Monday, July 7, 2014
The Sun July 13 2014In the largest on-line annual survey of UK road users who also back the FairFuelUK campaign's fight for lower fuel prices at the pumps, it seems that the main UK Political Parties don’t seem to reconcile that alienating 32 million vehicle road users and their needs will be political lunacy. With the general election just 10 months away, political candidates and their parties really do ignore the needs of this group at their peril.

Main Poll Headlines 
Political Party that understands needs of UK road users
Political Party that understands needs of road users by region
In a poll question about which UK Political Party best understands the needs of 32 million road users, two thirds of FairFuelUK supporters said they have little faith in any of the major political parties in Westminster by saying "none of them". Those that did state a party put UKIP in front of the Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems. The same pattern of apathy towards road users was exhibited across all UK regions to the relevant local political parties. 

UK Road User Issues
 UK Road User Issues

In the next question in this huge poll, 11,183 respondents were asked to list their top 5 issues of road user concern. Their replies were collected over 72 hours from June 27th.Overwhelmingly 94.2% of these road users listed Fuel Duty as being their major worry, with 86% also putting fuel pricing transparency in their top five concerns. Not far behind, 7 out of 10 listed road maintenance and potholes to be amongst their sizable fears. For the 4th year running, in the largest annual poll of UK road users, the high level of Fuel Duty in the UK continues to be the number one concern. Nearly 70% put oil speculation as an additional worry and 4 out of 10 questioned whether there’s even a real need for the planned (HS2) High Speed 2 investment.

Oil SpeculatorsOil Speculators

The sample were also asked on the basis of the latest Middle East crisis that has been recently cited by speculators as a reason to hike up pump prices. Iraq is responsible for only 3.5% of the World's oil supply, and as yet there being no interruption to supply and with the pound at the highest level for 3 years, is it right Oil Speculators influence what we pay at the pumps? 86% of FairFuelUK supporters said absolutely no! In a follow up question they were asked if there should be a thorough investigation in the oil speculation process. 98% said yes.

Quentin Willson, lead spokesman for the FairFuelUK Campaign said:‘FairFuelUK’s survey shows the financial angst of 32 million road users. Unless the UK has predictable road fuel costs that are protected from the debilitating effects of oil speculation and high taxes, both the economy and the Government will be in serious trouble.’

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said:'It will be electoral suicide if the main political parties do not convince 32 million road users that they have sympathy with their needs. By only paying lip service to road maintenance, not reducing the highest level of fuel duty worldwide and ignoring oil speculators who fix pump prices for personal gain, clear party policies not addressing these concerns will turn away voters in their millions.'
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