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Howard Cox, Jason McCartney MP, Robert Halfon MPWe are delighted to say that the launch of our FairFuelUK Manifesto for Growth 2015 that highlights the Campaign Objectives listed below was a great success. Massive thanks to Jason McCartney MP (middle) and his team for sponsoring the launch in Westminster. There was a cross party turnout of 50 MPs with over 70 sending their apologies for not being able to attend but wishing good luck for the event. Every MP picked up their copy and those that did not make it had a copy put in their pigeon hole in Parliament this morning. The good news is the vast majority of these MPs support FairFuelUK. Robert Halfon MP (right) a long time supporter of FairFuelUK and now PPS to George Osborne made sure a copy of the Manifesto from Howard Cox (co-founder on left in photo) was handed to the Chancellor personally on the afternoon of the event.

Here are the Campaign Manifesto Objectives:

1. Stop any Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament and beyond. The Campaign has achieved this objective up to May 2015, but the Government may still go back on freezing Fuel Duty, if economic pressures push the Treasury into exploiting this compliant cash cow for easy reward. Please remember, without FairFuelUK’s measured approach the previously planned Fuel Duty rises would mean road users would now be paying anything up to £1.65 pence per litre. What would that have done to any chance of economic recovery?

2. Cut Fuel Duty by 3p. The vast majority of British adults are in favour of a 3p cut in Fuel Duty, believing that it would be beneficial to them personally, or to the wider economy (see ComRes Research later in this report). It’s critical that the Government and the 2015 - 2020 administration go further and Cut Fuel Duty significantly for the benefit of its proven economic growth stimulus effect and deliver what the whole nation wants. Thanks to FairFuelUK it’s recognised by the Treasury that lower fuel prices are indeed good for the economy. Great news indeed, but how far will they take the common sense, majority recognised and risk free pathway of cutting Fuel Duty significantly – We have convinced the Government to comprehend that by sensibly controlling Fuel Duty. It is a true growth stimulus not just that preordained comfort blanket for the Treasury. Our bullet proof evidence shows that a 3p Fuel Duty cut is both sensible, reasonable and not such a "brave” target cut, that some Treasury oracles reel out on every opportunity as being too risky. Instead, it would show the Exchequer that such a cut would in fact help gain any ‘missing’ tax receipts from the resultant increase in consumer demand, more VAT, growth in business profitability, extra Corporation and new employment taxes.


The FairFuelUK Campaign Manifesto for Growth3. FairFuelUK will campaign to see all Government taxes are DISPLAYED on fuel receipts in detail when filling up at garages and service stations. Not just VAT, but also all Fuel Duty and the unethical double taxation of VAT being charged on Fuel Duty itself. Many supporters are also frustrated and perplexed as to why fuel at the pumps is priced in decimal points. E.g. 133.9p. In addition a significant proportion of the sign-ups to the Campaign would like to see more notices of the accuracy of the amount of fuel delivered at forecourt pumps. All of these FairFuelUK Supporter’s wishes will be investigated and campaigned for in the next 18 months.

4. Bring UK petrol and diesel prices to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation. The madness of being at the top of the European and World pump prices and taxation tables has to be stopped. Believe it or not certain Treasury officials were not even aware of these sky-high price comparison statistics until we pointed them out. In order to be genuinely competitive, pump prices need to come down to the EU average and diesel should be priced lower that petrol to help the UK Road Haulage Industry flourish. The consequential impact on the UK economy would be colossal. A ‘no brainer’ indeed.

Great Coverage by the Sun5. FairFuelUK Supporters actively demand a full blown independent inquiry into the fuel pricing process and oil price speculation. Why this market is so obviously unregulated, and so clearly open to abuse and mismanagement, is one of our greatest economic mysteries. One thing’s for sure though, if we let these commodity price gamblers carry on unchecked, we’ll be back to 2008 all over again and the deep dark abyss of recession.

6. FairFuelUK calls for a massive increase in tax incentives for the adoption of Greener fuels and technologies. Other countries notably in the EU incentivise and actively encourage engine conversions to greener fuels such as LPG autogas and also have significantly extra Greener fuel driven vehicle sales. Why is the UK so far behind? We have the costliest fuel and yet we spend little of the huge tax revenue for more environmentally favoured solutions. We would also like to see the introduction of a permanent and effective scrappage exchange scheme for environmentally disadvantaged older vehicles.

7. FairFuelUK Supporters are calling on the campaign and its backers to fight for a better deal for the 32m Road Users in the UK. In the coming months and years, FairFuelUK will remain focussed on ‘driving’ for lower prices at the pumps, whilst also fighting for more of the £42Bn in Annual Road User tax to be used for better road infrastructure.


The FairFuelUK Campaign Manifesto for Growth 2015 is available for download and viewing at

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by neiallswheel, 23.10.14 15:22 ]

Point 6 (QUOTE)We would also like to see the introduction of a
permanent and effective scrappage exchange scheme for
environmentally disadvantaged older vehicles.

Exactly what legislation to you propose to listen to?
Which "data" are you going to accept as factual?

Every single current method of emissions testing which forms
The EURO standards for vehicles AND the excise duty for all forms
Of UK transport is basically rubbish and the term
''environmentally disadvantaged older vehicles'
Is an unsubstantiated ministerial revenue raiser.

The methods of lowering emissions with bolt on equipment
and cleaner fuels have been consistently hampered
By the authorities that the public rely on for public transport

Believing that the older vehicles are worse than the new ones
Is just a trap. Designed to AGAIN put an emphasis on the
Consumer to BUY their way out of this environmental issue.
The REAL TIME data shows that there are more effective
methods for lowering emissions and raising fuel economy
on older vehicles, beyond anything that the auto makers
are achieving.

Change fuel. Adapt.


[ posted by Lewis, 06.11.14 12:43 ]

Point 2) A cut in 3p would be most welcome. However I don’t think a 3p cut goes far enough. Motorists are punished with high fuel prices, high road tax which is not calculated fairly. A cut nearer the 10p mark would help stimulate the economy further and hopefully have a positive impact on the increasing cost of living and the cost of food.

Point 7) The road taxation system is absolutely terrible. For years I was told that a diesel car would be kinder to the environment therefore taxation lower. I am currently paying an eye watering amount of car tax for my diesel vehicle while my friend who has a diesel vehicle pays zero as he has an econetic model of car.
Every vehicle that wheels touch the ground should pay some form of road tax, they are using the roads after all. The taxation should be calculated on weight of vehicle, therefore the weight which is impacting the quality of the road surface and it should be uniform across the board. All vehicles pollute and damage the road in some ways but to allow certain vehicles to be exempt is wrong. Car size rate should be uniform. For example
Citroen C1, Ford KA etc = £30 a year
Renault clio, mini cooper etc = £40 a year
Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf = £50
Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, BMW 3 series etc £60 a year
BMW 5 series etc £70
BMW X5, Range rover etc £100


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