Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Whilst the price of crude oil is at its lowest for months, because of the uncertainty of the Scottish YES and NO Independence referendum, the value of sterling has fallen against the dollar. The first chart shows the current price of crude oil in dollars and its welcome downward trend.

The second chart shows the value in Pounds Sterling that shows an upward worrying trend due to the Scottish uncertainty.

Lower fuel prices translate into more money in your wallet to spend on other goods and services. This is good for the country’s economic growth. But political uncertainty, politicians with huge egos and those profit driven oil speculators still have us all over a barrel. 

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[ posted by john buchan, 17.09.14 13:42 ]

This is exactly why greed and speculation must be taken out of the fuel energy equation.


[ posted by Alex drylie, 17.09.14 19:49 ]

Am I right in saying you said that the price of fuel is not coming down because us Scot are trying to be free from a corrupt wasteminster , you will have no support from me or a good few Scottish people. Yessssssss


[ posted by admin, 18.09.14 08:54 ]

Hello Alex. FairFuelUK is apolitical. We can assure you we are not making any comment or opinion regarding the Scottish decision to say Yes or No. What we are saying is the current uncertainty has lowered the value of the pound and thousands are commenting to us by email saying why are oil prices so linked to the dollar and the political issues that impact on the pound value. It’s our campaign duty to ask questions that impact on oil prices and pump prices and what affects them. We have asked the SNP who are great supporters of FairFuelUK for their prognosis of oil prices on a Yes vote. We await their reply. Our campaign interest is totally for our 750,000 supporters and of course the 100,000 who back us in Scotland. So please rest assured we are on the side of lower pump prices, nothing less. We will continue to ask questions on behalf of our supporters. Cheers and please keep supporting FairFuelUK whatever happens today, we are on the same side…. Kind regards Howard Cox


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