuel duty would mean they would spend more in the high street, on food and essentials.
  • 64% of the SMEs said that a significant cut in fuel duty would help increase their profits and as a consequence they could therefore plan a more secure future as viable businesses if there were lower pump prices.
  • 72% said they would vote for an MP that supported a 10p cut in fuel duty.
  • 93% said they wanted to see Fuel Duty and VAT shown on all petrol/diesel receipts.
The FairFuelUK Poll shows that a car / vehicle is an absolute necessity for the majority of the nation’s families and small businesses. This is substantiated significantly in the latest RAC Foundation "Car and the Commute” report which shows in bald absolute numbers, that almost 17 million of us are now dependent on cars to undertake the daily commute

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[ posted by Peter Roberts, 02.12.13 12:07 ]

Fairfuel are doing a great job in highlighting the problems with high costs of transport. One concern I have is your statement:

"We will campaign with you to look at a ‘fairer way to tax the UK road user to replace the minimal loss in any fuel tax revenue you might expect in the short term.”

I hope you are not considering a Road Pricing system or any other form of 'pay-as you-go" pricing structure which will simply add to costs and not reduce them.

Whilst fuel taxes are far too high, they are a fair way of charging for road use as the further you drive, the more you pay. It is also very cheap to collect and impossible to avoid. Any other tolling, road pricing or alternative charging system would be a retrograde step and wholly unwelcome from the British public.


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