Thursday, August 20, 2015
6 Months of evidenceFollowing a long awaited face to face meeting with the Petrol Retailers Association, the FairFuelUK Campaign are told that Independent Filling Stations; do indeed have no choice but to hold onto any falls in wholesale prices they receive longer than they would like in order to stay in business. This is confirmation of the ‘rocket and feather’ pricing changes that millions of drivers have always believed is taking place. They also admitted that in contrast, when wholesale costs rise, prices increases at the pumps are more immediate.

UK motorists and commercial drivers already have to put up with the highest fuel duty taxation in Europe with 66% taken by the Exchequer. But if that is not enough, they also have to suffer these clandestine commercial vagaries of such inconsistent pricing at the pumps.

The one thing that is clear; oil companies, wholesalers and fuel distributors favour the Supermarkets which puts unjustifiable pressure on independent filling stations to lower prices. They say this is too much to compete with to stay in business. 150 independents are closing each year because of this uneven playing field they claim faces them. All because of the 4 supermarket giants that together account for 44% of vehicle fuel supplies across the UK. It is clear that in these recent times of the falling value of oil, retailers and in particular supermarket chains, have enjoyed significantly higher than normal profit margins at the expense of hard pressed motorists and commercial drivers by not passing on these falls at the pumps in the right amounts or at the earliest point in time.

Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said:  "Decades of bewilderment as to how prices at the pumps are determined continues undiminished amongst 37m UK drivers. In the last 6 months petrol prices at the pumps have soared by 8%, during which time the wholesale price has risen only 1% and oil has plunged 19%.  In the same time, retail profit margins have more than tripled for petrol and doubled for diesel. Only yesterday the Petrol Retailers Association admitted to FairFuelUK that their members do delay passing on beneficial price cuts when wholesale purchase prices fall, in order to stay in business. They blame pressure from the 4 big supermarket chains who dictate what we pay at the pumps.  But for motorists and commercial drivers there remains no clarity or justice in the ill-defined impenetrable world of fuel pricing. That is why our 1.1 million supporters backed by 80 all Party MPs are demanding an open and honest inquiry by the CMA into establishing pricing transparency at the pumps.” 

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[ posted by Paul Dyde, 21.08.15 22:40 ]

Retailers should be investigated, especially the supermarkets. They use strong arm "tack-ticks" calling it bargaining power to get companies who want to supply them to cut prices to "them" right to the bone... They use their size to get the best purchase price of fuel too, which is fair enough, but to claim they do ALL this for the consumer is VERY WRONG. Do they really take us for FOOLS and think we are IDIOTS.
Maybe, consumers should start a protest by going back to the days of the local independant shops and use the local independantly run petrol stations, YES we may pay a little more to start with but as these local family run businesses increase customers they too will be able to afford to drop prices based on quantity of orders, the same applies to FUEL.....

PEOPLE OF BRITAIN think on, BIG business is and always has been bad news... Shareholders are and always will be the priority and demanding increased profits year on year... Who suffers YOU


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