Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rob Flello MP-Quentin Willson-Geoff DunningAs Labour MP for Stoke on Trent South and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport I am proud to support the FairFuelUK campaign. The level of support the campaign has gained from the people of my city and from Members of Parliament of all parties demonstrates the importance of this issue.


I am fortunate to meet with many businesses in the haulage sector as Chair of the APPG for Freight Transport and the issue of fuel costs comes up consistently. They tell me in no uncertain terms that these costs prevent them from investing in new equipment, expanding their work-forces and in some cases fuel costs are the cause of the company failing.


This is an unacceptable situation. The UK economy relies on the haulage sector and without it the majority of other businesses would simply not be able to operate. Road hauliers cannot continue to operate in these current conditions.


We currently face a cost of living crisis with households suffering from inflation which is consistently outstripping wage growth. The cost of fuel also impacts indirectly on everyone. For example every item in UK stores is delivered by a goods vehicle and as costs increase operators are forced to pass these costs on to the consumer.

The FairFuelUK campaign has clearly shown that a cut in fuel duty will energise the economy and will actually lead to increase in money collected by the Treasury.  Spiralling fuel costs hurt everyone in society, it is time for this Government to take real action and put forward a real cut in fuel duty.


I will continue to work with the FairFuelUK campaign and the haulage sector across the country as they urge the Government to take action.


Rob Flello MP

Member for Stoke on Trent South


Photo: Rob Flello MP with Quentin Wilson and Geoff Dunning (RHA)

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