Sunday, September 7, 2014
FairFuelUK and I are attending the three major Party Conferences. We are part of the FTA's Transport Hub Event and we are running Fringe Meetings entitled "Are the 32 million UK Road Users getting a fair deal from successive Governments?"  Each event is at 8 am on the Monday Morning of each Conference.  If you are going along please come and see us and debate the question too. We hope you can convince any Labour, Tory or Lib Dem delegates you may know to attend as well.. In the mean time here is my Sunday Mirror Column today that reflects the theme of our planned fringe events. Keep in touch Quentin Willson...

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[ posted by Bev Walker, 07.09.14 10:42 ]

I would like a reduction in all fuel taxation and a cap put on charges to vehicle and other consumers, domestic, commercial and industrial to help reduce the rocketing costs and generate more wealth in the community. Thus stimulating purchasing power of the consumer and a reduction of costs to the vendor giving the economy the kick start it needs. More sales = more profit


[ posted by Chris jones, 07.09.14 10:44 ]

As a small business I have to travel further to find work. fuel price,s are crippling the country. I,am not a politician but I know one thing needs to be done to get the country back on its feet is lower fuel prices


[ posted by roger groocock, 07.09.14 21:30 ]

The Crown's taking with one hand and taking some more with the other.


[ posted by john aston, 14.10.14 16:19 ]

I am absolutely disgusted that the price of petrol has not come down in line with the way the price of oil has dropped.
I reckon that the price of oil has dropped by 21% over the past few weeks! The price of petrol down by 4%!
The price of oil per barrel today 14/10/14 is just above 88cents.The oil and supermarket company's are very quick off the mark to put petrol up when oil goes up, but nowhere near as quick to lower the price of petrol when the price of oil goes down quickly as it has done recently.
There is something not right here. It really is "rip off Britain" When will the idiots in the gov't ever learn that lower fuel prices is a good thing for the whole of the country.
I guess they need high fuel prices so they can give aid to countries that don't need it.


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