Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Funny how a day of the Ukraine tension being in the media caused crude to rise by two dollars. Was there any interruption to supply, were there any shortages, did the actual price of oil change for any physical reason? Rhetorical questions these, to which we all know the answers. The reason crude rose was just pure opportunism. The casino mentality of the oil traders thought it would be worth a bet and up goes the price. That means you and I, plus the millions of businesses and families across the UK, will probably pay another 1p on every litre for the next few weeks. And that's only because the oil traders have meddled with the market. Here's another rhetorical question. Is this fair? Should struggling consumers be forced to pay extra because somebody pressed some buttons at a trading desk in Canary Wharf? By any standards in the civilised world this is unforgivably unfair and shouldn't be allowed to continue. Despite the Libor scandal and the recent foreign currency fixing, that recent $2 hike shows that market manipulation in the oil markets continues unchecked. Someone make it stop.

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[ posted by Lin, 15.05.14 17:03 ]

I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your constant campaigning on our behalf. My income is fully committed with basic living costs road tax car payments etc. Another recent expense is the very frequent appearance of mobile speed traps, unadvertised ( apparently they put it in some local paper and on the police website, found with difficulty) and local councils suddenly turning lanes into bus lanes but with little consultation of the local population, or advertising of the fact. This means more fines for the motorist of 100 pounds each time. A moments inattention in a long journey to work can result in a speed trap fine and 3 points on a licence for the massive crime of driving 5 miles over the limit,If a motorist dare question this they have to pay more and are not entitled to the discount for paying up and shutting up. Bus companies I believe are private companies, charging commercial rates and no more road tax than the rest of us, why is it that bus lanes are created especially for them? There was a case for bus lanes when bus fares were subsidised but not now. Why do private companies have this advantage aided and abetted by the councils representatives of the people? I live near Bath and the bus fares are horrendous the bus fare for a 20 minute drive is over 4pounds one way almost 9 pounds a round trip. I am a law abiding citizen (or rather was) but now I am a target for further revenue collections by the council, government, police, insurance companies and energy companies, I really have had enough I just want to get from a to b quickly and quietly with miimum fuss and expenditure. I want to see my children who live in different parts of the UK but once I establish I can afford to fill my car I then have to pay the price to the previously mentioned bodies. Please campaign on our behalf before this country turns into a communist style police state where the rights of the individual are being eroded by big business interests and faceless unelected institutions. When I arrive at my destination I would also like to park for a reasonable time and no have a parking ticket turn into a baiiffs charge of 500 pounds or my property destroyed. This practice should be outlawed another private commercial company being aided and abetted by councils. In the seventies if someone had described what i have stated in this email, they would have said that this was another repressed society practising these things not our beloved green and pleasant land. Thank you once again for standing up for the little voice as well as commercial interests.


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