Tuesday, November 10, 2015
We promised you that we’d officially warn George Osborne against raising duty in the Autumn Statement and we have. This week Howard and I braved the rain and autumnal gales outside the Treasury to hand-deliver evidence supporting our argument that raising fuel duty - especially diesel - would damage the economy. Our closely argued letter shows that the UK has the highest fuel duty regime of any of the 56 countries in Continental Europe, that any increase in diesel duty would increase costs for hauliers which would be passed down the supply chain to the high street and consumers. And that could trigger higher inflation and a rise in interest rates. Rob Flello MP was unequivocal ’If the Chancellor raises the cost of diesel it could flat-line the economy for the next two years and be a catastrophic miscalculation’.

Jason McCartney MP joined us in warning against any knee jerk reaction to the VW Emission Sandal. 'Punishing families, businesses and the general road economy because of past political mistakes is neither wise nor fair. Consumers were told to switch to diesel and they shouldn’t be financially penalised because of poor government advice given over a decade ago.’
FairFuelUK also told the Chancellor that now is not the time for environmental point-scoring and the unintended consequences of pushing up UK haulage costs against the looming threat of a global slow down wouldn’t be wise at all. To read your letter to the Chancellor, click here 

The Sun and the BBC were on the Treasury steps with us along with the Road Haulage Association, Freight Transport Association and Microlise.  We can safely say that the Chancellor and Treasury will now be in no doubt how our 1.2 million supporters and many many cross-party MPs feel about any plans to change fuel duty. Howard and I delivered your strong and cogent objections. Let’s hope George Osborne listens.
Here are the FairFuelUK Campaigning Team outside the Treasury yesterday.
Jason McCartney MP with Quentin Willson outside the Treasury with Letter to George Osborne

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