Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quentin Willson and Howard Cox of FairFuelUKQuentin Willson, FairFuelUK Campaigner said: "A lost opportunity to ease the burden on families and businesses when the economy is still fragile. Cutting tax on beer and bingo and not on fuel duty shows how really out of touch this Government is."


Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK said: "Huge disappointment in the Chancellor’s Budget. It seems the Treasury is in total Denial. We have presented conclusive proof that cutting fuel duty will generate jobs, increase GDP and lower inflation. Evidence they have yet to refute and supported by MPs from all Parties.  Mr Osborne even said in his Budget speech that punitive taxation is wrong. Well what’s more punitive than taking 60% in tax from 32 Million road users? We have rammed the evidence into every part of Westminster Political Office. The Chancellor simply does not get it. Cutting Fuel Duty is a real fiscal stimulus and he has missed the opportunity of accelerating our recent positive economic growth.”


It’s good that fuel duty continues to be frozen and the Labour’s planned 2014 rise has been scrapped, but the level of tax taken by the Treasury is still way too high. It’s punitively high!


The HMRC actually said in 2011 after the welcome 1p Budget reduction that this fuel duty cut will help growth, they said:  "The reduction in duty…..will have a positive impact on GDP.”  These predictions have since come to fruition. So why did Mr Osborne not lower fuel duty further today?

In the last 12 months pump prices have been stable, the pound strong and bulk oil at its lowest level for some time. All this heartening evidence put together adds up to higher employment, lower inflation and economic growth as demonstrated in the recent encouraging UK economic trends he boasted about in his speech. So, why did he not follow these proven dynamic modelling conclusions from the NIESR and cut this duty for growth. It makes fiscal and political sense. He has missed a common sense opportunity.


FairFuelUK will continue to fight for lower fuel duty.  

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[ posted by Nigel White, 19.03.14 15:34 ]

In find it totally incomprehensible that they cut duty on bingo, but leave the duty on fuel, a duty that is strangling the life out of pensioners on the basic pension, increasing the cost of everything and slowing down the recovery! All I can think is that someone's family plays bingo, or do they think that we pensioners just want to do that and never travel to visit families and friends, that we must stay within walking distance of our homes! Rural areas don't good public transport, the nearest train to me is 20 miles, my daughter lives in London, how to I get to see my new grandson with petrol duty at the criminal rate it is now?
They should ignore pensioners at their peril, as we are the people who actually go and vote and I for one, a life long Tory voter, will not be voting fore them this time!
Late to react to the flood that they caused in idiotic, short term economy cuts on spending, which has cost them 20 times what it would have done and now they are as blind about fuel duty costs. It is time we had adults running things, not over rich youngsters who have never worked for a living!
A total disgrace!


[ posted by Chris, 19.03.14 15:36 ]

The Chancellor is mad. What's going on? I am gutted that I still have to pay so much tax for something I have no other choice but pay. I need my car for work and family. The Tories have lost my vote...


[ posted by Bill Gray, 22.03.14 10:23 ]

1.National Supermarket Chains charge different prices in their own stores in different areas. Why? Because all Filling Stations in a 3 or 4 mile radius SET their agreed price.(Contravenes Fair Trading & Competition Law and Government turns a blind-eye).
2. Petrol and Diesel are waste by-products of the petro-chemical industry - they make their real profit from the plastics etc., they produce.
3. Perhaps 10 or 12 years ago Diesel was around 5p/litre cheaper than petrol (though they cost the same to produce) the Government encouraged the public to buy diesel-engined vehicles - and lo and behold, diesel prices overtook petrol (more tax income for Government - so who can honestly expect them to admit or alter anything?)
4. Clearly any Government, of any persuasion, is viryually in cahoots with the petro-chemical industry (perhaps because politicians see them as a rewarding post-politics career - much the same as the Banking industry. M.P's self-interest rules over their public duty to safeguard the consumer's best interests.


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