Monday, April 14, 2014

Quentin Willson and Howard CoxToday marks a massive, historic victory for FairFuelUK. Finally the Government has admitted what we've been telling them since 2011 - low fuel duty helps the wider economy. The Treasury today said that GDP will rise by 0.5% because not enacting all those fuel escalators mean drivers have more to spend on other things. I should be cross that the Government is claiming this economic revelation to be their own idea when Howard Cox and I have stood in front of their fuel duty experts (and ministers) on many occasions since 2011 saying exactly this and backing it up with expensive reports from the CEBR and NISER that we commissioned and paid for. High level politicos have actually told us that when the Coalition came to power they had no plans to change fuel duty policy and were set to enact all Labour's planned fuel duty escalators. They privately admit that it was entirely because of the pressure from FairFuelUK and our 500,000 supporters that those rises were cancelled and duty was cut by 1 pence. The current low cost of fuel, falling inflation and higher GDP is completely down to three-years of constant lobbying and pressure from FairFuelUK.

And today is even more historic because FairFuelUK has proved that cutting tax actually increases consumer spending so the fuel duty reduction model will be used for other tax cuts too. All of which is huge empirical proof that kitchen table protests do work. We've dramatically changed government policy on a shoestring with laughably small resources and just a handful of people. Be in no doubt what we've achieved with this campaign is totally unprecedented, far-reaching and will go down in history as one of the UK's most successful people's protests of the 21st century. And what makes me so proud is that we did it without shouting, being aggressive or waving placards around. We just knew we had right on our side and took the elegant approach of deluging The Treasury with keenly-reserached academic evidence to prove our point without a scintilla of doubt.


So to those 500,000 supporters, all our backers and the cross party MPs who gave us their unstinting support, give yourselves a hearty metaphorical slap on the back. Because we pulled this off together. We've changed Government policy, helped economic growth, benefitted the haulage industry, reduced transport costs across the economy and given a helping hand to millions of hard-pressed families and business to the tune of many billions of pounds. That's pretty cool.


What I now want is an official recognition from the Government that cancelling fuel duty rise to help the economy was indeed our idea and that FairFuelUK and its supporters were the main force that drove this critical policy change. We've all worked tremendously hard to do the right thing so its time Mr Cameron and Osborne praised our efforts. I hope we won't be waiting too long........


Quentin Willson

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[ posted by will carter, 14.04.14 22:52 ]

good report alas fuel is still too expensive,and many good hauliers have gone to the wall yes thanks for the good work but still not enough by the government and its too late


[ posted by ken vaughan, 15.04.14 09:06 ]

Ye very good but the fuel duties are still far too high, thinking of the low paid struggling to make ends meet, also for the elderly and pensioers


[ posted by john aston, 15.04.14 10:33 ]

Fuel duty is still way too high. The gov'mt has NOT reduced the duty on fuel but frozen it instead! THE FUEL DUTY HAS TO COME DOWN CONSIDERABLY.
They still have not got a clue and still they take no notice.


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