Monday, May 12, 2014

In just 24 hours nearly 50,000 emails have been sent to our UK MEPs to ask, why is the UK the highest fuel duty taxed nation in the EU and why is diesel subsidised by other EU states to be cheaper than petrol. The reverse is true in the UK.


It's now time for you to ask your MEPs' about UK's unfair Pricing & Taxation levels for petrol, diesel and LPG as compared with those that are much lower in other EU States? WHY has this issue been ignored by politicians for so long?

This is an opportunity for you to influence your existing MEPs to support fairer UK pricing and taxation on petrol, diesel and LPG in the lead up to the EU Election 2014 on May 22nd. Please use our newlobby your MEP systemby sending them an email. Feel free to edit the suggested subject heading and content of the email and add personal facts to suit your own style. To start the process enter your postcode below. Then add your postal address as elected politicians only respond to their own constituents. Then scroll down the page to complete the complete submission to your MEPs. You can even select which MEPs to email.Your email will be read and will make a difference.It really will. Please do pass this page link to your friends, colleagues and family. The more of these emails sent to MEPs will add to the weight of opinion on this issue that they cannot ignore any longer. With your help they will hopefully start to represent UK's interests in Brussels. For too long UK businesses and road users have been fleeced by all UK Governments, it’s time for our nation to significantly drop down EU's fuel duty league table.


To lobby your MEPs click on this link: CONTACT YOUR MEPs

Thanks as ever for your fabulous support,
Very best wishes

Quentin Willson and Howard Cox

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[ posted by Paul Watling, 12.05.14 16:02 ]

FYI, just received this response from Richard Ashworth MEP :

"Thank you for your email concerning a reduction of fuel duty in the UK.

The level of taxation on fuel is a sole competence of the UK Treasury. Therefore, as fuel taxation does not fall under the EU Treaties, this issue lies outside of my powers as a Member of the European Parliament.

I would advise that you contact your Member of Parliament, who can take up this issue in Westminster on your behalf.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Ashworth MEP"


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