Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quentin Willson, lead campaigner of FairFuelUK commenting on the recent FairFuelUK Poll and today's RAC Foundation's 'Transport Poverty Report' that shows the least well off families in the UK have slipped further into transport poverty said: "'Fair societies don't reduce the mobility of low income families through high transport taxation. Penalising those families with a 60% tax burden is cruel. A cut in fuel duty will help the poorest most of all.”

With only 6 weeks to the Budget, the FairFuelUK Campaign passionately renews its call to the Chancellor to cut Fuel Duty appreciably. FairFuelUK and the RAC Foundation prove yet again why this "venomous tax" needs to be reduced. Petrol and Diesel are essential resources for the massive majority of the UK. Almost 17 million are dependent on cars to undertake the daily commute. The 60% taxtaken on such a necessary resource is punishing, socially restrictive, job affecting and hits middle to lower income families plus small to medium sized businesses the cruellest.

Howard Cox, co-founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "The Treasury has to stop tinkering at the edges of recent fuel duty taxation initiativesand instead,get a brave grip on slashing it now! They still have not refuted FairFuelUK’s long standing economic research from the CEBR and NIESR that demonstrate that a significant cut in Fuel Duty will generate new jobs, stimulate GDP and continue to reduce inflation. A substantial cut will help with the economy, enormously engender national confidence and as a result spawn alternative tax revenue to help bring the deficit down. It’s a no brainer for everyone except those in Whitehall.”



In FairFuelUK's recent poll across 25,000 members of the public and 2,000 SMEs…

  • 90% in jobs said they have to use their car to go to work and 44% also use their vehicle at work itself. 60% use their car every single day.
  • 87% of respondents said their current cost of living is worse compared to last year because of high prices at the pump.
  • 1 in 4 are now spending less on food in order to pay for petrol and diesel.
  • 84% of SMEs said their profits are down with 1 in 10 businesses having to sack staff, both because of the high fuel prices at the pumps.
  • 60% of the public said that a significant cut in fuel duty would mean they would spend more in the high street, on food and essentials.
  • 64% of the SMEs said that a significant cut in fuel duty would help increase their profits and as a consequence they could therefore plan a more secure future as viable businesses if there were lower pump prices.
  • 72% said they would vote for an MP that supported a 10p cut in fuel duty.
  • 93% said they wanted to see Fuel Duty and VAT shown on all petrol/diesel receipts.

As with the RAC Foundation findings in December and this week, the FairFuelUK Poll shows that a car / vehicle is an absolute necessity for the majority of the nation’s families and small businesses.

  • The RAC Foundation"Transport Poverty Report" said: New figures reveal the least well off families in the UK have slipped further into transport poverty. Around 800,000 car-owning households spent at least 31% of their disposable incomes on buying and running a vehicle in 2012, the latest year for which official data is available. In the previous year they spent 27%. 
  • Every MP has received "The case for Lower Fuel Duty” Newspaper that expands on the FairFuelUK Poll results and reiterates the Campaign’s core objectives. This Newspaper can be viewed at
  • The more detailed FairFuelUK Poll Summary is at:

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