Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boris Johnson tells exclusively to FairFuelUK that leaving the EU will be beneficial for motorists, white van man, the UK haulage industry and the motoring-based economy.



In a 30-minute exclusive interview with TV broadcaster, motoring journalist and lead FairFuelUK campaigner, Quentin Willson, Boris Johnson confirmed he’s on the side of the UK’s 37m drivers.


  • Quentin Willson said: ‘Boris is one of the very few politicians who understands roads, drivers, vans, cars and trucks and fuel. There’s no one in Westminster with his motoring experience and knowledge. He makes a powerful case that leaving the EU would reduce cost for 37 million drivers.’

On Thursday May 19, FairFuelUK quizzed Mr Johnson on a number of issues that concern UK drivers in relation to the EU. In the next weeks leading up to the June 23 Referendum, FairFuelUK will release clips from this interview showing what the former Mayor of London says about fuel emissions, cleaner engines, electric cars, the road haulage industry, foreign hauliers, road congestion, car safety, potholes, the VW issue plus radical solutions to reduce traffic in London. All of which he believes could be considerably improved by voting to leave the EU. 


  • Please note: FairFuelUK has written to the Vote Remain camp to interview a similar to Mr Johnson level campaign spokesman to get a fair balance of what staying in the EU means to drivers. To date they have not responded. We will keep you informed. 

In the first of the clips, Boris Johnson suggests that by taking back control of VAT from the EU will reduce the cost of what we pay at the pumps substantially. He supports FairFuelUK’s core campaign mantra - that lower taxation is proven to be good for the economy and that the double taxation on fuel and duty and the fact we have the highest duty in the EU - is unfair to UK drivers. The fact that the UK cannot reduce VAT below 15% because of EU directives prevents UK motorists getting a fairer deal at the pumps.


  • Howard Cox FairFuelUK’s founder said:  'Boris Johnson told us at FairFuelUK that he is in no doubt that being out of the EU will be better for UK motorists, white van man and our vital haulage industry. Cost of motoring, better emissions control and improved road transport infrastructure are the key benefits to Brexit along with the considerable advantage that we would control the VAT levels on the already highly taxed prices we pay at the pumps.  Something that Brussels currently stops us doing.' 


To see part 1 (fuel taxation) in our FairFuelUK video series of questions to Boris Johnson and his responses, visit this non-public YouTube link

FairFuelUK EU Referendum Poll – 2016 - What do UK drivers think about the EU re Driving Issues?


FairFuelUK supporters and others through its newsletter update and via social media were asked over the weekend of 14th/15th of May 2016 as to what they thought is best for the UK’s EU Membership status in relationship to those issues that affect drivers.


Interestingly, in last year’s General Election in another FairFuelUK Poll supporters predicted the national election result absolutely ‘spot on’, something the professional Pollsters at the time completely missed by a wide margin.


The Poll’s assertion: "£18 Billion will be saved each year by leaving the EU, but would that be the best decision for UK's 37m Drivers? Would some of these savings help motorists, commercial drivers and the economy outside of the EU? Or would the UK Government continue to take drivers for granted as cash cows.”


16,196 responded to the survey over the weekend.  99.9% of these respondents said they will definitely vote on June 23rd giving due credence that this is a statistically representative selection of this sector’s likely voting intentions and opinions.


Here are the key headlines from the largest poll so far of driver opinion to being in or out of the EU.


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[ posted by Dave Coxson , 17.06.16 20:29 ]

I was in both France and Germany three weeks ago, and diesel was at least 17 pence a litre CHEAPER than here.
We are being ripped off left right and centre.


[ posted by Dave Coxson , 17.06.16 20:33 ]

In addition to the above post, Germany has no oil of its own, it is all imported.


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