Sunday, June 7, 2015
Sunday Times and the Sun report that George Osborne is to increase fuel duty in his July 8th Budget.
"The absolute last thing needed for our economy is for the Chancellor to destroy the hard work and confidence FairFuelUK created that showed and also endorsed by the Treasury that lower fuel prices generates jobs, lowers inflation and increases GDP. Mr Osborne’s first term rational approach to fuel duty taxation generated over £10bn of extra consumer spending power. But 98% of the 1.1m FairFuelUK supporters believe that current fuel duty levels are still too high, with 65% regrettably having no trust in Mr Osborne believing he will increase this tax in his second term. The Chancellor will be breaking his promise to 37m drivers, the haulage industry and businesses by raising fuel duty even if rumoured only by inflation. Frankly this alleged initiative is pure economic perversity totally out of character with traditional Conservative taxation philosophy. Our supporters will be very angry and feel betrayed by this new administration’s U-turn on taxing fuel. We will be campaigning hard to stop this foolhardiness." Howard Cox FairFuelUK

 The Sun 7th June 2015
Sunday Times 7th June 2015


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[ posted by Daniel Welch, 08.06.15 19:13 ]

Having voted Conservative at the previous election, I would feel betrayed if another unfair fuel rise goes ahead. Its been rising again despite the reduction in the wholesale price of crude.


[ posted by john ming, 08.06.15 19:49 ]

why is it that the motorist get's screwed by the oil company's and the government they reckon fuel is at an all time low who are they trying to kid the fuel where i live was £103.7 earlier in the year now that has risen to £114.7, why the price rise the price of oil hasn't gone up in fact it has gone down, osborne needs to step up to the plate and make these oil company's lower their prices, i can remember a time when the prices only rose after the budget and stayed that way until the next budget.


[ posted by Alan Rowland, 08.06.15 21:26 ]

Earlier this year the price of fuel was better, but not good, Now I have to pay a minimum of 116.9 pence per litre. Why don't you give motorists a break, private and commercial, and stop making the motorist pay for government messups. You are all becoming unpopular and will not stand a chance of winning further general elections. It may not bother you to what happens in the future, but think of those who wish to take over the "strings" and keep Britain as it should be.


[ posted by david, 11.06.15 16:27 ]

maybe its time for motorist to have a organised demo of their own would nt take much to get there point over, in or on the main arterials around london


[ posted by Kevin Steven, 12.06.15 21:16 ]

Government taxes that the motorist pay is unfair and they never seem to repair the potholed roads but quite happy get themselves a nice pay rise


[ posted by Sandra s, 15.06.15 15:17 ]

Be fair .The British tax payers i.e road user's are taxed enough cut back on the European contributions we pay. .For what and don't try feeding me all that rubbish


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